wtf is with their popped collar

Shot Down (AU)

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Summary: Your family and the Blossom’s have had a dispute lasting centuries. But when you fall for the daughter, Cheryl, things need to be taken care of.

A/N: These AU’s are so good wtf. Thank you anon :)

Pairing: Cheryl x reader

Warnings: Love is love, murder

The air was warm at midnight, under the lamppost near Pop’s. You stood in a trenchcoat, with the collar popped up, shielding the back of your head. Being part of one of the wealthiest families in Riverdale meant people wanted money, and business. As cars rolled by, your shoulders tensed. Then, hands were between your blades, putting pressure on the tight muscles. You turned your head to see Cheryl Blossom in the same attire. 

You let out a deep breath and pulled her into a kiss. You two had a forbidden love, being from prestigious families. Your families had been cut throat all your lives, threatening each other. As you two pulled away, you took her hand and walked into the forest, taking off your coats. You two held hands as you reached Sweetwater. The moon shone on the frozen over lake, and it was beautiful. Cheryl put a hand on your back and slowly led you to the ice. She took a shy step on the ice, testing the stability, then fully stepped on.

She turned around to you, holding a hand out. You shook your head, hesitant, before she grabbed your hand and yanked you on. Cheryl started laughing as you two slipped on the ice, hand in hand. As you two got to the other side of the ice, you noticed a light coming from the woods. It turned into two, then three, then multiple lights you couldn’t count. Cheryl turned to you, backing up to the other side of the woods.


You two split up. Weaving, bobbing, dodging trees and patches of ice. Trying to stay clear of the lights. Heavy panting was leaving clouds of fog in trails as you ran.  Heavy footsteps followed in heat, and you turned around to face the light.

That night was the last time Cheryl saw you. At school, she stared at your locker longingly. She called your phone hundreds of times. And the worst thing of it all was she couldn’t say anything. With the mutual hatred, if Cheryl even spoke your name, her parents would disown her.

This went on for weeks. Panic attacks struck her every night. She searched the woods high and low. Your parents sent out missing person flyers. Then, one tragic day, Jughead Jones approached Cheryl in the hallway.

“Hey, you need to come with me.”

Before she could make a snappy remark, Jughead held up a hand for her to pause.

“It’s regarding… (Y/N).”

And like that, Cheryl took his hand, looking him in the eye.

“Bring me wherever the hell you need me.”

In the Blue and Gold room, the sad breakfast club sat on couches, an empty cushion in the middle. A laptop was in front of them on a coffee table. They looked up, tear stained faces. Veronica couldn’t even meet her eyes before letting out a choked sob. Cheryl felt her heart sink far down, so far she didn’t know she could feel this new arisen anxiety.

Jughead let his arm point to the seat, and Cheryl ran to it. She flopped down and stared at the blank screen, hands clenched into tight fists on her lap. Archie let out a heavy sigh, and leaned forward, starting the video.

It started off just muffled screams. The light came on abruptly. You were beaten and bloodied in a chair, gagged by cloth and tied to the wooden chair. The door opened to see Cheryl’s dad, holding a gun. He paced the room, tapped the gun in the palm of his hand.

“You know, I never would’ve expected my daughter and you… a (Y/L/N), having a fling. It’s disgusting and it’d ruin my family’s reputation. And you knew it. You loved knowing the fact it’d tear us down. So why? Why stay quiet? Answer me!”

Cheryl’s dad ran forward, ripping the gag from your mouth, and holding the gun to your forehead. You let out rough coughs of pain, and looked him in the eye.

“I am in love with your daughter.”

Her father slowly brought his thumb up to cock the gun, quickly tilting it down and pulling the trigger, shooting your thigh. You screamed loud, rough, and agitatedly. Hot tears fell down your face and her dad ripped the gag from your neck and shoved it back in your mouth. 

He turned around, pacing the room and talking to himself. He fumbled with the gun, checked the bullets, then abruptly stopped. He turned on his heel, cocked the gun once more, and brought it between your eyes. With a signature Blossom glare, he pulled the trigger.

