wtf is up with her hand

things some girls do that are cute

-scrunch up their nose when they smile/laugh

-long hair: put in ponytails. bonus if the ponytail bounces

-curly hair: just cute no matter what ?? 

-short hair: b e d h e a d

-running a hand through their hair absentmindedly when they’re thinking

-also having short hair but it’s kind of grown out past its shape so their hairs just really floppy

-wear clothes that are too big and the sleeves go over their hands

-flannel shirts

- b l u s h i n g

-get really excited about things they like and their whole face lights up when you mention it

-being happy

-love their pets a lot

-squint when doing makeup like it’s the most complicated thing ever because tbh it is

-sing/hum under their breath thinking no one can hear

-love their friends a lot

- ;) 

girls are such a blessing oh my g o d

The best parts of Grease (1978)
  • The fact that every single actor is clearly 20 years older than their character
  • The opening is animated for almost no reason
  • The one boy sitting in the girls’ section during “Summer Nights” just… daydreaming… staring off into space. I don’t think he even knows there’s a musical number going on
  • Patty calls herself a clod
  • If you pause the end of “Summer Nights” in the right place Sandy’s face is right in the middle of a pole
  • Sandy pukes when she sees blood??? what does she do during her period??
  • Danny’s face creepily showing up in the pool during “Hopelessly Devoted to You”
  • The people who work in the car shop just kinda staring awkwardly at the Greasers during “Greased Lightning” like they have no idea wtf they’re doing
  • The entirety of “Beauty School Dropout”
  • One of the boys spikes the punch and when questioned says he was washing his hands in it
  • Rizzo trusts Marty to keep a secret like you’ve known this woman since Kindergarten did you seriously think she’d keep her mouth shut
  • siN WAGON
  • Danny sings about how Sandy rejected him as if she didn’t have valid reason
  • The car race that comes almost out of nowhere but at least it’s better than the musical which had literally no payoff for Greased Lightning at all
  • Sandy decides to become a Greaser kinda just because
  • Rizzo and Kenickie screwed around at the beginning of the school year but she didn’t realize she wasn’t pregnant until the last day like did she just assume baby bumps weren’t a thing?? Did she think gestation was nine years instead of nine months???? How the hell did this timeline work?? Did they have any sex ed in the 50s?
  • i got chILLS
  • They only start to wonder wtf they’re doing after graduation at the fair celebrating graduation
  • If you listen at the end of “We Go Together” you can hear the Chipmunks singing
  • The fact that High School Musical was originally going to be a second-generation sequel to this
  • If you're worried about the country clap your hands 👏👏 if you're worried about your future clap your hands 👏👏
Super Normal Average // Jungkook

Pairing: Reader x Jungkook

Rating: M

Word Count: 2.2k

Request: Could I request a fluffy smut with Jungkook? The reader has a crazy friend that tells her that if she does not spice up her love life, she will lose her boyfriend (JK) because of his adventurous and competitive personality. She tries to surprise JK with dressing up as a policewoman and hes like wtf yet intrigued but she messes up and she ends up telling him about her insecurities?

Author’s Note: Sorry this took so long! I wrote out the entire thing and then somehow my Evernote fucked up and I lost the whole thing :( [I’m using GDocs again now]

R E Q U E S T || M A S T E R L I S T

“Ow,” he slapped his hand up to his forehead at the contact.

You sat back on your heels, rubbing your own forehead in pain. “This isn’t working,” you sighed, throwing the handcuffs haphazardly off to the side. It landed somewhere in the sea of bedsheets and clothes. Your boyfriend leaned forward, wrapping his arms around the small of your back as you straddled him. You rested your chin on his head and squeezed his shoulders as your way of returning the embrace. You knew it had been a terrible idea to listen to your best friend. The second she drunkenly began spewing nonsense about your relationship –which she never very little about to begin with– you knew you should tune her out. You loved her to pieces, but she had a way of picking at your insecurities.  

“It’s okay, you still look hot,” Jungkook chuckled, muffled by the uncomfortable fabric of your ridiculous policewoman get-up. The warmth of his bare body radiated through to your skin, and all you wanted to do was touch him. You didn’t want to do any of this policewoman nonsense; it wasn’t your style. And admittedly, every fiber in your body wanted to be dominated.

