wtf is this ship name anyway

Regarding the Put in Work quest line in AvAc (Tony wants to woo Black Widow, goes to Steve for help (because of course what else does one do?). Steve helps Tony plan out what to do, and then they enact it which also includes Steve helping Tony work out in the new Power Gym (where Steve’s action is Stay Strong and Tony’s action is Stay Sexy), and Tony’s like “hey hey not bad” and Steve’s like “hahaha wait you were serious? Here let me show you how to actually work out” (aw Steve you extra little gym rat you). And then Steve tells Tony he’s proud of him (aw), and has him go off to go ask BW out. Here are my screencaps for this: (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7) )

ANYWAY so concept:

Howard’s putting pressure on Tony to like get a girlfriend and all that hetero stuff. Tony sets his sights on BW, goes to Steve for help wooing her bc Steve is handsome etc. Poor Steve lowkey has the beginnings of a crush on Tony, but he’s a good and supportive friend and will help Tony in his endeavor. He brainstorms with Tony, plots out a plan, even goes to the gym and gives him tips on how to train. Steve’s lowkey crush becomes a full-blown heart-wrenching crush.

ofc Tony is also besties with Jan so he tells her everything, and she’s like in the background of all this, maybe like goes and hangs out with Nat and sets the stage, like, “Tony’s sensitive pls don’t hurt him.” Nat’s like “…I’ll try but also I won’t just straight-up humor him.”

Tony and Nat go on a date (by going on a mission to Asgard or something? idk the AvAc format is odd) but he can’t stop talking about Steve and along the way Nat helps him realize he has a crush on Steve, and also his dad sucks and he should just get together with Steve. They come back and Steve’s like kinda sad but resigned and ready to be supportive, but the first thing Tony does is like fling himself into Steve’s arms and kiss him and confess, and meanwhile Jan and Nat had been lowkey hanging out (not dating-dating but they’d been getting together for coffee to chat about their dumbo friends and Tony’s dickhead dad and life) and with Tony realizing he wants to date Steve, Jan and Nat officially start dating. Everything is nice and all is well. 

Cournweek Day 1: Different Time Era

We stop your regularly scheduled Homestuck to bring you a dear old fandom of mine. I’m not very involved with the Total Drama series and/or fandom anymore, but I sure as hell love these two to death. I’m also really into the style from the 20′s, so that’s what I went with today! I also tried to keep it looking very vintage and old, but still classy. 

Allura let out a huff. “Shiro is impeding the path of true love!”
Shiro gasped, offended. “Oh, and you’ve been love for how long? What, like, seven minutes?”
“Nah, Shiro,” Keith replied with a scoff, like Shiro was being silly. “It’s been at least, like, an hour.”
A mysterious pink fog makes everyone fall in love with the first person they see, and Lance and Pidge are left to deal with the ensuing chaos.

Hey guys!! I posted the next chapter of my Plance crackfic, “Drunk on Love”. You can read it here!

And for those of you who haven’t read it yet, here’s the first chapter

  • Sombra: This is so cool, I've never been part of a girl group like this. If peeing together is fun, I can't wait for the next activities.
  • Widowmaker: I have also never had a girl group, and that's because studies show that women tend to be indirect communicators and I'm too direct.
  • Sombra: Ah.
  • Widowmaker: Speaking of which, here's a mint, because your breath doesn't exactly smell amazing.

This ship will probably be the death of me. wtf is the name of this ship anyways i’ve seen ghost blossom and phantom flower???/ im going back to traditional

I am in love with every design I saw of Cagney, like every single one. Every. Single. One.

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*gasp* Honeymustard?! Like literally it's a damn cute ship!!! Do you agree?! If you do then that's awesome!!! Then that makes me love ya more..... not the love love.... =-= wtf... I made it awkward now, okay bye!! *leaves the ask box*

Admittedly I’m not too big into the AU fontcest ships, but I like looking at the art that people create of ‘em all the same! 

It amazes me how creative people get with all of those interesting concepts. I’ll definitely be doing some more AU shenanigans in the future as well, but I think my main focus will always be on UT Sans and Papyrus.

With that said, I do like the stoner bros pairing a lot (US Papyrus/UT Sans)
Who came up with that ship name anyway?? (And is there a better one that I’m unaware of?)

I suppose I’m just like a cranky ol’ man with my fontcest. The classic flavour makes me the happiest.


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I read someone else's meta about Lotor being a stolen baby. After reading your meta about the Sven's stolen baby in VF, I am now convinced that there is gonna be a Stolen Quintessence Baby storyline in VLD. Its just a question of who it is, Keith or Lotor? Both are very likely bc Keith is not affected by quintessence the same way as others while the specifics of Lotors birth are also very mysterious

I would throw Shiro in aswell just incase.

Keith is very much affected by quintessence, but he still has some sort of special connection to the lions just like Allura has.

And we still dunno what quintessence abilities Lotor has, if any.

Shiro might have some hidden powers aswell.