Cheryl pushed herself back into the couch, gasping, coughing, crying. Her knuckles were white, and the nails digging into her palm made herself bleed. She let out labored breathing and she could barely hear anyone saying her name. Cheryl shook, slowly lowering her head. Everything was muffled, blurry, incomprehensible. She whispered to herself in a quiet voice.

“I love you too.”

BTS Reaction to You Having a Powerful Singing Voice


akuyama: “I was listening to some lady gaga the other day(don’t judge I love her) and I started wondering how would bts react to you having a powerful voice so if the requests are open(it says that they are just making sure) can I get a reaction of that please? Thanks ❤

haha dw I like some of Lady Gaga’s songs!! & sorry for taking so long to do this, hope you like it! (love your blog btw lol :D) <33

Jin: Throughout the day, you would often hum tunes and sing songs. Jin has heard you sing– and he thought you were a lovely singer, but you always sang so quietly or unconsciously.  

One day, you, Jin, and some other friends went out to Karaoke. The songs that were chosen could he sung quietly, such as butterfly (prologue version lol). But as soon as the next song came on, boiiiii.  

It was Jin’s turn but you quickly grabbed the mic from him and started singing passionately. Your voice would be powerful and strong but would sound so beautiful. When Jin heard your voice, he would be so shocked. He knew you had a good voice but didn’t know it was that good. He would think that maybe it was a hidden camera prank where an idol was disguised as you or something.  

“YN… is that you?” He would whisper in your ear, almost sounding afraid, while you would still be singing.

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Suga: Singing wasn’t uncommon for you to do around the house. Yoongi was used to hearing your singing voice, and he would never admit it, but he loved to hear you sing. Sometimes he would just zone out and listen to you sing. Or sometimes, he would purposely put on a song while he did some work so you would unconsciously sing to it. He loved your voice, it always soothed him. 

One day, out of the blue, Yoongi would walk into the room to you singing really powerfully. 

“YN, was that really you?” He would say, shocked with how good you sounded. 

“Yoongi?!” You would be shocked by his presence as he never heard you try hard to sing. “I just wanted to see what I would sound like." 

Though Yoongi never complemented your singing or ever brought it up, he decided to tell you how good you were so you wouldn’t feel self-conscious him and so you would know how good you actually sounded.

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J-Hope:  You and Hoseok would sing songs together all the time. And since you were so comfortable with him, he would hear all your singing voices– from your ‘Beyonce’ voice to your screamo voice. Whenever you would sing out loud, it wouldn’t be a surprise to Hoseok of how good you were. He would always join you whenever you would sing and would always hype you up like you were performing at a concert.

"Omg, YN! I’m your biggest fan!” Hoseok would yell while trying to get you to touch his hand lmao.

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Rap Monster: When Namjoon would hear you singing in the shower for the first time, he would barge in and push back the shower curtain.

 "Wtff Namjoon?!“ You would yell, trying to cover yourself up.

 "Was that really you, YN? Why didn’t you tell me you could sing?”

 "Yeah.. but everyone can sing in the shower!“ you’d say, trying to defend yourself as you would pull the curtains back to cover yourself.

 Namjoon would just stand there contemplating what you had just told him and place hishand on his chin like the thinking emoji.  He would agree that you sounded amazing, and thus, would insist you be on the next BTS album. But he would disagree that everyone could sing in the shower because whenever he did it, you would always knock and ask if the tap was broken or if he feel down and hurt himself.

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Jimin: Jimin loved to hear you sing. He knew you could sing really good and would always encourage you. If you ever asked, he would give you pointers and such with your voice, not that you really needed any. He would also love to sing with you. He loved the way your strong, powerful voice sounded with his soft and gentle one.

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V: One day, while you and Taehyung were just chilling at home being bored, he would try to get you to sing. 

"Come on, I never heard you sing before. Your voice is so pretty I’m sure you have a pretty singing voice too!” He would say. 