You squeezed your eyes shut in frustration for a moment, letting the silence float through the air. “Thanks,” you mumbled, climbing off Jungkook’s lap. You sat beside him, bunching up the sheets in your hands to avoid looking at him.

“Can I ask why?” Jungkook said after a while.

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OUR PRIVATE LIFE: We’ll Tell You About Our Secrets♡ (December 2016)

Caption:Chika-chan looks cool when she sets down to work zura♪


I cried out loudly without thinking—.
“Shh! I’m at a good part right now, so keep quiet Maru-chan—♪”
With her hand gripping the brush raised up high, Chika said sharply without turning towards me.
Ah, s-sorry, I was so surprised I cried out without— After saying that, I hurriedly covered my mouth.
Just like that, Chika-chan began moving her hand once more, as I watched her from the side—
Her hand moved swiftly.
And with it, her upper body moved dynamically.
A faint humming—.

Amazing, she looks so happy and energetic zura♡
Looking as though she didn’t notice my intense gaze at all, Chika-chan continued moving her arm.
The characters she wrote were—.
“A Million Customers”, “Please leave your luggage here”, “Washroom”, “Today’s Menu”
Though it always surprises me, Chika-chan’s brushstrokes are just a bit different in image than her usual self♡♡
“Uwaah, Chika-chan, you’re cool as ever zura! Now if you please— Help me with my temple’s too—”
“Okay♪ Leave it to me~”
After saying that, the words she wrote this time were:
“In front of Lord Buddha”, “Main Hall”, “Higan Equinox Service”, “Please be quiet in the corridors”—.
Chika-chan and Maru, we’re both children of an inn and a temple.
Today is our accustomed calligraphy meeting.
As autumn is the season of events, these jobs tend to come up too.
Today, the two of us will work hard— at helping out at our homes♡

Source: Dengeki G’s Magazine December 2016 issue

Amateur - Jason Todd x Reader

A/N: Sorry this was supposed to go out yesterday but then the apocalypse started.

Prompt: (1) i got this idea where Reader is telekinetic but doesn’t really uses her powers so the others don’t know and she gets kidnapped along with Jason and the villain gives a monologue of how he’s gonna make her suffer but she just(2) deadpans and doesn’t even flinch and then the villain goes on to hurt jason hes like ‘imma hurt someone you care about’ and reader says ‘go ahead’. jason is like ‘wtf babe’ but as soon as the villain raises his hand she makes him slap himself(3)  repeatedly and she says ‘stop hitting yourself dummy’ and Jason’s reaction is one of awe and confusion and he generally laughs and generally something funny and maybe in the end they end up using her powers to prank the others?

Why is it always you that gets into these situation?

Honestly being tied up in the not-fun way got old after the first time it happens. At this point it’s just insanely annoying. But hey, at least your boyfriend, Jason, is tagging along this time to join in on the fun! If you had to listen to some half baked villain’s monologue, then so did he.

“Let me guess the world is going to pay. Oh! Or is it that your evil plan™ will cement your rule over the entirety of the human race.” Jason taunted from where he was tied up. He was probably already working on freeing himself, but then again Jason was never one to keep his mouth shut anyway.

“Nah babe, he’s totally the scorned lover type or possibly ‘I’m not evil, I’m just misunderstood.’ This sack of dull nails isn’t smart enough for a genius master plan.” You mocked. Jason threw his head back and laughed. The rookie villain turned bright red and angry as you and Jason continued to make fun of his skills as a villain and kidnapper.

“Shut up! Just shut up!” He cried when he had enough of you and Jason’s taunting.

“Aw sweetie, you really are new at this aren’t you?” You cooed teasingly. “If you didn’t want us to banter with you then you should have made sure we couldn’t. Don’t they teach you these things in villain school anymore?” You taunted with a roll of your eyes. The poor fool stormed over to you and suddenly pulled out a knife and held the dull side against against your throat. You scoffed and he realized that he was holding it wrong and switched the bladed around to hold it correctly. You wondered to yourself how he got this far.

“Shut up or I’ll kill you and everyone you’ve ever held dear.” He threatened, his voice quivering slightly in anxiety.

“I fucking dare you.” You challenged.

