wtf do i tag this as even lol

i was tagged by @zaynsbambieyes, @rindaanah and @verseziam to do this challenge (?) thanks babes 

Rules: tag 20 blogs you’d like to get to know better

Nickname: iuli (erm iuliana is my name actually), iulici, lulu
Zodiac sign: scorpio
Height: 5′4/5′5 (167cm) 
Last Thing You Googled: the word flatline lol thx erika 
Favourite music artist: zayn, kalin white, kehlani, abel (and liam but fucking release it already man)
Song stuck in my head: still got time or that you don’t know me song ugh 
Last Movie you watched: oh jesus… who even knows, uhm brick mansions? 
What are you wearing right now: pajama pants, white shirt and a hoodie lol 
What do you post: 97.5% zayn
Why did you choose your URL: helloooo??? best song on mom?? also my fave’s other name which means generous/open-handed/hearted
Do you have any other blogs: my personal and like 100 saved urls that i’m never going to use bc this one is just iconic
What Did Your Last Relationship Teach You: no
Religious Or Spiritual: um religious probably?
Favourite Colour: blue
Average Hours Of Sleep: during the week 6 hours and 9/10 in the weekends rip
Lucky Number: i don’t have one
Favorite characters: dean winchester, hank voight, mickey milkovich, michaela pratt, taystee on oitnb, negan on twd, neal caffrey
How Many Blankets Do you Sleep With: one
Dream Job: prosecutor

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Just so you know

The ballroom dance/gay scene from BATB 2017 has been uploaded on Instagram, when you search the tag #lefou it comes up. This is either a warning for those who don’t want to see it (idk if they are even allowed to put it on there but idk), or it’s a smol announcement for people who DO wanna see it. So do with this whatever you want, lol.

anonymous asked:

Have you seen this blog here on tumblr that is tagging ji**ok on tae*ok posts? (Im censuring tae*ok too cause i dont want that person to see it on the tag just in case lol) i'm concerned about that blog:/:( does that person has a mental illness? Wtf is wrong with him/her, with what purposes, bashing us? Or annoy them? I wish there were easy to kick this person out of tumblr:( we don't need more hate than we have and isnt even our fault, ad nothing to do with us but ji*ook stans blame all of us:/

ah yes s**evk***. they’ve actually reblogged one of my posts w/ the j*k**ok tags and i messaged them not to, and they completely ignored me. i wouldn’t go as far as saying they have a mental illness, as that’s quite rude. they’re just a troll and should be ignored. they’re either a j*k**k shipper posing as a t**k**k shipper or vice versa. the j*ko*k shippers who are generalising us shippers just because of that single account are honestly misjudging. just block the user,

  • Me: people are so scary.. I'm not talking to them ever unless I absolutely have to.. all they do is hurt me!
  • Me 5 mins later: *pours my heart out to someone showing them how deeply I care about them & reassuring them I want nothing but the best for them*

Who are all these people?? Oh wait…thats all me lol (that was very lame haha). Through the last 12 months, with an impressive range of hairstyles if I say so myself (thats not even all of them lmao). I got tagged by a bunch of people to do this ‘selfies of 2k15′-thing so yay here it is!

and I tag @shy-retiring-oxford-chaps @jonnygalaxies @rimerto @arcadiaexists @december7th @mildcraze idk most people have done this already I think?