wtf is legolas even looking at

I SWEAR TO GOD, the first thing my dad asked when we got out of the theater after seeing botfa was

“so…the jewels that legolas’ father wanted, did they originally belong to his dead wife? the necklace looked like ladies jewelry. is that why he wanted it so much? because it had sentimental value?”


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Explain how legolas looks younger in the lord of the rings but looks older in the hobbit even though the hobbit takes place years before the lord of the rings and elves don’t even age wtf???

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When I first heard that Legolas is in the Movie I was so angry at PJ, tbh. I was like: WTF he isn't even in the book for gods sake WHY?! But when I saw the movie I was pleased with how surprisingly good Legolas fit in the storyline. PJ did such great work with the Movies & I kinda love that you have two diffenrent Hobbit-worlds bc the movie is so defferent to the book. Btw I adore your blog! I found you today and thought: well, can't hurt to take a look :p and now I can't stop scrolling trough

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No, but in all seriousness, it would have been weird if PJ & Co had originally filmed The Hobbit before the LOTR Trilogy and added Legolas, but since they had already released the LOTR Trilogy, it would have been a little strange to introduce Legolas’ father and we don’t hear/see any of him. In my opinion, it connected the Trilogies together.

Honestly, I think people were more upset over Legolas being in the film because of the dreaded Leggy/Tauriel/Kili love triangle than him being there. He really didn’t take away from The Hobbit trilogy at all and I felt like I understood Legolas more after seeing him in The Hobbit. 

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