“I will!” He insisted.

“Do it.”

“I-I’ll fucking kill him.” He stuttered rushing over to Jason and holding the knife that had previously been held against you. To Jason’s credit, he didn’t show any reaction to the threat. He simply raised his eyebrow in judgment at your captors lack of kidnapping professionalism.

“Go ahead and try.” You encouraged.

“[Y/N]!” Jason cried wide eyed at your sudden betrayal.

“Don’t worry, sweetie. He doesn’t have the balls to do it. Isn’t that right, Dr. Evil?” You asked in a lighthearted joking tone. You weren’t worried about your lover’s fate. You had everything under control.

“I’ll do it! I’ll fucking do it!” He shouted his hand shaking against Jason’s neck.

“[Y/N]!” Jason cried out wide eyed when your captor pulled his gun from his pocket and moved to press it against Jason’s temple. Before he could pull the trigger your eyes narrowed and your pupils widened to consume your beautiful eye with blackness. You focused all the energy of your powers in ensuring that he couldn’t move a muscle and hurt Jason. The thugs eyes widened in horror when he realized he wasn’t in control of his own body anymore.

“What did you do to me, you freak?” He asked in panic. You could feel his will trying to uselessly break from your mental strong hold.

“Hey! Don’t you fucking call her that!” Jason seethed despite still having a gun pressed to his head.

“You know I almost feel bad for you.” You cooed at the thug still maintaining your mental control. You refocused your energy to his hand it it started to move away from Jason to his own face under your control

“Wha-what are you going to do?” He stuttered with his own gun being held to his head. You smirked slightly and after a few moments of the gun being held to his head you loosened his hand causing the gun to fall on the floor. You forced his hand into a fist and you collided his fist with his own jaw causing him to fall on the ground with a cry and a loud thud. Repeatedly you forced your captor to punch himself. When you felt he was sufficiently dealt with Jason freed himself and pulled you into a tight hug.

“Holy shit, babe! Since when could you do that?” He exclaimed excitedly.

“Always?” You said hesitantly gauging his reaction.

“That was amazing! You’re such a fucking badass!” He praised with a wide grin.

“Really? You’re not upset that I didn’t tell you?” You asked.

“Well yeah but you can make it up to me by using your powers for mischievous means on my brothers.” He offered.

“Seems reasonable.” You shrugged with a smile.

My friend from university has watched 3x16 today and her Bellarke comments deserve a post, so here goes:

- She is searching his hand!!! omg! They’re holding hands!! This is so intimate. WTF? Get a room!

- I have a problem. I don’t know if I’ll finish watching the episode. 
Me: Why? Is your wifi not working?
She: Nah, I’m caught up in the scene where Bellamy puts the chip in Clarke’s mouth. I’ve lost count of how many time I’ve watched it but I need to know if Bellamy’s thumb touches Clarke’s lip.

-Look at her hair, is a mess and she has black blood on her face but he’s staring at her like she was the most beautiful woman on earth. THAT’S LOVE BITCH!

- No, but definitely, my favourite moment is when Bellamy makes Clarke smile. Have you seen anything more beautiful? He’s joking about his own torture to make her smile!! He’s always cracking jokes at the most inappropriate times.

*minutes later*

Oh wait! Imagine if in s4 Bellamy and Clarke have to be apart for a while and Clarke is so tearful and nervous.

I’m sure Bellamy is going to be like: Hey, it’s okay, calm down. Not that it’s the end of the world.

(She literally sent me this pic)

Lmao I hate her.

A reylo fanfic

Kyle ron was in his bed crying while listening to the my chemical romance bc he’s a fuckin emo. He was covered in tears and Polysporin to heal the gross face scar he has. As kilo was commenting to himself how under rated “the end” off of the black parade is his bedroom door swung open. It was Rey!! She looked real cute. Kyle asked “wtf r u doing in my room” Rey walked up to him and stroked his cheek. Then wiped her hand on her pants bc it had Polysporin on it. Rey wisperd,,, “something I should have done a long time ago,,,” she took a step back then whipped out her light saber then cut him in half. Kylo Ron’s earbuds fell out of his ear as the top half of his bod hit the ground. Then everyone in the McDonald’s cheered and Rey high fived Luke and went to go hang out and watch a movie with finn and his bf poe.

