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deh cell phone/social media headcanons (?)

ok so I like rarely post on this blog but I couldn’t stop thinking about like what they’d all be like using their phones and stuff?? idk im tired this is gonna be shitty but less go


  • ok but he would def have an ifunny and have like 1834384 followers (or whatever idk how it works but he’d be popular ya know)
  • and like brag about it  constantly
  • like “guys I’m like,,, ,, kind of famous not to brag”
  • (but he would be bragging)
  • (110%)
  • ok hear me out,, but he would SO be one of those people who have an android phone and believe that apple products are Spawned From Satan™
  • like if anyone would be like “haha lol why do u have that crappy phone” he would launch into a fULL ON RANT about how much apple sucks and all the cool stuff on his phone and how much better it is
  • he would probs have a meme account on insta too tbh
  • he would have a voicemail that goes “hello?” and trick the person to start talking ya know
  • and like ten seconds in he would be like “SiKe i’m not here rn hahAAA leave a message”
  • he would text in all lowercase for sURE
  • lots of crytyping and excessive commas obvi
  • uh he would have the highest snapscore (or whatever it’ ever it’s called)
  • his story would always be sooo long 
  • all just vids of his day and people doing funny things
  • he would have 23859320495803 snapchat memories ok
  • he would just be v funny idk i love him


  • connor frekaing murphy okay
  • just hear me out pls
  • ,he would probably have a tumblr that’s like surprisingly aesthetic?
  • (idk how to word that but you now what i’m trying to say)
  • but it would be a Major Secret™ like if someone asked him he would be like “lol tumblr who is that”
  • his screen on his phone would always be shattered
  • he wouldn’t really care tho tbh
  • his insta would probably be like empty except for one picture he posted when he was really young
  • but after he meets evan he posts a lot more
  • like really really random candids that most people would just delete
  • that would be his entire account okay
  • (also pictures of evan being Cute)
  • he would most likely always have the second newest iphone
  • like when everyone had an iphone 7 he would have a 6 know what i mean
  • ok but 
  • cmon
  • he would DEF take so many selfies
  • and like keep them in his my eyes only on snapchat
  • he would never post them anywhere but one day he decided to post one on insta and everyone was s h o o k 
  • and freaked out
  • im talking like 200 comments
  • anyway
  • I just don’t picture him using snapchat that much
  • i think he would like have a streak with evan and maybe like a 3 day one with jared every once in a while but other than that nothin
  • his voicemail would be like “u can leave a message but ill probably not listen to it so just text me instead bye”
  • yeah that’s connor


  • zoe i love her omg
  • ok 
  • so she would have an insta and it would have The Best Theme Ever™
  • it would be v pastel i feel
  • and there would be a lot of pictures of flowers
  • and of alana
  • obvi
  • she would also post vids of her like playing the guitar and other instruments and they would be so good and get like so many likes
  • her bio would be something really deep but in french?
  • like she would probably go on google translate and type in a cool quote and just copy and paste it into her bio tbh 
  • but it would be so cute and cool
  • she would have a rose gold iphone
  • no matter what
  • it would always be the newest kind
  • and she would like n e v e r wear a case on her phone 
  • (except for those clear ones, in which case she would like draw on them or put stickers on)
  • but her phone would never crack or get scratched
  • ever
  • and everyone would be like “????? how???”
  • she would DEF have a tumblr
  • she would have a personal blog and then an aesthetic one and like 39483 extra sideblogs
  • her voicemail would be the typical “hey, it’s zoe! can’t get to the phone right now, pls leave a message!”
  • she would have had it as one like jared’s before but it probably somehow screwed her over
  • so she changed it
  • she would text in all caps a lot i feel
  • i just love her?? ok??


  • guys.
  • GUYS
  • i have so many for this girl
  • she would have a tumblr too
  • and she would follow every single one of zoe’s blogs
  • she would SO have a studyblr okay
  • like she would for sure have a bullet journal 
  • and have such pretty and high quality pens and highlighters
  • it would be everyone’s goals
  • her insta probably doesn’t have a theme tho
  • I feel like she wouldn’t post often?? ?
  • but when she would it would either be a long political thing or just a cute pic of zoe
  • she would have like mostly perfect grammar when she texts
  • except she would just use like SO MANY question marks
  • not like?? this??
  • but it would be like Wow?????????
  • like that
  • that made no sense
  • ok moving on
  • her voicemail. her voicemail
  • would be so extra okay
  • like she would have definetly (that’s not how u spell that ok) have found a way to make it so u have to press the numbers when u call her
  • like “for work calls, press 1. for family calls, press 2. zoe murphy, press 3.” that type thing
  • and she would have SO MANY different categories for everyone
  • people would get annoyed with it and give passive agressive messages sometimes but she wouldn’t care reallu
  • she loves her organized voicemail
  • she would def save her own money to buy her phone
  • but she would like mostly buy the iphone 6
  • idk why
  • she just would
  • SHE WOULD HAVE A SNAPCHAT STREAK WITH EVERYONE. dont fight me on this i know it
  • i love alana too 


