wtf is mark's tumblr

F*CKIN’ - I  K N E W  I T (Mark’s Cryptic Shit pt. 2)




We’ve got the black profile picks, which I’mma stick with my previous assumption: This means Mark’s just gone. Today, he also did it to his YouTube pic. (Maybe as a final, “Mark’s gone”)


As I predicted, he uploaded the final set of letters which spell “Who Killed Markiplier?”


Okay, I really don’t know what this has added, and I can’t jot down any notes because I lost my friggin’ stylist somewhere, but I can say this. I was scrolling through theories and one sparked my interest. They said something about Mark uploading a video that had to do with one of the timestamps, and I thought, “What if, since there are four screenshots and four days until the 13th, he uploads four vids, each coinciding with each of the time stamps? (Or like, on Tue, Wed, & Thurs, since I guess only 3 of them have timestamps.)(Maybe the actual footage? Videos that will be posted at those times? (well, maybe not since it says the dates but whatever))

This one, I haven’t edited it at all, but it does say “KILL,” which makes me wonder if it DID say kill in the second one, but we just couldn’t see it because it was too opaque against the black background (which would disprove the theory that you can’t activate “KILL” mode when looking at a Mark ego). There are some rather creepy statues, and some suspicious shadows, but other than that, I can’t immediately see anything that stands out too much.


Now, for twitter, I wasn’t expecting this.

This third guy.


So, they say “Chef” and “Butler.” I’m pretty sure the third guy’s (I know, it’s basically unreadable in this stupid screenshot, but whatever) says “The Detective.”
Now, what I saw someone (theowlandthefinch) point out is that these are in three different handwritings. A heavy-set, rough script, a more elegant, careful one, and a typewriter. Most likely from three different people. They said they think it’s Wilford, Dark, and the Host, which makes sense. They looped back to the second Tumblr clue, though, and theorized that the guy talking to the Mark ego was the detective, which would mean that these aren’t just pieces being thrown at us at random, these are things that are happening incrementally, and we’re sitting on the sidelines, watching (the Mark ego talked to the detective, and now he’s been eliminated, just a few days later). Now, to the three handwritings, I don’t know if this means those specific egos (or whatever egos they actually mean) killed those specific people, or “eliminated” them at least. It would make sense; they’re reporting back to whoever formulated this plan.

And speaking of plans, I saw another post of someone (caustic-synishade) pointing out that it probably isn’t Dark who set this all up. Who ever set this up is careful, hiding their tracks. They don’t want the attention and they don’t want us to know who they are. Dark wouldn’t do this of course, he’d have no reason to, right? I’m pretty sure he’d just love the attention.

They suspected it was the Host, which sort of also makes sense. Mark did mention that he wanted to do more with the Host, along with a lot of the other Egos, correct?

Okay, okay, we’re getting into the complicated theories (it could easily just be Mark wanting to be extra-cryptic so he’s going against character) (speaking of which, did Mark plan this when he was planning “A Date With Markiplier”? Will we ever know?) that seem a bit deep and specific for how ambiguous the clues actually are and how Mark set them up. I’m just wonder what Mark’s gonna be doing for the three days leading up to the 13th (because that would make the most sense for him to post some creepy shit, right?). He’s obviously not going to go into the negative numbers (though, he might post a “0″ where he posts the answer (”The Host” or “Dark” as in who killed him) in weird letters on Instagram, changes all his profile pics to something that’ll make us freak the fuck out, post a creepy screenshot on Tumblr (maybe showing a dead body/the murderer), and another photo (maybe of him crossed out) on Twitter. I dunno, just a theory).

ANYWAY, this is getting long.

Anything to add/Think I’m wrong? Feel free to let me know, ‘cause I think we all want to know what the hell happened to Mark. 

Also, I’d like to point out that I’m a little less confident with the new theories I might’ve put on the table with this one. Oh well