After giving up, you would finally sing something for Taehyung. You closed your eyes and started to sing, and when you were done, your eyes were met with a shocked Taehyung. 

Taehyung would quickly clap and praise you, not trying to make you feel nervous for staring so long. Taehyung would be so amazed at your voice that he would try to convince you to let him put a good word in for you at BigHit.  

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Jungkook: Jungkook has never heard you sing before. He just thought it was because maybe you couldn’t sing when in reality, it was because you were too shy to sing in front of him since he was such a great singer.

One day, while you thought you were alone, you started to sing along to a Lady Gaga song. Unbeknownst to you, Jungkook had come home early and was listening in on you. 

He would think that you were such a great singer and he would be extremely proud of you. He would be clenching his heart and almost be tearing up. BUT, there could only be ONE good singer in this relationship.  

Jungkook would barge into the room and start singing over your own voice AND Lady Gaga’s voice that was playing from your phone. You would be extremely confused and continue to be like that when Jungkook would have a one-sided sing off with you.  

Jungkook: *hits a high note, does a backwards flip and lands on one knee, pops his collar then points to you* “beat that, YN!”  

You: “wtf!?”

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Collared and Claimed 1/4

For the AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING @blueteaparty even though Tumblr won’t let me tag them. They’re seriously AMAZING and so patient. They’ve been waiting for a bit for this commission and have been so understanding with me as I struggle through living as of late.

Jesse could feel it coming in his gut. Maybe it was his biology that knew. Perhaps it was an omega thing that made him know when Gabriel was about to approach him and ask for him to be his forever. Maybe it was just a human thing, knowing that he had found the other half of his heart and that his other half wanted to bond permanently, combining two raw halves to make one complete soul.

Whatever it was, Jesse wasn’t surprised when Gabriel had approached him with a collar in a velvet black box.

Gabriel had taken him to a nice dinner off base, to a small restaurant where they could get a corner booth and be ignored. Jesse liked going out with Gabriel. He loved to hold the alpha’s hand and keep close to him, pressed against his side whenever he could be. Jesse liked the looks they got. He liked that other omegas were trying to fight their instincts to kneel and present when Gabriel was in a room. He was pure alpha and everyone knew it when he walked in.

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my aesthetic is highschool bby gentle cas having tons of big buff jock friends, like the entire football team + more just love him and poke fun at him, and they all always blush and get bashful if cas compliments them or calls them sweet bc cas is holy ground ok

and they get super over protective once the known badboy heartbreaker dean winchester starts eyeing him up and spends more and more time with him. it’s like a whole football team of dads start threatening dean that if he hurts cas they’ll crush his skull

but little do they know that dean is actually completely and utterly whipped for this boy, holding doors open for him and trying extra hard to act cool, popping up his dumb leather jacket’s collar and smoking once (he never does) n having a coughing fit cuz wtf he isn’t used to this

and dean’s even getting into fights cuz he wants to look cool but one day he shows up to lunch with a big bruise on his cheek and the room is buzzing about it, gossiping and whispering about how dean the tough guy got his ass kicked

and cas, who’s known for being gentle and inhumanly patient, gets pissed off and stops talking to dean n starts avoiding him. u following me? idk if you are…….

cuz when dean finally catches cas and forces him to tell him what’s wrong, cas manhandles him into a closet and growls, “you fucking idiot, dean. do you seriously think you look cool?”


a hard look, and then a muttered, “i hate seeing you hurt. and i hate your bullshit. i like you just how you are. the real you.”


“you’re so stupid.”

then cas kisses him hard, and dean finally learns what it’s like to have his knees wobble but not from fear, shaking as he melts under the firm but gentle hands cupping his face.

you bet their ass they became the cutest highschool sweethearts after that.

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we've seen a lot of troll vriska, and a lot of human vriska, but what about........ cherub vriska...........

honestly i wouldve made this better had i any clue What The Fuck A Cherub
regardless. she wears a stupid big coat and has the collar popped At All Times