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Ok f customers but mostly SM 

We got a new store manager at my AnnJo and let me tell you the longer she is these and the more I learn about her… just wow.

Our last SM left the store on good terms (the one before her got fired for doing illegal shit so I’m glad the last one was good) and they decided to not promote any of our very competent assistant managers, but to ship in another manager from another store. They shipped in one of our assistant managers a while ago, but she had worked at our store previously a few years ago.

Back to new SM.

She’s from a super store. Now, this wouldn’t be a problem, except we lost literally half of our employees when old SM left and also college season is upon us. She doesn’t seem to understand that we just don’t have the staff size required to handle everything she wants us to do! (Also she’s really bitchy when she tells us to do something and no one likes her but she’s a pleasant person so I like talking to her she just shouldn’t have this job)

She schedules one cashier, one cutting counter person, and one MOD at any given time. I am a cashier, and having one cashier doesn’t bother me bc I can keep up with three cutting counter people sending customers my way, but the cutting counter needs at least two people, so the MOD is stuck there. Obviously I’m not an MOD, so i cant do MOD things so often times I’m stuck at the register with a customer that needs MOD assistance.

Yesterday was busy, because of course she kept the same kind of scheduling during a busy day at the end of a huge sale like, tf was she thinking?Anyways, register 1 was the only one with sufficient money to do anything bc the MOD couldn’t refill the other ones and I got a customer who was pissed off that i didn’t give her the correct change. Now I would usually understand bc of course that’s my fault, but she wouldn’t move away from my register to wait for the MOD who is stuck at the cutting counter when my line is forming and all she needs is 3 cents.

3 cents.

Ok, but to make matters worse, she forgot to schedule an opening manager one day. An employee stood outside for a while before realizing that no one was inside (she didn’t schedule stickers either when we got a 1,000 piece shipment and then another 500 piece one rip stockers) so she called the assistant manager from earlier to open the store so it opened 45 minutes late with angry customers outside and even when SM came in she doesn’t even know how to properly open the store???

She was apparently only an assistant manager for 8 months before moving to our store. One of our assistant managers has been working for AnnJo for 10 years now, and this isn’t the assistant manager I mentioned earlier?? Wtf were they thinking hiring her as a sm???

Also she makes me check her out at the register which I am NOT allowed to do but all she says in her sickly sweet voice “oh dont worry honey, I’ll make sure you won’t get in trouble” even though the MOD was right next to me like??? Why me???

All of this that i mentioned? It’s been almost a month of her reign. A month.

I wasn’t going to post this but she just tried to call me in on a day outside of my availability and I’m just sick of her already. We all are. Help.

also jw but why didn’t they bother showing us the scene where keith tells everyone he’s galra??? thats kind of an important moment???? wtf?? like. we don’t even rly get to see shiro’s reaction, and he was There. what did coran do??? it didn’t look like coran was avoiding keith like allura was but was he at all upset?? we dont know!! what did lance do??? did he make a sarcastic comment like “oh great now i bet he thinks he’s better than me bc he’s part alien” ??? was pidge all excited and geeking out abt the genetics and what this could mean abt keiths abilities and Science??? i bet hunk just said “but u arent purple?” and asked if he was gonna sprout big fluffy ears. and then that made lance laugh. and then pidge said that if he didnt have fluffy ears by now he probably never would. and then shiro was like guys this isn’t rly the most important thing to be discussing rn. but yes pidge i agree i think if he was gonna have galra ears he’d have them by now. where is this quality content???? dark dreamworks show me the forbidden alien content

BurntPasta Live Stream - Part 2

Paps: Nyeeeeeeeeeeeeehhhhhhhhhhh!! *powering up*
Undyne and Mettaton: …. :O
Undyne: MTT!! … What does the scouter say about his power level??
MTT: …. *takes off scouter* ….. BZZZZZZZTTTTTT!!! *BOOOOOM*
Undyne: …. OxO;;
Sans: … *Is Frieza* … :D *shrug*