Also there’s another Force plotline they could have easily taken for either VLD Keith or Shiro.

The “Altean Knights” plotline

So in Force, team Voltron receive a distress signal from an ancient lost Altean (Arusian) ghost ship, (That was sent only because Lotor wanted to get some treasure that was on the ship) - Sounds familiar right? (incase someone didn’t know how much VLD takes from Force..)

Anyway, On the ship there are a few holograms appearing to them speaking to “Captain Kogane”.

And Keith’s like “WTF that’s my last name”

So it turns out that Keith’s great grandfather was part of the “Arusian Knights” and they were sent on a mission to locate the 5th planet that helped in the creation of Voltron or something.. But the ship ran into a Drule (Galra) fleet and something happened, and all the ships were lost and abandoned for 100 years.

The planets that helped create Voltron were - Balto - Pidge’s home planet, Earth, Ariel, and Arus (Altea in VLD) and another planet that was never named.

Anyway the Arusian Knights found these things (or just found out they existed):

that “When assembled in a certain manner point the way to the 5th planet involved in the creation of Voltron”

Allura says it was the energy planet that gives energy to Voltron.


The holograms of old tell Keith some very interesting things (messages that were addressed to his grand grandfather I guess):

“Commander Kogane, the black lion, the drules (VLD Galra) know the key, your destiny…”

“(If team Voltron arrives on time) We may complete our quest and what we have sought may yet be ours, but only if the black lion can…”

“Commander Kogane, please! It is vital you alert the Black lion that..”

So there was something very special about the black lion…

Anyway, Keith’s great grandfather 

was hoping to give all this information to his grandson, Kenneth Kogane, Keith’s father.

But something went wrong I guess and Keith’s dad either never got any of it, or just didn’t tell any of this to Keith.

And that’s kinda the story of how Keith finds out he has Altean (Arusian) ancestry in Voltron Force.

Anyway, Lotor interrupts them and the ghost ship ejects Allura and Keith and explodes flying into a Galra ship Ulaz style with still many secret on board.

But before this Allura says this to Keith about his destiny:

“You weren’t brought to Arus to lead the Voltron Force, you were brought back to Arus, brought home!”

(she was just very happy they can now get married and have Arusian babies or something haha)

Now, they were obviously going somewhere with this plotline, but it never got finished, cuz they didn’t continue the show

But I guess you can easily see how this can be adapted to either VLD Shiro or Keith, specially since they were both inspired in some way by Force Keith.

So we have a lost special baby, and an Altean Knight descendant.

Question is who got what and how they mixed it all.

I dunno, Keith’s dad kinda looks like a “Kenneth” haha

But the whole thing with “Not meant to pilot the Black lion, but have some sort of other special destiny (like being a ruler)” is very Shiro…

Also both VLD Keith and Shiro have this Knigth/Prince vibe thing going on..

So who knows…

chocolate and strawberry ice cream!!

honestly i have no explanation for this… i dont know a thing about Natsuya idk if he’s even gonna interact with Kisumi (or if he already has in high speed) but for some reason my brain has decided that i really ship this??? why???


(I would put it under a cut but I’m on mobile and I don’t think it’s doable on mobile?)

So I saw the leaked version, and I’m really hoping that the actual episode that is released is….. better, than the one I just watched. Like, that they still had some editing to do, or something.

Cause the one I just watched? Was. Not great. Quite aside from some of the plot-points (I’ll get to that next), the flow seemed… choppy as fuck? Like. Some scenes felt quite sharp and jumpy, other scenes just lingered way longer than necessary (spoiler alert: Jon, for FUCKS SAKE, STOP STARING AROUND DRAMATICALLY AND GET ON THE FUCKING DRAGON, FOR FUCKS SAKE), and it just. Didn’t flow well at all, I thought. The fight scene with the bear was. Not good. Editing might fix that. Smooth it all over.

But the plot. Now, again: SPOILER ALERT.

So. Plot. Bit of a mess. It was a dumb idea to start with, going beyond the wall to fetch a wight (why could Dany not just fly over, swoop down, pluck one up, and fly back to Dragonstone?? Why was that never on the table? That would have been faster AND safer), but as if the dumb plan wasn’t enough, it then wasn’t even well executed. And i mean from a writing point of view. It was a mess. “Oh! A wild undead bear appeared! It used charge!” followed by “here’s a convenient little batch of wights with a single Walker, and all the wights very conveniently drop dead when the Walker with them is killed (except for one. Conveniently).”

And then Gendry being sent off running one way and having a whole Scene with leaving his hammer with Tormund that then didn’t progress anywhere on either side (hi Chekov’s gun), and the whole thing with fucking Sandor being a fucking moron with the fucking rock, and no one having the genius thought of smashing the ice again, and then later Benjen just. Appearing out if nowhere….. It was just. Not well written.

