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The Lightning Prince ٩(๑❛ᴗ❛๑)۶  the last chapter totally didn’t make me cry

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1/2 You've heard off white haired Keith. Now get ready for... Keith freaking out bc there's no hair dye in space. His hair doesn't just jump to white. Every time he washes it, it gets a shade lighter. At first no one notices and Lance makes fun of him for always having greasy hair. Oh, and he tries to get it back to normal by staining it with berries/other things they find on missions. Nothing works and he's surprised the team by walking in with purple hair. "Allergies."

“2/2 Eventually his hair turns ashy gray and the whole team is like “wtf you’re getting gray hairs?” And Keith claims it’s a genetic thing. But it just keeeeps getting lighter and Keith is running out of excuses.”

this is all i could think about ever since reading this,,

a paradox
  • *a new tsc book releases*
  • me: *buys it*
  • me: cassandra clare ended my money
  • me: *reads it*
  • me: cassandra clare ended my life also
  • *a new tsc book releases*