I have no idea how the stream ended up here, but this was a blast! xD We all couldnt stop laughing while making this silly work of art.
Thanks to @super-aids1​ and @inuthekitsune  for hanging out and giving ideas! 

anonymous asked:

So just found out the guy I like has Saturn in the 7th.... nice. Makes sense now. I don't have patients to work with that

Wtf. That’s actually rude to say that you don’t have the patience to work with someone with Saturn in the 7th. You don’t deserve to understand them if you’re gonna judge them by a placement. 

thank you so much to all of my followers who have stuck with me up until this point!!!!! (especially to those of you who have been around long enough to know why people call me rockets.. or the people who have been here since before my blog got deleted…. like, wow) i kept saying that i would do this if I hit 1k, so…

(if youre on mobile im sorry also get a fucking computer)

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  • what she says: im fine :-)
  • what she means: how dARE they put johnny depp as gellert grindelwald. how FUCKINGN DARE TJEM. he's a lying abusive dick who beat his wife multiple times and then scared her to death and discredited her for trying to speak out??? HE SHOULDN'T HAVE A FRICCKING CAREER ANYMORE??? WTF?? -not to mention that he's not even that good, like i dont even like him as an actor anymore but that's just my opinion whatever- BUT SHIT SERIOUSLY??? like grindeldore is my otp. i love grindelwald as a character- i see him as reckless and utilitarian but not purely evil, I think he's such an intense and interesting character and not at all the usual villain- i think the new movies were SUCH AN OPPORTUNITY FOR THEM TO MAKE HIM LOOK AND FEEL intense and interesting BUT theY ended up choOSING THAT GANGSTER-LIKE PIECE OF CRAP????? WHY?? i feel personally hurt. jo fucking rowling i don't trust you anymore. istg this is the last time you fuck with me. yall david yates and whoever tf idk don't know shit about harry potter. i dont even want to see these movies what am i doing why am i wasting my money

I hate my team mates right now I’m doing all the work and they don’t even care they just send messages saying “im going out so I’m not going to do anything till I came back ” like dude we have a lot of time to make this work and is due in a few hours and they are asking me what they should write in their parts like wtf dude

okay okay so there’s like a bunch of different forms of lightsaber combat right

like super aggressive shit and then like defense-only mode right

but i think there’s one missing

if i existed in the star wars universe i would devote my life to perfecting a form of combat where you fight your opponent normally for a while

like whatever style you prefer do that until your opponent is really into it, really feeling that battle flow u know

and then

concentrate all your sick force powers into destroying the fuck out of their lightsaber

crush it, hit it with your lightsaber, spit, whatever, just make sure that motherfucker powers down

then in that moment of ‘wtf’ your opponent has

GRAB that fuckjng hunk of metal and just

whoop the shit out of them

dont even use the force just whack ‘em right in the skull

anyway in conclusion idk why there aren’t way more bullshit fighting tactics

lol fuck you. 

i left bc you dont handle anything you just sit there and you havent even announced our break up bc “I didnt feel like dealing with that”


and I left you because youre a fucking psycho who cant decide wtf you want and took that shit out on me bc i can make a decision, calling me the crazy one. 

nah, fucker.

and then this trickles down to my first.. you cheated on me.. thank you for that btw… and then you left because too much was going on. 


lmao i AM DONE. and tbh fuck everyone who thinks im a flake for wanting to leave this town. and to the people who think that I THINK I am better than everyone else… well darlings… have fun with your thoughts, I hope they bring you the brightest future, I hope they take you on rides with the best views and last but not least I hope they smoothly and gently go up your ass :)

Well I just found out this was a thing and felt a need to share it with @sixpenceee

In Tonopah, Nevada, there’s such thing as the Clown Motel. The office is FULL of clown merchandise and each hotel room has a clown on the door as well as any kind of clown merchandise they can put in a room. The one thing that makes this place creepier than it is is the motel shares a lot with a cemetery full of miners who died of a plague. I’m not kidding. No one really knows the backstory of this motel and why it has such an odd theme. 