Also. What the fuck is going on with the progression of time here. Like legit. Did they march less than a day before they found the Walkers? Because otherwise how the fuck did Gendry get back to the Wall before nightfall? And then a crow had made it all the way south to Dragonstone by sunrise, and Dany and her kids were all the way up beyond the North by, what, that afternoon?? Cause those dumb boys weren’t standing on that dumb rock for two nights, so it had to be in the span of a day. Come on. What the hell is happening with the progression of time here. I mean, we’ve been making some concessions this season regarding travel times, but this just defies logic. Time skips are one thing (“it took three weeks to travel there but we didn’t show it because that’s boring”) but this was straight up apparition. I don’t give a shit how fast Gendry can run or how fast a crow can fly or how fast Dany can fly. There is no way in seven hells that everything from Jon and Co finding and catching the wight to Dany arriving to rescue them all happened within the span of 24 hours. No way.

And what the actual fuck is going on with the Stark girls. I don’t - I don’t even know where to start there. The whole situation just feels…….. off. Something super weird is happening there. I don’t know if it’s clumsy writing and a lazy plot, or if it’s all going to come together later and we’ll all be like “ohhhhh, clever,” but literally every single scene with Arya and Sansa was weird as fuck. Arya’s character has gone weird as shit, to the point that I actually found myself saying “…DID Arya die in Bravos, and this is the Waif wearing her face after all?” even though that plot line makes literally no sense (wtf would the Waif be doing all this).

And one second Sansa is agreeing with Baelish that Brienne could help protect her from Arya, then next second she’s sending Brienne south? Why?? What does she think Littlefinger’s plan is? To, what, have Arya kill Brienne?? What’s happening here? What is the logic?

And who was the missive from anyway? Dany? Dany was in the fucking North, she could have swung by Winterfell for a visit.

And on that note. why in the name of Lyanna Stark is Jon on a fucking ship south again. What the fuck. I presume Gendry is on board too. Why. Why the fuck. Winterfell is the other damn direction. They couldn’t have dropped in for a quick hello? A quick round of introductions? “Yo fam, this is the dragon queen, her children are badass; Dany this is my kid sister who’s been convincing my men in my absence that I haven’t actually abandoned the north, my kid brother who I thought til recently was dead, and my beloved other kid sister who I also thought was dead.” Like????? He hasn’t seen Bran and Arya in years, thought they were DEAD this whole time, but he’s on a ship going the other way than where they are. Even though it would take less time, probably, to get to Winterfell than it should have taken to get to the undead army. Hell, jump on a dragon and you’ll be there in 5 minutes, apparently, if we use the flight time from Dragonstone to Eastwatch as any indication. But sure. Ok. Jon’s going back to Dragonstone. Cause that makes sense.

And the bedridden scene on the ship. What was that. I ship Jon/Dany far more than I ship Jon/Sansa, but what was that. That was so out of character on both their parts. It just felt… so out of the blue? I repeat: i ship it, but that felt. Rushed. “LOOK THEY’RE IN LOVE, NOW KISS” I mean? It just felt clumsy and heavy handed.

And gosh, there was more overall, but. Jeez. As a dedicated, long time fan who can usually elect to overlook sloppiness and bad writing for the sake of my continued enjoyment of the show, I have to say: this episode was something of a disaster.


In your eyes there’s a heavy blue
One to love and one to lose
Sweet divide, a heavy truth
Water or wine, don’t make me choose
I wanna feel the way that we did that summer night
Drunk on a feeling, alone with the stars in the sky.

I’ve been running through the jungle
I’ve been crying with the wolves
to get to you, to get to you

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kingsman, obviously! for the ask meme thing

001 | Send me a fandom and I will tell you my:

  • Favorite character: Merlin my bby
  • Least Favorite character: Charlie
  • 5 Favorite ships (canon or non-canon): Merlahad, Percilot, Merlin x Ginger, Merlin x Roxy, Harry x Roxy (wtf are all their ship names)
  • Character I find most attractive: Merlin. Or Harry. Goddamnit they’re both so attractive.
  • Character I would marry: MERLIN
  • Character I would be best friends with: Roxy
  • A random thought: If I saw a cowboy walking around with a whip and a baseball bat, I’d be fucking terrified. Get stealthier shit, Statesman.
  • An unpopular opinion: Tilde is an angel and she and Eggsy deserve the best life together
  • My canon OTP: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ is there such a thing as canon in this universe anyway | EDIT: SHIT I forgot about Eggsy and Tilde, they’re my canon OTP bye im a fake fan
  • Non-canon OTP: all of them Merlahad my spy husbands <3
  • Most badass character: Roxy. She flew to edge of the fucking atmosphere and launched a missile at a satellite. And she’s afraid of heights.
  • Pairing I am not a fan of: I’m trying so hard to like hartwin/merwin/merhartwin, but I just don’t and I hate that I don’t
  • Character I feel the writers screwed up (in one way or another): everyone
  • Favourite friendship: Merlin, Harry, Percival, & Lancelot. The Four Old Men™