tf just happened

ok so bear with me ok im still so weirded out by what happened. so right. on with the story

i was out grocery shopping and just as i was about to re-claim the stuff i left from the baggage counter, the boys (there were 3 of ‘em) there started snickering just as i was walking up to the counter

so, being the friendly person i am (i like smiling at strangers ok), i was kinda smiling as i handed my claim number. but then i noticed they were shoving each other and whispering go on, go on til finally, one of the boys said, “are you single? youre cute” at that point my smile just dropped but apparently encouraged by my silence he went on to ask for my number too. at that point, i seriously just wanted to get out of there but they wouldnt hand me my stuff till i gave my number

at this point i was so uncomfortable and they were just honest to god leering at me; BUT THEN i felt an arm going around my shoulder and this really really cute girl just says “hey babe, whats wrong?”


after that they finally gave me my stuff without apologizing and the girl accompanied me until we were out of sight, keeping up with the charade. when we were out of there, she turned to me and apologized APOLOGIZED if ever she made me uncomfortable but she saw the trapped look in my face when i was facing those guys so she just wanted to help me. all i could say was, “i wasnt uncomfortable and thank you”

she winked WINKED like wtf is that? at me and left

just like that

i shit you not i thought this only happened in movies like WTF i had to pinch myself

i didnt even get her name.

i’ll drop by that grocery again.


Heated - ACOTAR FANFIC (Feysand Smut)

Okay, so I have no idea where this came from, but I needed some smut to brighten up my day. It’s short and I wrote it in literally five minutes, but wtf, who cares. Enjoy! UNEDITED. Ugh, i need some proofreading skills. OH YEAH. This is for the anon who asked for smut after argument.

“Why do you always argue with me,” Rhys growled, shoving her skirt up past her hips. The wood of the table was cool and hard against her heated flesh, but she didn’t much care right now. Her mate stood between her legs, sweaty and flushed from their disagreement.

“Because you’re an idiot,” Feyre snarled against his lips. Her hands moved up and down across the expanse of his back, and she purred in satisfaction when she felt the muscles tense and flex beneath her fingers. His hand wasted no time in pushing past her panties and finding her clit. It had her gasping, the fast pace he set, quick, tight circles with his thumb, two fingers stretching inside her.

“Gods, Rhys,” she groaned.

“You know I’m right,” he whispered in her ear.

She shook her head, eyes slipping shut as his nail skirted that magical spot. He pumped in and out as she gasped and moaned, sending her ratcheting up and up. He pulled out before she could come, slipping his head between her thighs just as smoothly. She could only watch and wait as he kissed a line up her leg. It was infuriating, how slow and gentle he was after his aggressive behavior. She could still see the fire of their quarrel in his eyes as he locked gazes with her.

She choked on a curse when something thick and wet dragged across her slit. His tongue, working slow and even as he watched her fall apart. Feyre clutched at his hair, squirming. Usually, she didn’t think during sex. Her mind was blank and hazy. But right now, Rhys was breaching that fog, sending her images and scenarios that had her flushing. The realization that he was her mate, that he was working the most intimate part of her, it had her digging her nails into his scalp.

Rhys growled and nipped at her flesh, making her jump. Feyre, he warned, and she felt him suppress an emotion, shielding it from her.

With a jolt, she realized what it was. Even as she moaned, her lips curved into a smirk. She dug her nails deeper, enjoying the sound he made, and suddenly ripped herself from his embrace. His chin was dewy from her slickness, and she licked her lips invitingly.

“Feyre,” he said, aloud this time, and the same emotion washed down the bond, undefended this time. She felt him reach desperately for it afterwards, but it was too late.

A feline smile etched itself across her features. “Desire, Rhys? Why so self-conscious?” She scooted closer to him, still on her back. Her slick core made contact with his bare chest as her ankles locked behind his back. His breath caught when she shifted her hips, wetness leaving a glistening trail across his abdomen. Even though she asked the question, she knew the answer. He always felt need and want when they tangled with each other. It was just that now, it was different. There was no love in this desire, only animal lust.

“It doesn’t bother you?” he asked hoarsely.

