wtf did I do wrong

tfw when you’ve been writing morally skewed characters since you put a pen to paper, and somehow… SOME FREAKING HOW, Steve Rogers turns out to be the most toxic one of them all…

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Cyyyyyyyn, I just got my first Bad Ending with Jumin after 7 days, Ave I have no idea WTF did I do wrong!??? I feel like all my effort has been for nothing ;~;

I honestly can’t tell you because I’m actually pining for him on day 3 at the moment;;;

What I do know is that he’s a yandere type character. Supposedly what I’ve heard was that you’re not supposed to lash out on him and at the same time…not become extremely submissive to him., 

You have a better chance asking someone who has cleared his route;;;

Meetings have jaded us
  • Coworker :I can't believe that the boss didn't even yell at us. I went in there thinking "WTF DID WE DO WRONG THIS TIME?"
  • Me:and he gave us the same peptalk as last time...we get it, life sucks, and it sucks everywhere.
  • Coworker :it was a waste of time. *flails arms* I CAME HERE AT 8AM TO GET YELLED AT. NO ONE YELLED AT ME AND I'M DISAPPOINTED. I GOT UP AT 7AM FOR THIS. WTF.
  • Me:at least there was coffee this time?