wtf hetalia fanfiction

Okay. Dude. Not cool.

I’m not the person who wrote that review, but I am one of the several people co-admin the WTF Hetalia Fanfiction group. 

I read over the review after the other admin made it, just to check it over grammar-wise and I AGREED with every word. I’m sorry, but WOW. The fact that you sent all your followers over to bash a blog just shows the ultimate lack of maturity from you, sweetheart. 

Then again, I am on the internet. What can I expect?

I suppose the fact that I find the most hilarious is that you got SO offended that you RAGEQUIT your story by a bit of criticism over the net by someone who you don’t even know! Instead of looking over your mistakes with a tongue in cheek, you gave up.

You wanna quit because of something that trivial? Good. Quit. The writing world really doesn’t need authors that quit over a bit of cynical criticism. The blog took time and energy to point out your flaws, which, to be fair, ARE REALLY BAD FLAWS THAT COULD BE REWRITTEN. 

I have been criticized and HARSHLY. And guess what? It made me a better author.

Why? Because, unlike you, I didn’t ragequit. I followed the criticism given to me and IMPROVED. I didn’t send my followers to TELL SOMEONE TO DIE.

You put your fanfic out into the public. That AUTOMATICALLY gives this blog, and ANY OTHER BLOG OUT THERE to criticise it. 

Get this into your head:

You are not the best author in the world.

Your fanfic had serious flaws. It wasn’t the worst, but, BY GOD, it certainly was not the best.

You have space to improve in.

And you have just show the internet how FUCKING immature you are. Good job! No, really! Well done! You sent a bunch of people to go tell someone who put in time and effort to critique your work and point out its flaws (bear in mind the critic said NOTHING ABOUT YOU AS A PERSON. Just how bad your writing was) to die.

Well done.