“Not at all,” she murmured, pulling his head down harshly for a kiss. Something snapped in him and he crushed her against him, sinking his teeth into her lip. Feyre responded in kind, undulating against the bulge in his pants. He broke the kiss with a huff, hot breath fanning across her cheek in sharp pants. His eyes were dark and predatory when they raked down her form.

He was out of his pants in a second, pressing her against the table and filling her senses with him, only him. Feyre breathed him in and let out a stuttering breath as he pushed into her. Slow for only one thrust before his pace turned desperate. She couldn’t find the strength to move as pleasure coarsed through her, but Rhys didn’t seem to mind. His hand traveled to her clit as he sped up, fangs sinking into her neck.

She swore and grappled at his back when she came, waiting for him to follow. It took barely any time at all before he spilled his seed inside her. “Feyre,” Rhys said reverantly, fingers catching on sweaty strands of hair as he stroked her face. Catching her breath, she asked huskily, “What were we arguing about?”

“Cassian’s birthday,” Rhys said, a grin slipping through.

“Shit,” she muttered. “How did we get here?”

“No idea, but I’m fine with it.”

After a moment, she nodded. “Definitely.”

Another pause before Rhys says, “Can we argue more often?”

Liar, Liar

Miraculous Winter Sonata AU.

| First | Previous | Next |


Marinette sat on her bed with her knees drawn to her chest and her phone in her hand. The lights were off; she hadn’t bothered to turn them on after sunset. She stared straight ahead while Tikki dozed beside her. She flipped the phone around once, twice, three times, then held it up to her face.

Alya Cesaire: Did some digging and confirmed your suspicions. There is no Felix Agreste. Wtf is going on over there?

Marinette nudged Tikki awake. “We’re going out.”


Felix rubbed his eyes and frowned at his laptop screen. No matter how many hours he spent clearing out his inbox, the emails replenished themselves in a matter of minutes. Who had time to mark so many messages as spam? 

He leaned his head back against the couch cushions. Lila’s singing voice drifted through the apartment from the shower. Broadway again; the woman loved her show tunes. He smiled absently.

Movement caught his eye and he turned his head towards the living room windows.


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anonymous asked:

moonsun: byulyi visting solar and eric on their wgm vacation in dubai and proceeding to be all sorts of romantic with her

  • They’re not filming yet so Eric and Yongsun are just wandering around and talking to each other
  • and this lady who looks way too too familiar pops up in front of them in big sunglasses and a grin and eric literally sees a light bulb explode above Yongsun’s head
  • “bYULYI?? WTF”
  • Eric’s like “how the heck did u get here”
  • but he’s excited all the same because he’s a lovable bean and authors only use him as an insert character for drama tbh
  • the two excited beans greet Byulyi, one indefinitely more excited than the other
  • Byulyi just laughs and oh would you look at that where did these flowers come from?? Here you go she hands Yongsun one bundle from behind her back and turns to Eric and hands him another
  • Eric’s like “holy shit I love u” as he hugs the roses to his chest
  • And Yongsun lets out this soft shriek and engulfs Byulyi in a hug and Eric watches from afar
  • “oh my god u two gays need to chill”
  • he says it out loud and Yongsun gasps scandalously and Byulyi high-fives him
  • Yongsun asks Byulyi what’s she even doing there?? “were u not on a trip with Hyejin in Japan”
  • Byulyi shrugs and tells her it was meant to be a surprise for her
  • Eric clutches his chest in the background, cries out about how romantic and gay that is
  • Byulyi waggles her eyebrows and holds out her arm for Yongsun to take
  • They saunter away and leave Eric behind, who happily walks off to get some shut-eye because filming is tiring af and he needs to exfoliate his skin
  • Meanwhile, Yongsun thinks shes in a romance movie because all of a sudden shes whisked away to dance with Byulyi in a quaint restaurant, hidden behind buildings that Yongsun’s not sure how Byulyi exactly managed to navigate through
  • You look beautiful tonight, Byulyi whispers to her and Yongsun ducks her head shyly in byulyi’s shoulder because holy shit that was unexpected
  • They have dinner in the candlelight, under the spread of stars in the dark sky
  • Byulyi gets her chocolate, Yongsun finishes it instantly
  • But the fatigue is getting to her because she was just on a long-ass flight goddamnit and its finally catching up to her
  • Byulyi just grins when Yongsun tells her that and half drags, half carries her lump of a body to the hotel
  • Yongsun barely has enough energy to open the door to their hotel room and slip out of her clothes into her pyjamas
  • When shes out of them she sees Byulyi lying down on her bed, all prepped and ready to be the big spoon and Yongsun just loves Byulyi so so much
  • They spoon and wake up tangled in each other’s limbs
  • Eric starts taking notes from Byulyi on the flight back home and they have deep, lengthy discussions about how adorable Yongsun is and how to make her yell the loudest by annoying her
Supercorp Holiday Prompt #7