  • okay okay okay guys
  • i saved the best for last
  • i like,,,, love evan so much ok
  • what a little bean
  • anyways
  • so first of all 
  • he would probably have the iphone 5s
  • and it would run out of battery in about .2 seconds
  • he wouldn’t really care but he feels bad missing his mom’s calls so he’s always asking for a car charger 
  • his background would be of trees on his lock screen (obvi okay)
  • but his homescreen would be a pic of connor 
  • 4 sure
  • of course
  • and once they’re like “official” his lockscreen would be a pic of them
  • just bein cute
  • aw 
  • ok this is for a different time but id like to mention that i feel like he would have a dog?
  • moving on
  • his voicemail would probably be the standard “your call has been transfered to an automated voice messaging system. blah blah blah.”
  • but jared would be like “dude. u gotta change that.”
  • so after like 203857 tries he finally just goes
  • “hithisisevanimnothererightnowpleaseleaveamessage”
  • (connor would think it’s adorable btw)
  • his instagram would be adorable
  • he would probably post every two seconds
  • he would post a lot of pics of trees
  • but when becomes closer with alana and zoe and connor he starts posting pics of all them together and like cute blurry selfies
  • his bio would be like “HI, this is evan! Here are my pictures.”
  • he would have a snap but not post on it much
  • like maybe every once in a while
  • but he would of course have a streak with connor
  • (probably alana too tbh)
  • oh i forgot to mention this but he would be terrified to crack his phone
  • he would have a big clunky case 
  • (like an off brand otter box but worse)
  • he would text with perfect grammar
  • it would be so cute
  • like “Hello, how are you?”
  • aaaaa
  • but when he would get really anxious he would pull up like one of those soothing sounds apps
  • and put use the apple headphones that you get with the phone in
  • (he would still have those and never loose them btw)
  • and he’d just try to breathe and listen
  • i love this boy so much. so so much. yeah. 

wow this was longer than i expected lol hope u enjoyed that crappy headcanon!

(ps i ended up actually making the pets headcanon so if u wanna see it lmk and i can post it lol)

Literally y'all. As a trans person I’m pissed about people in the house using transphobic slurs but I ALSO don’t want to have to read the slur 70 TIMES in the tag. Even if you’re calling someone out for using a slur, repeating the slur to do so is STILL BAD. Y'all don’t get a free pass to repeat transphobic language just because you’re quoting someone wtf????

Y'all. Its like, white people… don’t say the n word. Even if it’s in the lyrics of a song.

Just because you’re parroting someone else using a slur doesn’t mean it’s suddenly not a slur.

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okay so I understand that the line about how "if it doesn't have a price tag it must be free" is annoying but funny story, one time I was at a thrift shop (I was like 13)and a pair of sunglasses didn't have a price tag and I actually got them for free, cause the workers didn't know wtf else to do with them. So yeah

Haha that’s awesome! But everyone else: you’re still banned from saying it. This is the only time in the history of ever that this will ever happen so don’t even try it

Silver, Part II

Now with 100% more Rachel!

Words: 3,887
Part I Part III

Lanyon took in Utterson’s wine-flushed face and tipsy balance and folded his arms.

“I see your meeting with Jekyll went well,” he remarked.

“It was a very fine Claret,” Utterson mumbled, flushing redder than the copious amounts of wine he had imbibed.

“He certainly has a handle on your weaknesses,” said Lanyon. “I swear, sometimes it concerns me how the world would fare if that man ever did go bad. Did you at least manage to wring something out of him before he set you afloat?”

“Only more excuses,” said Utterson. “I dislike this, Lanyon. I dislike doing this. We oughtn’t talk about him behind his—hic—back like this. We oughtn’t be scheming.”

“He’s left us no other options,” said Lanyon. “It was bad enough when there was nothing pressing going on. Now the Society’s lost its funding, and it’s up in flames, and the whole city’s primed to rout us from our houses and homes thanks to that horrific travesty of a play—I just don’t know, Gabriel. I just don’t know what’s gotten into him! Did you know he told me he would die for his science? He said so, in those exact words! It’s not healthy, I’m telling you. It’s unnatural!”

