wtf is he even making

I can’t believe I read with my own two eyes someone comparing the utter cluster fuck that is the cast of supergirl with the 307 situation on the l00… I mean, after 307 people (like me) could not sleep for a week.

Yeah, what happened yesterday was awful and disgusting and I support the supercorp fans all the way. But comparing the two situations is going a little too far. Just my opinion tho

“It is so embarrassing when people say “free louis” like Y I K E S”

Yeah it’s so embarrassing to be a fan of a talented young man who has shown time and time again how passionate he is about writing and performing songs that have meaning to him.  It’s so embarrassing to be a fan of someone who has proved so many people wrong and that he does deserve all the success he has.  It’s so embarrassing to be a fan of someone who has a team behind him who is constantly dragging his name through the mud in the tabloids knowing he’s not the kind of person they’re portraying him as.  It’s so embarrassing to be a fan of someone whose same team is doing nothing to promote his debut solo single when we know how much that song means to him.  Like do you even hear yourselves?  Oh wait, you think we mean free Louis from babygate? Cause take babygate out of the entire equation and guess what?  He still deserves better so fuck you and Free Louis

black paladin! lance

just putting that out there

Imagine Matt giving an interview somewhere down the line after he goes pro. He gets a question about who some of the most influential people in his life are. Of course he mentions his mother, Dan, Wymack and probably even Neil. But then he throws pretty much everyone by saying Andrew. And yes, that Andrew. Andrew Minyard. Everyone is surprised and curious about how and why but it remains a complete mystery that no reporter can break through.

  • Me, when encountering Servamp for the first time: ?
  • Me, after finishing Servamp's anime: ?????????????????????

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yup. apparently jay told louis to be friends with zayn while she was dying. Louis laughed at chiam first but then realized that cheryl will take care of liam. Harry gets everything while louis is struggling. larries destroyed their friendship and hurt the love of his life eleanor. The album is all about eleanor.

ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. wow. what kind of angsty wattpad fic is this and why is it suddenly Truth idgi. 

every time steve’s pov in cacw gets boiled down to just being about bucky i want to die. y'all really don’t get it do you

For the people that say that Jungkook called Jimin baby cause he was Tae’s and his baby. Wtf…. Like how does this even make any sense. lol trying to find a connection to your ship when it don’t exist.


when you really thought you two had a thing going on

Bedforddanes: Rehearsing really hard

Posted on 4/5/2014


‘what was that all about?’ ['it’s because of you.’’] | RaS Escape

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Did meeks really say dylann was attracted to other ethnic women? And how does that even make sense with wtf he did?

Yes he said: 

  • “When asked about Dylann’s relationships with women, Joey stated that Dylann told him that he had had sex with a black girl in Eastover.”
  • “He stated that Dylann was attracted to a black girl who was a dancer in the club and that he wanted to talk to her, but never did.”
  • “Joey was asked to describe how Dylann showed interest in strippers. Joey said that Dylann liked a light skinned black girl who was small or average build. Dylann wanted a dance from her, but she didn’t go up to him. Joey said that Dylann didn’t have the courage to go up to her.

Now I know some people think Joey is lying but I personally think he doesn’t considering that he was already charged for lying to the feds, it would’ve been pretty stupid of him to do it again. Telling them everything he knew was the only way to help his situation.  

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When I first met my boyfriend I was so nervous about his enjoyment during sex that I faked my orgasms. It's become something that I now have to do - he keeps this kind of tally of how many times he made me 'come', what do I do???

Wtf?! If he still can’t make you orgasm, I say dump him. And even if he does, it’s a good idea to talk to him about how it makes you uncomfortable to feel so much pressure on you having an orgasm, I definitely can’t when a guy makes me feel like I HAVE to.