wtf im so jealous

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z100 girl again, yes he did!!! It was so cute and it was this girl siennas 8th birthday and he brought her up on stage and we all sang and someone yelled QUEEN OF BEING EIGHT and harry found it hilarious and repeated it. He also wanted to play the rest of the album but looked up into the balcony and said "the higher powers" (cough jeff cough) say no and a group in the crowd was like JEFF WTF

OH GOD I LOVE IT IM SO JEALOUS! also i want to cry because harry said that. how could he ever think that. my god im weeping. i need to squeeze him and tell him the whole world is in love with him…..wahhhhhh. also, im sure jeff happily accepts his role as the bad guy lol 

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Im an A cup and im so jealous of your bahonkadonks wtf!!!! You're amazing

ya same to you buddy id kill to be an A…… you wanna astral project with me

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VIKi im so jealous of you like wtf i want a pretty girlfriend too!! i just want a girlfriend period!! where can i get one??

i ..,,.let them find u

unacceptable (and untrue) reasons to resent superman:

  • he’s too powerful
  • he needs to act more like batman
  • he’s stupid
  • he’s got a dumb outfit
  • he’s too optimistic
  • he’s “unrelatable”

somewhat understandable reasons to resent superman:

  • he can eat whatever the hell he wants and never exercise but still have a six-pack

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my crush and I went on our first date tonight 😊😊 we both had a great time and might hang out again tomorrow. we haven't been talking for very long but honestly I've never fallen for someone like this before 😍

OMG im so jealous wtf im so happy for u ??? give me detes????

I hate how Luke is so photogenic. He makes every angle in photos look like a photoshoot. What even is this power? How dare he look so good even from weird bottom or top angles?!? How is this possible?!? How is he real?!? I want to capture him just to study this perfect specimen and never let him out of my sight.

sometimes when im really busy or stressed and i see a bug or something i just think damn im so jealous of u all you have to do is sit there and chill like are you even thinking about anything what are you doing you dont even need to get out of bed if you dont want to im so jealous wtf but then i remember they sleep on like leaves and im not ready for that yet