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Let’s Talk About Dio’s Smile

Even though Dio Brando is a scheming, disgusting, literal pile of garbage asshole, I can’t help but love Dio’s smile. It’s like an angel peeking through the clouds of heaven and whenever it sees you it blasts rays of holy light into your corneas

Like even in part one, Dio’s smile was precious and I wanted him to smile more often

Not to mention how in Part Three, Dio was smiling like a fucking madman throughout the entire Jotaro fight and I wanted Dio to win just because he was having such a good time and looked great doing it

And it’s not even just Dio, Giorno who is related to this bitch has a great smile too and I really wish he would smile more often because it’s too cute

And even in a completely alternate universe, Dio can still pull off the holy smile but has to be a total shitbag, god damn it araki

why did this guy have to be such a dick, I wanted to look at his beautifully diabolic grin instead of that shitty idle face he always puts on, damn it

araki just make another dio but their stand ability is to smile throughout the entire part, i would love the shit out of that

okay but what I wanna know is why are they yellow??

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“I never run voluntarily so if you see me running, you should probably run too because something must be coming.” With Wally? (Girl s/o please)

Author: Mod Harley

A/N: I wrote this with Young Justice Wally in mind but im pretty sure it can apply to any version of him so  ¯\_()_/¯

The chip was approximately 5 centimeters away from his mouth when he heard the shrill sound of his name being screamed. Though it was dampened by the walls of the house, the disturbance was startling enough not only for him to drop the chip, but also for him to let out a small scream of his own, which he very strongly hoped no one but himself had heard.

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Profile Questions

➥ What is your character’s full name?  Charlemont Mercaiges.  He does have another, though…

➥ Do they have any brothers or sisters?  He has one sister, named Magalie, AKA Mags.  He often refers to her as The Velvet Moon.  Or simply “sister”.

➥ What kind of eyes do they have?  Golden.  Darker ochre toward his pupils and at the outer ring of his irises, barely hinting on a burnished forest green, but a brilliant, rich, bright gold between.

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The topic of Hux x Phasma + ball/gala/reception came up, and it was irresistible. I did run into several snags, though, such as “WTF does an imperial dress uniform even look like” and “where do I even begin with a Stormtrooper officer.”

Anyway, the evening ends with Hux getting wrecked. That’s just how this ship flies.

Am I Your Fire, Your One Desire [fic]

a/n: hey, guys! This is a fic dedicated to @iwillove for Christmas, even though I’m super late with it. Hope you like it, Isabella. The title is from I Want It That Way by Backstreet Boys. 

I also wanna thank @zoenightstars @bellamyisinlovewithclarke and @gypsytrickz for reading through it for me because I was really apprehensive about this one. I also wanna say that it’s not medically correct lol sorry


Tell me why

Ain’t nothin’ but a heartache

Tell me why

Ain’t nothin’ but a mistake

Tell me why

I never wanna hear you—

Annabeth ripped the radio’s cord out of the socket and tossed it against the opposite wall, watching through blurry eyes as it shattered into several pieces. The music stopped abruptly, and her chest was heaving with breath as she tried to make her heartbeat slow down. She felt like she was going to be sick. She felt like—

She gripped the sink counter until her hands started sweating and her arms started shaking.

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Imagine Person A of your OTP goes over to Person B’s home after staying up all night. Even though they do their best to stay awake, they end up falling asleep while cuddling Person B. Person A is quite embarrassed (and half-asleep) when they wake up, but Person B doesn’t mind.

BTS Reaction to you doodling on your homework rather than doing it

Submitted by anon ( i feel u too dude LOL u should see my notes oops qq )


“Ah, you’re doodling me right? You really should focus on your work though, jagi…”

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He would try to look at you with a serious face, but fail, “Just do your homework so you can doodle all you want.”

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He would comment from time to time about your doodles before telling you to finish your homework. “Those are really nice- ah, jagi! Finish your homework!”

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Rap Monster:

He would look at you blankly while attempting to conceal a smile. “Stay focused, your work will be beneficial in the future!”

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When Jimin catches you doodling he would doodle along with you- trying to draw cuter and better images. “I’m an artist too, Y/N!”

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Taehyung watches you doodle from the corner of his eye and just admires how into it you look before catching himself and continuing his own work.

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He lets out a few chuckles before blankly looking down on his own paper, “Dude, same.”

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1) I drew a grossed-out Burgerpants. It escalated. What did they see? We’ll never know… (Slowly figuring out how the fuck I wanna draw Sans- Toriel and family are still a work in progress, though….)

2) can we talk about a Mettaton who is a gooey lovestruck mess of a puddle because that’s my jam (also how does one do noodly arms how do I make them work especially when clothes are involved this is seriously hard wtf)

3)  some kids having… fun? but cookies, definitely

4) other stuff that has possibly more effort in it even if it’s messy as hell


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Icon Commissions

Well, I gotta start somewhere… so I’m opening up commissions for the first time starting with some small stuff!

I will do icons that look something like this:

Flat colour: £5 / $7.80

With shading: £7 / $10.90

Some notes:
- I am most comfortable with Pokemon stuff, though since these are just icons I can probably do other general furry/stylised characters too.
- I can only do PayPal.
- Resolution will probably be 800x800px.
- If for some reason you really want a full body pic, just lemme know and we can maybe work something out. No promises for now though!

Send me an ask if interested! Or if not, reblogs would be greatly appreciated, as would any feedback you may have, as this is my first time ‘officially’ opening commissions ;v;

Thank you for reading my hopeless cry for business :’D


so i was tagged by fabulous and gorgeous @godrixhollow to post a few selfies from 2015, and it turns out that i very rarely take selfies. whenever i do i tend to post them here, so i don’t really have any that ya’ll haven’t already seen. i managed to take a couple new ones today though c’: 

i feel like everyone has been tagged to do this already? so i’m not directly tagging anyone, but feel free to do this if you wanna!

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Who do you think has the best butt in the world?

omg i can’t choose just one

there’s a reason i use the tag #captain booty

need i say more

jensen ackles wtf do u think you’re doing

remember when everyone was arguing about whose butt this was? i always thought it was jensen and even though it ended up not being jensen i don’t care that is a fab butt

jeremy renner of course

i’m just putting this in here because it’s one of my favourite shots from catws honestly

but basically everyone in the mcu has a fabulous butt there is no choosing just one