wtf did i just made


here it is: all out!! characters set!

And you know what is my favorite thing about drawing this? That thing is that it isnt headcanons


En’s name is weird when you’re Finnish because “en” means “I don’t”, “I won’t”, maybe “I wouldn’t” or sometimes “I’m not”, like once I had a text post drafted for a text post meme with tags “en sanois näin”, in English, “en would say this”, but in Finnish it literally reads as “I wouldn’t say this” and I stared at it for a couple of seconds confused about why it was in my drafts and why did I say I wouldn’t say it when it was, in fact, a relatable text post, until I realized that oh!! It’s about En!!

                                                   so you say we are damned.
                                                              so what? I ask.

                                           so the sun dies in five billion years.
                                                           so we die in fifty.
                                        what is five billion years to an eternity?
                                              what is a lifetime to an eternity? 

                                                      so they are the same.
                                                       so we are damned.
                              so our stars will die long before the end of forever.
                                                    so I love you either way.

*Mary dies*


*John blames Sherlock for Mary’s death*

The Beast You've Made of Me - BloodOnUrsuline - Beauty and the Beast (2017) [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

Fandom: Beauty and the Beast (2017)

Genre: Romance, Smut

Rating: Explicit - sex, sexual content, language

Characters: Belle/Adam, Lumiere/Plumette, various historical figures

Summary: It’s hard to explain the world of the court to Belle, but Adam has done his best to prepare her. Then he realizes too late that he should have better prepared himself. Because as much as he has changed, there’s a part of him that is still the prince from before. And a part that is still the Beast.

This is actually based on my NSFW prompts that have now spurred me on to write this. The story is dedicated to my awesome bestie @tasseomancer with a big thank you to the entire BatB 2017 fandom who have ruined me. Just ruined me. Special thank you to @je-suis-em-jee and @dereksprettyboy for prompting me to write my prompts. 




this is about  C l a r k e… she’s being hunted by everyone

Okay, I have srsly NO idea about what I just made…
This is what you get when you’ve finished a test in 30 of the 80 minutes and you grab your laptop, find a base and start drawing…

Yeah, wtf did I just made… ._.
I think it’s a MLP version of Ink and Error Sans… those are just my favorite AU Sanses

And of course, I couldn’t find stallion bases… only mare bases…
BUT I did my best to make them look like stallions!

Aaaanyways, I hope you guys like it

Ink Sans belongs to @comyet
Error Sans belongs to @loverofpiggies


‘’I think a lot of people are afraid to put it out there and talk about it but we weren’t. I think that might be a big reason people have connected to it and got behind it. I feel like for anyone who’s sharing feelings of topics like that, it’s a little bit scary but I feel its more therapeutic and cathartic to write about that stuff, to talk about that stuff and put it out there. You feel better about it. To know that other people can connect to that makes you feel even better. As scary as it at first, it eventually just pays off and turns out to be good in the end.’’