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So i used to not get the hype about bonkai like i didn't not like the ship or anything but i wasn't 100% in until the damm past episode with that 2 minute interaction. My pussy was screaming I swear to god the way he was looking at her I almost busted a nut like wtf AND WHEN HE SCREAMED HER NAME AND WAS LIKE "PLEASE PLEASE" BBY CALL ME A BONKAI RIDE OR DIE BC THIS MY NEW SHIP

I think you encapsulated all of our feelings in the moment. They predictably kept them like 15 feet away from each other and yet it still felt like sex. How? 

It genuinely bothers me how good an idea Danny Phantom was. The premise of a teenage ghost superhero fighting evil spirits while living in the home of his ghost hunter parents is such a truly fresh idea I’m astonished it happened at all. There were so many problems with the show and I can’t tell if they were the fault of the creators or Nickelodeon trying to keep it too close to Fairly Odd Parents instead of letting this brilliant idea breath and act as its own entity. Can you imagine how amazing this show would have been in a post Adventure Time post Avatar environment that would have allowed it to explore the narrative it was clearly interested in weaving? The potential this show had bothers me so much.

Things that made my day:

-Tracer being gay

-Amazing Christmas gift from love of my life

-Hanzo’s haircut

-Winston getting Christmas with family 

-Widowmaker still mourning her husband (She has a heart okay)

-Hanzo’s haircut

-Genji and Zenyatta getting Christmas together

-Hanzo’s haircut

-Hanzo’s haircut

-Hanzo’s haircut

-Hanzo’s haircut


when one of your friends is hooking up with a serial killer, after her previous bf was a serial killer; your other friend is dating some jumpy bitch, when she should be dating your other friend, since she can’t find a sane boyfriend; your boyfriend is probably the next killer/victim; your other friend is obsessed with murder AND you are all probably going to die very soon.

AU where Elsword is a girl and Elesis is her overprotective older brother who disapproves of Elsword’s relationship with Ain

Elsword: Ain, look! This flower is so pure and pretty… Reminds me of you.
Ain: …? No, Elsword… You suit this flower more than I do.
Elsword: …? //////////// Th… thanks….
Elesis: Ain…
Ain & Elsword: !!! E…Elesis…..
Elesis: I thought I told you to get away from my sister……………..


meanwhile whenever I smile I scare my dog away

  • Me: *Searches up [Insert rareship] on tumblr*
  • What shows up: Everything except [Insert rareship]
  • Me: ???

finally finished with the ladies of criminal minds