wtf else do i even tag this with


  • will say i will do things but then i wont ??
  • makes puns all the time. theyre not even good puns. lord knows ill laugh as if theyre good puns tho
  • sends u dumb memes 24/7 
  • replies to everything with “good” “yes” “me” “same” lmao same” or some variant
  • is literally so fucking extra and loud and dramatic as heck 
  • hopeless romantic smh
  • will send u poetry that reminds me of u 
  • projects in all my muses 180% 
  • sings duets by myself bc we die like sharpay-ens ok 
  • did i mention IM REALLY !!! FUCKING !! EXCITABLE !!! AND LOUD !!!!!!
  • danis the name, self-deprecation is the game

So I was tagged by to do the bias tag by jisooshoe while todanhowell & acrylicduckie to do the 20 beautiful people tag so I decided to combine them together because I’m lazy oops.

I tag (You can do either or you can do both lmao idk what this even is):

phanbeans || danscrotch || dropthebones || avidhowell || sarcasticphan || callmeshinsenpai || blossomphan || dogedan || ohphil || lesterotic || hcwell || yeezydan || flannelhowell || constipatedhowell || thorlester || kokorofranta || nerdphan || hester-lowell || dankmemeshowell || & anyone else who wants to do this

P.S: You don’t have to do this if you don’t want to~