7. It’s a masquerade Christmas ball and wtf is that

Kara is fumbling with her bag, trying to find her keys while balancing her donut in the other hand. It has been a long day and at this point, all she wants to do is collapse onto her very comfy couch. She’s in the midst of pulling down her glasses so she can x-ray vision into the bag when she hears the click of stiletto heels on the floor of the hallway. She knows instantly who is approaching her, but she has no idea why.

“Lena! What a surprise!” She shoves her glasses back up her nose, one hand still searching in her bag as she tries to seem less flustered than she is.

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#this gets funnier every time i watch it #like can you imagine the horrified look on cat’s face #just absolutely STUNNED and confused because her assistants are always trying to ~impress her #always trying to prove they read the right food reviews and dine well and know the hot restaurants #assistants like siobhan who hand-press her coffee and conflate status and worth #who try too hard to prove their elitism #instead of just being good at their job #can you picture cat not knowing /wtf to do with this girl/ #who tries hard in all the right ways #and doesn’t think twice about how bringing cat chain-restaurant food will reflect on her ~worth #how thrown cat must have been because this issue has literally never come up before #and kara’s only been working a few days and she’s so earnest in everything that she does #that cat just waves her off and tells her JUST THIS ONCE exactly where she wants her lunch from #(god do you think kara even took it out of the bag #or did she just like drop a 5lb burrito on cat’s desk)

anonymous asked:

ok shitty vegas hc where Y/N and Daveed do domestic shit without even realizing it. like if Y/N knows that D is stressed she'll make him dinner and give him a massage. or sometimes D will randomly hold her hand or something. or like when they're sitting together they'll automatically cuddle up with eachother and they don't even think anything of it but everyone around them is like 'wtf when are they getting together'

yupyupyup. the handholding, cuddling, everything, it’s all true.

I'm done AF

The nerve some De fans have I swear. Saying Stefan never cared about Elena after she stopped loving him ?

- he saved her in season 5 from Dr. Maxfield
- constantly tried to help her mend things with Damon (who by the way is the brother she left him for)
- he told her that he wanted her AND Damon to save her from the Quarry

- in season 6 he constantly checked on her
- was supporting the De relationship and was trying to convince her why Damon was the better choice

- season 7 he broke down and took matters into his own hands when he realized that Damon had “killed” Elena

So like WTF are you delena shippers on? Stefan is not Damon and Damon can NEVER match up to Stefan

- the moment Elena broke it off with Damon he would attack her family and enjoy it when she was in pain like he killed Arron almost killed jeremy in season 5 and actually did kill Jeremy in season 2 just for getting rejected

As for Stefan killing Enzo

- his humanity is off and that’s not his fault
- he’s working for Cade because DAMON forced him to and gave him no choice

Damon with his humanity ON has killed
- Aron
- Vicki

And still killed Tyler just so Stefan could “leave him alone” and not save him from Sybil

STEFAN through out the season has constantly been fighting for Damon and has been trying to revive the little shred of light Damon has/had in his heart

And even before Damon actually cared about Bonnie Stefan was always there to help her just watch season 1 for proof

So miss me with that dumb shit when any of you say Stefan doesn’t deserve happiness or love or Elena.

Without him Damon wouldn’t be alive or functional.

The Top Ten Drag Race Editing Archetypes

With season 8 coming up, it’s time to remember how the show turns complex, real people into easily distinguishable characters for your entertainment. Study and see who you can pick out this time around! . 


