wtf is this im shaking!!

“I’m yours, just tell me when.” 

so i commissioned tay ( @taylordraws ) to draw my ocs kaito and kiyomi (from @kaitoandkiyomi ) for me, and seriously i started crying. IM SERIOUS THERE WERE TEARS IN MY EYES!! i could not ask for a more hard-working, beautiful person to draw my precious babies, and i am so grateful for all the effort she has put in!!! it looks absolutely stunning!!! not only is she a wonderful friend, she is so easy to work with, and the commissioning process could not be easier!!!

tay has legit done them more justice than i ever have, and seeing them so ALIVE on the screen makes me the happiest person!!! thank you so so much, i cannot express how thankful i am!! not just for this commission, but for the other two times you’ve drawn my children out of the goodness of your heart! i love you so much bby!!!~

she had $25 commissions going, and even though she is taking a break from them, once she opens them up again, make sure to support her for her lovely work!!!


This girl is on fire 🔥 Conservative Byul who???? 🙈🙉🙊

How dare you, Ms. Moon? You just killed all the moomoos including me. This is so illegal. 😍