wtf i dont even make out

also jw but why didn’t they bother showing us the scene where keith tells everyone he’s galra??? thats kind of an important moment???? wtf?? like. we don’t even rly get to see shiro’s reaction, and he was There. what did coran do??? it didn’t look like coran was avoiding keith like allura was but was he at all upset?? we dont know!! what did lance do??? did he make a sarcastic comment like “oh great now i bet he thinks he’s better than me bc he’s part alien” ??? was pidge all excited and geeking out abt the genetics and what this could mean abt keiths abilities and Science??? i bet hunk just said “but u arent purple?” and asked if he was gonna sprout big fluffy ears. and then that made lance laugh. and then pidge said that if he didnt have fluffy ears by now he probably never would. and then shiro was like guys this isn’t rly the most important thing to be discussing rn. but yes pidge i agree i think if he was gonna have galra ears he’d have them by now. where is this quality content???? dark dreamworks show me the forbidden alien content

  • what she says: im fine :-)
  • what she means: how dARE they put johnny depp as gellert grindelwald. how FUCKINGN DARE TJEM. he's a lying abusive dick who beat his wife multiple times and then scared her to death and discredited her for trying to speak out??? HE SHOULDN'T HAVE A FRICCKING CAREER ANYMORE??? WTF?? -not to mention that he's not even that good, like i dont even like him as an actor anymore but that's just my opinion whatever- BUT SHIT SERIOUSLY??? like grindeldore is my otp. i love grindelwald as a character- i see him as reckless and utilitarian but not purely evil, I think he's such an intense and interesting character and not at all the usual villain- i think the new movies were SUCH AN OPPORTUNITY FOR THEM TO MAKE HIM LOOK AND FEEL intense and interesting BUT theY ended up choOSING THAT GANGSTER-LIKE PIECE OF CRAP????? WHY?? i feel personally hurt. jo fucking rowling i don't trust you anymore. istg this is the last time you fuck with me. yall david yates and whoever tf idk don't know shit about harry potter. i dont even want to see these movies what am i doing why am i wasting my money
Bts as things I've said when I'm high af

Jin: *looks at self through mirror* fuck, I’m gorgeous. Tell me I’m mothafuckin gorgeous rn before I throw a tantrum.

Yoongi: you guys dare me to go to sleep for 8 days straight? That’s so wild but ill fucking do it.

Namjoon: we’re called human beans. We know what a bean and a man is but wtf is a hu???

Hoseok: omg youre my best friend I would never try to flirt with you. *flirts with them 5 seconds later*

Jimin: *knocks over lamp which makes the lights turn off* *almost in tears* iM SOrrY IT’S NOT YOUR FAULT.

V: *out of nowhere, in a serious voice* yeah, the cows….. they dont care about their gender… why should we?

Jungkook: *texts v at 2 pm* even though I don’t know how to play football i feel like I can beat shakira in any football game.

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I'm being completely honest that anon doesn't even know what they're talking about because you have really nice features and I would absolutely love to be able to get my wing liner right youre gorgeous tbh

Awe thank you! Yea i dont like doing huge eyeliner on me bc i dont like to stand out and they dont know wtf theyre talking about because youre not supposed to bring the eyeliner all the way to the corner of your eye bc it makes your eyes look super fuckin small 😂 ive been laughing for like two hours. I love you

okay okay so there’s like a bunch of different forms of lightsaber combat right

like super aggressive shit and then like defense-only mode right

but i think there’s one missing

if i existed in the star wars universe i would devote my life to perfecting a form of combat where you fight your opponent normally for a while

like whatever style you prefer do that until your opponent is really into it, really feeling that battle flow u know

and then

concentrate all your sick force powers into destroying the fuck out of their lightsaber

crush it, hit it with your lightsaber, spit, whatever, just make sure that motherfucker powers down

then in that moment of ‘wtf’ your opponent has

GRAB that fuckjng hunk of metal and just

whoop the shit out of them

dont even use the force just whack ‘em right in the skull

anyway in conclusion idk why there aren’t way more bullshit fighting tactics

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Wtf how has your school so many different things to choose from My school only has general P. E., I'd literally kill to do dance.

((DANCE IS SO MUCH FUN but a lot of the students in my Dance II class dont put effort in it or even energy.

like cmon girls. we got a show LITERALLY NEXT WEEK. Dont  make the only dude in the class be the only one having the spotlight like lol I know I look fabulous but cmon))

ok sometimes, and it’s happening way too often nowadays, i’ll be reading happily along but Suddenly one phrase or sentence will become indescipherable to me?? like i can read the words, i can vaguely understand them, but for some reason, i just keep reading it over and over cuz i dont feel like i am understanding them completely??

this even happens to me with pictures too, like, i look at something and scroll past, then scroll back and stare and squint at a picture trying to figure it out

and it gets so bad it makes me legit anxious


wtf tf…

Well I just found out this was a thing and felt a need to share it with @sixpenceee

In Tonopah, Nevada, there’s such thing as the Clown Motel. The office is FULL of clown merchandise and each hotel room has a clown on the door as well as any kind of clown merchandise they can put in a room. The one thing that makes this place creepier than it is is the motel shares a lot with a cemetery full of miners who died of a plague. I’m not kidding. No one really knows the backstory of this motel and why it has such an odd theme. 

Here’s how I found out about this one thing you’d only find in the US:

okay I’m really pissed off now. if you were watching Dan’s liveshow, the last 15-20 minutes, the chat was just filled with “wtf even is your sexuality” and you can tell that he was trying his best to ignore them. I stg anyone who claims to be in the phandom but overthinks everything and twists everything to make it look like Phan is real, once again WE DONT KNOWING THEY ARE DATING OR WHATEVER, they aren’t a proper phan/fan (shh). so you either need to stop, or get out bc I know that is isn’t just me that it’s annoying, I know it’s annoying quite a few member in the phandom. okay I’m out. peace

I’m sorry that was cringe