Here’s how I found out about this one thing you’d only find in the US:


Summary: Dan suffering through an existential crisis throughout the years and Phil being entirely oblivious.   

Word Count: 3,193

Genre: Angst

Warning(s): The use of existentialism as a cause for suicidal tendencies (there’s no actual character death), self harm (wall punching idk), cursing??

A/N: I wrote this because I wanted people to understand that one person is not enough to change your entire perspective. One person can’t get rid of your depression, anxiety; whatever it is. In this case, I wrote about an existential crisis because it’s all I know?? Also, this *sorta* is just a jumble of consciousness..

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ok guys look here’s my totally unbiased interpretation of the scene

a case of mistaken footsie identities

jean accidentally played footsie with mikasa bc he has long tarantula legs and missed eren. it took him a second to realize and now he’s contemplating his death.

mikasa’s staring at jean like “this motherfucker cannot be serious”

sasha is looking away bc mikasa’s foot is up her skirt but she’s currently glaring at jean so sasha wants to seem real casual or whatever

connie is like wtf is up with sasha??

armin is currently figuring it out and will have everything solved in about 3 seconds

eren thinks that jean gave up on their footsie game halfway thru and he’s staring at jean like “why?” because he has not realized the fatal error jean just committed

historia is thinking about playing footsie with ymir and hasn’t even been paying attention

levi’s probably staring at this entire group and thinking about poop or whatever

Therefore I conlude LEE SEUNG HOON will slay your bias list into pieces when you see him in person

So guys im gonna share to you the judgement of fellow aces who saw Winner in airport and concert. Some one asked Filipino aces who is the most good looking member in person and here are some answers:

  • Oh, Im not in the concert but I saw them close in the arrival (airport). Unbiased speaking, Im sorry but Mino is the most handsome. They dont have make up when they arrived but Mino is very manly and hansome, even the way he walks its so handsome. KSY has milky white skin, kissable lips and very kind because he accepted the gift that I handed to him. Seunghoon, height, rosy cheeks and swag. Namtae, pretty face and kind, I will never forget the look in his eyes while he was looking at me when I struggle to give him my gift that he didnt able to get. Jinwoo is very kind you can see in his face and he has a beautiful eyes.

  • Mino, very handsome and has very nice skin. KSY, fairest of them all. Hoonie, tallest. Namtae, pretty face. Jinwoo, kindest
  • Hoonie!!! He’s super different in person! I swear!

  • All of them are goodlooking as in! But for me NamSong, its my bias XD oh but Seunghoon is good looking. If he looks good in pictures he is more handsome in person. Super,

  • Promise. You wouldnt expect Hoonie to be that handsome in person.

  • Oh my god. PH Aces are in mess who’s the most handsome hahahahaha! XD I never thought that Seunghoon will be so handsome!

  • EVERYONE IS HANDSOME! Jinwoo stands out. But if you look at Seunghoon, wtf so handsome! He dances so hot. They are all visuals in person huhuhu
  • You all know Im a Mino biased but… but… for me Its Hoonie. He surprised me! Instead of screaming for MINO (even though he is so handsome and looks manly and his tan that suits him and adds to his sex appeal…) I was screaming for HOON… when he looks at you, I dont know anymore! lol… and then KSY waahhh when he smiles and he is like smirking it makes you faint! Taehyun gives the GD aura for me. Handsome but you know he is a diva! Hahaha. and JINWOO.. bow down… I want to have his eyes, its beautiful and so innocent hihi! :) cute cutee

These people are so lucky to saw them and yes I think we have the ultimate bias wrecker. Translated by me.



Chamz and Snow totally making out in the goddam middle of main street

Neal jr. watching them awkwardly from the troller


and Emma like ‘uh does she do that… often ?’

Anna 'don’t worry, that’s normal’

and Regina laughing and walking away from all of this wondering what kind of crazy town she ended up mayor of