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Please help and support this show by watching is legally on Netflix THIS FRIDAY ONWARDS! I normally hate these types of posts, but for this show, it’s needed. It’s not often we get such a female driven show like this within the anime industry, and compared to the many male driven animes, it’s not even a fraction of how popular it SHOULD be.


Prompt # 151

“What the heck did you just do?!”

“You know, I’m not entirely sure, but I think I might have just summoned a demon?”

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any chance of tododeku? midoriya 6B over adorable todoroki in a1? on other news I ADORE YOUR ART SO MUCH, found your blog today and wow you're amaziiiiing

ok, I changed todoroki’s pose a little bit hope you don’t mind

also, I love my baby deku but WTF is wrong with his hair.. how do you draw/paint that thing? I think I just made a pact with satan just to badly draw his hair here like wtf how many virgins do you have to sacrifice to draw that on a daily basis? I’m scared


hi everyone, this is my bias moodboard!! i’m like 2 or 3 weeks late with this y'all already doing biaswrecker moodboards wtf :/

anyway i was tagged by the lovely @extraongdinary, @minhwangs, @kimjaehwanswife (my sweet angel who helped me with filters and gave me a lot of feedback!) @kimsjaehwan@l-guanlin, @kangniel, @kngniel, @kangdan101@p-arkwoojin, @yjjisung, @ongeuigeon, and @parkji-hoons! all very gorgeous people with very aesthetically pleasing moodboards :-) 

i feel like everyone has done this already so i’m just gonna list people off the top of my head and tag: the @garbage-101 members who haven’t done this yet, @kimdonghyun, @swoojin@yoonjsung@woojinnies, @ongsecngwoo, @woo-jin-young, @daeswhis, @wooseob@kakaotaeks, @jeo-jang, @kingdans, @emperorhwangs, @kangbaeks@park-woojin, @dearlydaehwi, @wannaoneioi, and @produced101

i won’t be doing the other selfie tags so i also tagged people i owe selfies to! i apologize if you’ve already done this and of course you don’t have to do it if you don’t want to :-)

Name something scarier than being flanked while playing support i’ll wait 

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Have you ever written a ship fic of Conan and Orange Juice...?

(fic author never have i ever)


Conan startled awake from his light doze on the sofa when the door opened.

“I’m home!” a familiar voice called out.

He sat up, rubbing blearily at his eyes. “Welcome home, Ran-neechan!”

There was the shuffle of Ran changing into her house slippers. “The supermarket was having a big sale today, so I bought groceries for the next two weeks. Are you feeling better, Conan-kun?”

“Yeah, even though the cold medicine made me a little drowsy.” More than a little, actually – he’d fallen asleep with his glasses smushed awkwardly against his nose, which he was quickly learning to regret – but he wasn’t about to say that out loud. “You should’ve called me, I could have helped you carry the bags home.”

“Ai-chan texted to say that you’d gone home to rest, and I didn’t want to disturb you,” came Ran’s voice from the kitchen. “Besides, I got you a little surprise, for you to get well again soon!”

“Eh? Really?” Conan asked, looking up from dozens of texts from the DB on his handphone…

…into the pleasantly smiling face of his childhood friend, wielding an extra-large carton of orange juice like one of the bokkens Hattori had taught her to use. 

“You’ve gotten six severe colds in as many months, young man,” said Ran even as he felt the cold chill of doom down his spine, “so you’re going to finish every last drop of this or so help me – ”

patsu w h y

The Seven + Nico as YouTubers

This has been done so many times omG but this is my interpretation.


Percy (TheAdventuresOfPercy)


~LOTS OF TRAVELING VLOGs (FunForLouis), getting hurt and then filming blogs at the infirmary (where he finds Nico and Will)

~Some collaborations> 

W/ Annabeth : Girlfriend Tag, Girlfriend Does My Makeup.

W/ jason; BroTag , Pranks 

W/ Nico: scaRY VIDEO GAMES(where he screams super high pitched and nico barely getting scare like)

~ Gf vs Bro (Annabeth vs Jason or Grover)

Jason (ItsJasonGrace)

INTRO: Whats up, Its Jason Grace!