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Why I sketch so much

I’m gonna be honest with you guys.  The reason - the main reason- why I take requests and do/post so many sketches is because I am incredibly lacking with my work.  

This is not a - I hate my work - thing.  It’s really not.  Its more of a “Eh, could be better, just because you know what,  it CAN” 

So doing quick requests/sketches helps me get out of the mind set of “This must be perfect”,  “This is not art unless I line it and color it”.  Basically, my addled brain to not overthink things.  I have found this to be extremely helpful and I wish it was a policy I had taken on years ago when fear of not doing “perfect” pretty much shut me down for years at a time.  

I know that a lot of people enjoy it when artists post sketches.  While others don’t.  I’ll admit that I have been pretty bad about tagging my sketches for those who wish to blacklist them.  I will make a better effort regarding that from now on. 

So my point is … do I have a point? … let’s pretend I do, ok?.  My point IS that all those sketches you see me posting in between finished pieces?  They all help. Even the meme/silly ones.   They count.  They really do.

Art is not about the ONE piece that is going to make everyone else go OOOHH, or AHHHH, or WTF, or gobble gobble.   Its an accumulation of experiences and emotions.  It can be a way to vent or, a way to enjoy yourself.  Heck, it could be a safe way to discover your inner you. Your kinks.  Your interests.  

I know that doing art can feel like constantly hitting a wall of “I can’t do this” but sketching, is allowing yourself to chip away at it without feeling like a failure because the wall didn’t crumble right away.  It will crumble.  You will overcome it.  But you have to give yourself the time, and the flexibility to understand your own style.   The way you work. 

So I keep sketching.  Chipping away at that wall.  I don’t hold any illusions that I will do something great, but everyday I see a little more sunshine coming through.

!! i was tagged by @minkibread who is super cute wth??? it was “post a moodboard of your wanna one bias” and the one w/ your bias not in wanna one buttttt,,,i’m too lazy rn lol

and how do people make moodboard uhm

anyways!! bless snow for blurring my skin LOL (their filters are !! so cute!!) and make sure to tag me so i can see your beautiful faces!! so i can spam u and hype you up bc i bet u guys are all beautiful!! even if we aren’t mutuals, hmu so we can be friends!

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🍴 Muhren can cook and did a little lunch for Blakk and him, so they can discuss about themself between work's schedule (he know pretty much nothing about him after all)

Omg yes! This is perfect. I was JUST thinking of sending a bunch of questions to find out more about Muh!!

This is Blakk’s first real get-to-know-you lunch. *__*

» reaction meme

This was Blakk’s first time meeting someone for lunch.  He was worried about being late, so he wrapped up his training extra early, changed, and snagged some extra nutrient bars just in case Muhren hadn’t had a chance to get anything for himself between their demanding work schedules.

When he arrived at the lounge, Muh was already there, unpacking a couple of small boxes upon the table.  Blakk stared in confusion for a moment, before realizing that this was his lunch.

Frak.  Was Blakk supposed to have brought something different?  Was he supposed to have made something?  Dammit.  Frakking hells.  Blakk glanced around in panic for a brief moment, until Muh’s gaze caught his eye, and he quickly schooled his face into something more appropriate and shoved the ration bars into his back pocket.

“I’m here!” Blakk said, completely unnecessarily. He mentally kicked himself and added, “How was your training?” before realizing that he had no idea if Muh had even had training that morning.  Quickly, he sat down at the table and tried to pretend he had a clue what he was doing.

(WTF I’m on mobile and I can’t add tags, this is killing meeee. Blakk is not used to normal social interactions. XD)

I made this kind of for my sister, based off of this bo burnham vine 

For those who maybe don’t get it, it’s Light Yagami(anime) punching Light Turner (american adaption) and writing his name in the death note. 
Would it eff up the timeline to kill an alternate universe self?
because wtf netflix

“I wanna be taken seriously as an artist” i say, proceeding to do shit like this.

Looking For Alaska Fancast

ok so it took me rlly long to do this because i wanted to get everyone absolutely perfect!! so here it is! my fancast for lfa!!!

someone @ john green (even tho i know he doesnt cast movies it would still be fun for him to see)

Timothee Chalamet as Pudge aka Miles Halter

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Noah Gray Cabey as The Colonel aka Chip Martin

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Me as Alaska Young lol

Inmy Waterhouse as Lara Buterskaya 💕💕

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Ryan Potter as Takumi Hikohito

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god this took forever. tumblr kept kicking me out :(( but anyways…i also have a part two! to be continued!


are we assuming this is grisha?? because he actually reminds me of a older slightly less psychotic version of eren..