This queen is flawless. She can do no wrong and seems to excel at every challenge. Even if she has to lipsync, she will be the best lipsyncher ever. A good edit will humanize her, giving her a moment of generosity or two, handing her the crown. A bad one will play up her ego and make you wish her death, leaving her dead in the top 4/top 3.

Examples: Bianca Del Rio, Raja, Courtney Act, Chad Michaels


She may not always win, but goddamn you love her any way. She’s fun, she’s quotable, she’s your best friend in the competition. Of all the contestants she will have the most pronounced arc and wind up in the top 3. That being said, only one of them has ever won.

Examples: Jujubee, Jinkx Monsoon, Adore Delano, Pearl (yup, she had the most pronounced arc of the season and everyone wanted her. Deal with it)


Not always a winner, but a strong competitor nonetheless. That’s not the reason you like her though: you like her because her confessionals kick ass. She’ll be hilarious as fuck, or otherwise lend commentary that amps up the fun. She won’t win, but strange how voting always starts when she gets eliminated.

Examples: Latrice Royale, Ben DelaCreme, Katya, Pandora Boxx


She’s not the best in the competition, but she keeps surviving elimination. Why? She provides the most drama. This queen wreaks havoc and causes chaos. You won’t like her, but you’ll blog the shit out of her fights and tune in intently to watch her fall. Every Ace or Personality needs a good bitch against them. 

Examples: Phi Phi O’Hara, Rebecca Glasscock, Gia Gunn


What is wrong with this girl? She seems to lose her shit at a moment’s notice. She takes everything way too personally and makes such a production when there shouldn’t be. She’ll called out for being fake and it will take her a LONG time to recover publicly.

Examples: Mimi Imfurst, Langanja Estranja, Max


They are there to be seen and thirsted after. Regardless of their talent, people will only think about doing them in or out of drag. Sadly, they won’t win because the show won’t flesh them out, and they will be gone when producers want to show that the game is getting tougher. Expect an outcry, but trust that they will have a solid career and a YouTube show with WoW after the fact.

Examples: Milk, Trixie Mattel, Carmen Carrera


Can’t seem to win a damn challenge, but can never go home. Why? Because her lipsynch is fucking FLAWLESS. She gets every word, nails every beat, does splits, spread eagles, back flips, flip flops one right after another. Pity she can’t bring this to the competition, where she’s too insecure or unprepared. She’ll be sent home after three performances, barring circumstances. 

Examples: Coco Montrese, Akashia, Jaidynn Diore Fierce, Trinity K. Bonet


Oh the poor dear. It’s clear that she’s a talented queen, but unfortunately she’s OLD. She may be a pro at pre ’90s styles of drag, but younger queens/viewers won’t get them. Worse, the competition will be stacked against them. A nude challenge tailored to younger bodies? A lipsynch by an ex-Disney star who still sounds like a kid? Sorry, once you’re over 40 the edit is not in your favor.

Examples: Penny Tration, Vivacious, Tempest DuJour


She’s weird. You have no idea how she says what she says, but you cannot stop listening to her. Not a winner, but definitely a novelty. The most GIF-worthy queen of the season. May overlap with other archetypes, but you’ll remember her for this. 

Examples: Tammie Brown, Alyssa Edwards, Miss Fame


The edit doesn’t care how talented she is- she’s quieter and not as big as the other girls. She’s going home early and will be forgotten quickly. She definitely doesn’t deserve it, but with so many contestants someone has to get screwed.

Examples: Phoenix, April Carrion, Kandy Ho, India Ferrah


I think the reason Rip chose to shoot Sara is because she is the best fighter in the ship she is the only one that is an expert in hand to hand combat, making her the only one that could have stopped Rip when he boarded the Waverider she could have very easily knocked the gun out of his hand kick his ass and lock him up, so in order to be able to get the spear he had to incapacitate the only team member that would be able to stop him…later in the medbay when he kills her again I think that scene was made only to show us how evil Rip actually is now and that there is nothing of the old Rip left in him.

so this old man and woman walk up to my till at the same time and guy puts his stuff down but the woman doesn’t and holds hers instead

I get to them and the woman shoves her things in my hand so I scan them and then start the rest and she’s like “those aren’t mine” and I’m like ????????

wtf lady then put them down on the belt like everyone else and use the damn divider you fucking egg