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Twitter Censoring Trump Supporters   

The communists over at Twitter are now systematically removing positive Tweets that respond to tweets posted by President Trump, mainly on his personal account.

Twitter is garbage.  Twitter is on a crusade to remove accounts by Conservatives, but is more than happy to give Verified accounts to ISIS and the Muslim Brotherhood terrorists. 

Twitter, Facebook, and Google are the unholy trinity of the internet.

“But her emails” biiiitch, I ain’t a fan of Hillary either but at least she wasn’t speaking about North Korea info in the middle of the dining hall in a hotel she owned. She also didn’t let anybody get a picture of the man that essentially holds the nuclear codes. Like these aren’t alternative facts people. But watch a Trump Supporter message me now calling me a “snowflake” and to tell me about all the wars Hillary would have started or about all of her “scandals” like dude I don’t care. I WANTED BERNIE TO WIN I DIDN’T LIKE HILLARY EITHER BUT I’D RATHER HER BE OUR PRESIDENT RIGHT NOW CAUSE MORE PEOPLE ACTUALLY VOTED FOR HER.

US Taxpayers will spend over $4.1 billion in 2017 budget to support the 519,018 refugees who came to USA since October 2009!

Accurate. But not everybody wants to listen to us normal folk because we’re not rich enough to pay them to listen to us 🙃


WTF. Conservative columnist suggests LGBT Floridians brought on Hurricane Matthew

In a column for conservative website Shoebat, Andrew Bieszad shared what he believes is the reason why Hurricane Matthew came to Florida: gay people. Hoping to bolster his thesis of the “moral decay” in Florida, Bieszad pointed to an event that was happening in Florida this weekend.


one of the torie’s policies was to lift the ban on fox hunting. this could have EXTREMELY negative consequences as well as being a form of animal abuse. if there is a decrease of foxes due to death the food chain will become uneven - making more snakes reproduce thus needing to feed on more toads (making them decrease in population) and the amount of spiders increase to a very high amount. if you live in the UK please PLEASE sign this petition or reblog this post to try get the attention of the petition for government members to make sure they do not unban this.

animals like foxes never asked to get killed for no reason except in a natural or predatory way. please sign & reblog.