tbh this whole chapter to me assuming it was grisha was him opposing whatever was going on outside and the people who created the walls where ever they are? guess we won’t know until the translated chapter comes out though, but honestly every new chapter of this manga fucks me up emotionally like it’s gone above and beyond what i expected at this point, snk was fucked up to begin with, like at the very start but add the titan trio, zeke, the government shit, holes in walls, death of so many loving characters *cry bc erwin, petra, marco*, betrayal, eating people and stuff then the new reveal like what else can you do isayama…

i don’t even know what to expect next tbh and i’m a little scared for the next couple of months

“shit i say” tag

hey friends! i decided to start a new tag game because i’m tag trash i think it’d be really interesting to get to know people better in this way! (and, i mean, someone’s got to start tag games, right?) this tag is called the “shit i say” tag!

(i also threw in a no-makeup selfie of myself because i figured, if i’m going to show these parts of me, might as well show the purest most bare version of me along with it. the selfie isn’t necessary to the tag if you decide to do it though!)

tagged by: no one bc i started this tag lol

rules: quote yourself, anything at all that you’ve said/written! these quotes can be screenshots from facebook/tumblr/messenger/skype/texts/notes/etc. or even just written out quotes of things you’ve said irl! anything goes! oh, and have fun! c:

shit i’ve said:
*context for the post that mentions french woods: french woods was an arts camp in new york that i went to, and the rock shop is what campers call the rock n’ roll center. what occurs there is typically people form bands and play whatever genre of music they wish to play, people learn how to play instruments, people learn how to write songs, etc. what i did there was be a part of seven different bands, teach two beginner guitar classes, organize two acoustic music festivals, take a course in music mixing and recording, take a course in electronic music production, and take songwriting lessons. that’s why i spent 6+ hours a day everyday there lol.

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Supernatural might be the worst Destiel story I’ve ever read.  #tag your Dean/OC, dammit! #wtf Cas is so OOC in this chapter? #major character death?! #hello, trigger warning next time? #sam is such a neglected character in this story #i know it’s labeled slow burn but this is ridiculous #what do you mean rating ‘teen audiences and up’? how did i even end up opening this document? #WIP? #unrequited subtextual pining??  #robots??


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It’s still bothering me...

For my fellow OQ ship mates who do not know, two days ago a post was made and placed in the SQ tag by a CSer who stated that a 1 year old wore a shirt that had a swan with a crown on it’s head and she had to try really hard not to harbor bad feelings for this child. 

As a human being and a mother (a mother who bought my own child a similar shirt) I can not tell you the fury that came over me when I saw this post. This is unacceptable, from any person, I don’t care what you ship. An adult….an adult who works with children no less, actually admitted she had ill feelings toward a 1 year old child because that child happens to be wearing a shirt of a ship she doesn’t fucking ship? There were people who liked this post. How? I want to know how? First of all what kind of person do you have to be to harbor ill feelings toward a child because of a fucking shirt? And then I ask whatever made you think it was a good idea to post it? Then to go even further who in the fuck would actually like this post? This had gone to far.

You know… I am really proud of the OQ fandom for the most part. Sure we have assholes but I have seen overwhelming support come out of the OQ fandom towards our friends in Swen. We’ve called out people from our own fandom, we’ve unfollowed, and we’ve blocked. I want to encourage each of you to continue doing so and if you haven’t I encourage you to start. This isn’t about what you ship, it is about being a decent human being. 

For the CSers who will read this post, I know some of you may be young and want to please people in your fandom. You may be afraid of people unfollowing you for speaking up or sending you anon hate, but I have to ask do you really want someone like the person I have mentioned above following you anyway? Are posts like the one I saw two days ago…the post that kept me awake thinking that could have been my kid…what you really want your fandom to be known for? Is this what you want people to think of when they think of you? 

Can we all just step back from ships for a moment and consider that there are human beings on the other side of this? There are children being discriminated against because their parent put them in a fucking shirt…and whats more this mom probably doesn’t even watch Once. The entire world doesn’t revolve around a TV show or your favorite ship. She probably saw this shirt at a store and bought it because it was cute. She likely wasn’t making any statements about shipping preferences. (Even if she had been this is still completely unacceptable behavior.) She bought a fucking shirt for her little girl and the person who is supposed to be caring for that child states she had to try to have no bias against this kid. Really? You had to try? WTF is wrong with this fandom?

I’m angry and I just keep thinking about this little baby. Make no mistake folks, if you don’t stand up to the kind of people who say these deplorable things you are part of the problem. Whether or not you said them…or even if you disagree with them makes no difference if you don’t stand up for what is right. Do you know what I do when I see someone say something like this person said? I block them. And so should everyone else in this fandom. No exceptions.