~ GaminG w/ Leo (who adds more levels and stuff) 

~ Lots of videos with Piper


~ Girlfriend vs Best friend (Piper vs Leo)


Leo (AllDaLadiesLuvLeo)

INTRO: Hey hey hey, its AllDaLadiesLuvLeo


~ Lots of complicated experiments which also end up going boom

~ Collabs with Frank (which is strange)

~ Best Friend VS Girlfriend with Calypso vs Jason

Piper (BeautyMcQueen)

Intro; Hey, its Piper McLean, welcome to my channel BeautyMcQueen!

~ SO mANY TAGS WITH JASON (Boyfriend does my makeup etC)

~ Makeup tutorials (especially for halloween)

~ Pranking Percy and Jason w/ Annabeth to get back at them

~ BEst FRIEND VS BOYFRIEND (Leo and Jason)


Annabeth (WiseGirl)

INTRO: Hey everyone! Welcome to my channel!

~ Percy shows up a lot even uninvited which makeS HER MAD AND CALL HIM SEAWEED BRAIN


~Vlogs with Piper

~ Bloopers!


Hazel (ShineLikeADiamond)


~ Trying to get frank to come into the videos to do his makeup

~ SUper cute diy’s with Annabeth

~ Story Time

~ BROTHER DOES MY MAKEUP (I love this like imagine Nico putting on eyeliner perfectly and she’s shocked but he doesn’t know wtf foundation is ‘Is it the one in the black tube? Where does IT GO? Hazel!)

~ Brother Vs Boyfriend (FrANK IS TERRIFIED OF NICO EVERYTIME HE GETS more poinTs than him)

Frank (FranklyFrank)

Intro: Hey, Its Frank here

~ Supercute pet videos 



~ Simple and very child friendly

Nico (DiGhostKing)

Intro: *small wave* Hey 

~Ghost Stories 

~BoyFRIEND TAGS (WILL CALLING HIM DEATHBOY AND SHIP NAME SOLANGELO AND NICO GETTING ANNOYED AW, and sarcastic remarks when answering “nico’s favorite color? hm i wonder? mayBE Its yellow”)

~Piano tutorials



it’s 5 am and i was sitting in my bed, in the dark and i suddenly heard “wooOOOO MOVE STUPID LIKE IT’S YOUR BIRTHDAY" coming from somewhere outside my room
it scared the hell out of me and i thought i was hallucinating and i was like
then i realised it was just my mom’s alarm and i started jamming to it

Why I sketch so much

I’m gonna be honest with you guys.  The reason - the main reason- why I take requests and do/post so many sketches is because I am incredibly lacking with my work.  

This is not a - I hate my work - thing.  It’s really not.  Its more of a “Eh, could be better, just because you know what,  it CAN” 

So doing quick requests/sketches helps me get out of the mind set of “This must be perfect”,  “This is not art unless I line it and color it”.  Basically, my addled brain to not overthink things.  I have found this to be extremely helpful and I wish it was a policy I had taken on years ago when fear of not doing “perfect” pretty much shut me down for years at a time.  

I know that a lot of people enjoy it when artists post sketches.  While others don’t.  I’ll admit that I have been pretty bad about tagging my sketches for those who wish to blacklist them.  I will make a better effort regarding that from now on. 

So my point is … do I have a point? … let’s pretend I do, ok?.  My point IS that all those sketches you see me posting in between finished pieces?  They all help. Even the meme/silly ones.   They count.  They really do.

Art is not about the ONE piece that is going to make everyone else go OOOHH, or AHHHH, or WTF, or gobble gobble.   Its an accumulation of experiences and emotions.  It can be a way to vent or, a way to enjoy yourself.  Heck, it could be a safe way to discover your inner you. Your kinks.  Your interests.  

I know that doing art can feel like constantly hitting a wall of “I can’t do this” but sketching, is allowing yourself to chip away at it without feeling like a failure because the wall didn’t crumble right away.  It will crumble.  You will overcome it.  But you have to give yourself the time, and the flexibility to understand your own style.   The way you work. 

So I keep sketching.  Chipping away at that wall.  I don’t hold any illusions that I will do something great, but everyday I see a little more sunshine coming through.

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could you please teach me how to get mutuals? because I'm pretty sure I'm the loneliest person in all of Tumblr ;-;

Oh sweetie, this broke my heart!! To be honest with you, I have no idea how I made my mutuals - I am actually pretty shy and most of the people I talk to regularly are people who approached me (cheers guys, this awkward gal really appreciates it!). 

