wtf is that guys name

Okay, I know we all think of the Iron Trio as the cutest group in the book, but can we get some about Jasper, or Celia? Cause I know that everyone kinda hates them for various reasons but:

-Jasper hugs his pillow in his sleep

-Celia uses pink glitter pens in her notes

-Jasper has a kitten sneeze

-Celia knows how to knit

-Jasper likes to dance, and is actually quite good at it

Like please?

my sister, Kylie, made this kickass orphan black poster.

Kima wore a dress at Allura’s suggestion even though she would’ve rather worn her armor, she and Allura left the dining hall together, they were apparently both in Allura’s house when the assassins attacked (as Allura was likely the target, and didn’t seem injured at all, odds of them being in the same bed are … pretty high), said house was referred to as “theirs”, Kima was there first thing in the morning when Vex came by, opening the door for her like she owned the place, like

just admit they’re girlfriends

lovers in the nighttime

Gals who are a bit more than Pals

like if I have to get my heart broken every time Gilmore shows up please at least give me this, please, I just need

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dude wtf is gynosexual. i just saw a guy named onision label himself as it. (dislike him to my core) like wtf it's labeled as "a preference for women" like dude you're straight. why do u need to add the gynosexual mess that's so annoying. these people are just trying to force their way into the community by now and it's pissing me off lmao

lmfao literally who cares about onision?? the only reason he’s relevant right now is because of soooo fucking many drama fiascos with his girlfriends

if he wants to be all fancy about being hetero, he can go ahead and do it. dig his own grave.

  • old guy: so
  • old guy: there's this dude. let's call him calamity ganon.
  • old guy: he's been locked up in hy-
  • link: waiwaiwaiwait!
  • link: "calamity ganon?"
  • old guy: ...yes
  • link: that name is garbage
  • old guy: well tough luck. anyways, he used t-
  • link: you know what would be a better name?
  • link: canon ganon
  • old guy: wtf
  • link: he's canon, and he's ganon. best of both worlds.

From Adventure to Savers, Ken Ichijouji is the only human antagonist that doesnt have a canine type digimon. 

Dont belive me? 

Digimon Adventure, Yamato + Gabumon 

Digimon Aventure 02, Ichiouji Ken + Wormmon

Digimon Tamers, Makino Ruki + Renamon

Digmon Frontier, Minamoto Kouji + Wolfmon(Lobomon in USA dub)

Digimon Savers, Thomas H. Norstein + Gaomon (this guy has a cows name wtf)

Moreover, all of this digidestined share a very depressing thing in common and that is that all of them have family issues

  •  Yamato’s parents divorced and his mother took Takeru to live with her leaving him with his father that works until late. 
  • Ken’s big Brother Osamu, died in a car accident when he was about 8 years old, Ken had previously wished that Osamu wasnt aroud so he could get his parents attention and when he really died Ken felt guilty leading him to become cold hearted and a perfect host for the evil spore. 
  • Ruki doesnt really have a relationship with her mother who is a model and doesnt have a father figure, she remembers him in the Digimon Tamers movie and its understandable that he left both Ruki and her mother.
  •  Kouji was separated at birth from his twin brother, Kouchi - that he later finds out, is Duskmon - and lives with his father and stepmother who he doesnt like at the start of the series. 
  • Thomas is a child genius that lost his mother in a car accident when young, moreover he’s considered an impure child because his mother wasnt from a prominent family like his father he has a younger sister, Relena who is very sick and is used by Kurata to make him work with him. 

Also, the only one that doesnt have a sibling, is Ruki. 

See, i told you so. 

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I have some more stuff about Dune:

-Wtf gender (most likely fluid)
-His squadmtes: big, gruff, rough, burly guys named Bones, Thug, Saw, Bruiser, and Tanks
-also his squadmtes: v gentle and quiet around Dune to the point of walking on eggshells. They’re also highly protective and a little patronizing (with good intentions though)
-Dune has two other names he goes by: Clover (for the green in his hair) and Star (short for Starboy, which is more of a pet name)
-Super chill and ~smooth~ bc depression. His squad knows something is wrong but doesn’t know what to do
-Dune was captured by a rather heinous village and hanged. He didn’t die, but he was strung up near naked for 14 hours, the first two of which he was called a witch and other things. When the villagers found out he was still alive and breathing, they chased him out of the village, convinced he was some kind of devil. He survived on the run in the forest for three days before his squad found him.
-He doesn’t talk about it. There are scars on his neck and his nightmares involve him waking up unable to breathe.