So I can only really speak from my small experience. For example, @kimnamwho and @pikayeollie just started yelling at me about one of my fics, then started yelling at each other and then we joined up and yelled together. Similarly with my beautiful angel @eradikeats-writes, she sent me the loveliest asks about my work and remembered stuff about me and sent me messages about it (me living in London, and moving out and stuff) and then I was having a super crappy evening one time and was being Melodramatic™ in the tags and she reached out, I, a wine fuelled tear bucket, went into her messages and told her she was the best and basically waxed poetic about how I did not deserve and now she is one of my best friends in the entire world. 

Now, those are based on fics. However,  @yeolology for example, I actually 100% can’t remember what sparked this gloriousness - I think we just started yelling at each other about Chanyeol. Now we tag each other in stuff and I like to cause drama on her blog accidentally by winding her up (sorry Bee I love you)

And that’s just off the top of my head some origin stories of mutuals. So ummmmm.. this has not been helpful has it? BASICALLY, find your people? 

  • Followed a blog and see them screaming in the tags about your shared bias? Message them like ME TOO WTF!? (also like this is why I recommend tagging stuff with your thoughts, silent rebloggers freak me out like WHO ARE YOU, WHAT DO YOU LIKE? um yeah.. moving on)
  • If you follow someone and you think their blog is just really great? Tell em!
  • Haven’t really talked but seen a post that you think they will like? Tag em in it!! (seriously even if I have never talked to you before if you tag me in something like ‘this made me think of you!’ or ‘here, look how pretty your bias is!’ my heart burst in joy and I will probably leave you all my worldly goods in my will and name my first child after you think of you extremely fondly and if that isn’t a way to make friends, what is?)
  • Some mutuals I have now made through my other mutuals (if that makes sense?) Like Kim and I come as a package deal now, so if you have a mutual and you see them tagging someone, maybe go follow that person too, create a group!!

Now, disclaimer, not everyone is going to respond, not everyone is going to enjoy chatting on here - but that’s cool, don’t let it bother you!! and like just be nice, don’t go bombarding people like a crazy person like BE MY FRIEND that’s probably not going to go down well (or maybe it will I don’t know some people have different vibes…?). Like just be nice? Friendship don’t happen over night, so don’t worry about it. For my first few months on tumblr I didn’t talk to anyone really, so it is mad that people talk to me now and you think I am someone who can help you!! 

ALSO - come off anon and I’ll be your mutual! 

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So we’re nearing the end and everything’s coming together. This episode had:

- No Azazel

- us finally getting a damn explanation for wtf Charioce was doing (even though it already became obvious).

- more reference to Genesis people. I didn’t really expect it to be him who “helps”, but it makes sense I suppose.

- Kaisar being Kaisar (and still alive yay)

- gods and demons vs humans

- no-nonsense Nina

- Favaro sorta but not really getting it right

- BAHAMUT (and Amira yay)

- ok but real quick is he really expecting that thing to follow him all the way back to the capital? REALLY? Unless I just totally missed something.

- we are still not given any information regarding the connection between him enslaving the demons and his goal to kill Bahamut. Kind of would like to know. If they’re wanting us to feel sympathy and actually consider Charioce a “good guy” now, i don’t think they are quite succeeding. But maybe that’s not their goal anyway.

so ive never made a post like this, but here goes:

yesterday, my mother was finally able to leave her physically and emotionally abusive boyfriend that we lived with. and while that’s great, we’re now homeless and sleeping on her sister’s couch. for obvious reasons we can’t stay here forever and we need our own place again, but my mother can’t support us both on her salary alone.

i’m currently looking for work to help out, but I’m only 17 so not everywhere will hire me. so because of this, any donations or art commissions would help immensely.

we don’t have any WiFi so I can’t use my computer, and my phone bill will run out in a few days, so doing job applications will become hard, so help now would be appreciated especially.

im on tumblr mobile so I cant format this post, but all my art is here: so if you want a commission you can just let me know!! and as for donations, if you send me an ask i can let you know my paypal email along with a billion thank yous

so yeah… if u can’t give anything signal boosting is rlly appreciated!! thank u for reading, lemme kno if u have any questions