wtf cat face

@aeoniaceae tagged me to post the last selfie I took and tag 8 people ❤️

I’m not really a filter person :’)

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commission for izelyoniipopugai for a super cute part of Shut Up (Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is) which i’ve been meaning to read but i’m so slow at reading fic hahaaaaaa……so many kitties!!! <333


Here, have a dumb doodle dump ‘cause I’m just trash lmao

Here ya got:
-lots of flustered children
-accidental reveal Mari and really happy Sunshine child
-Sunshine Child being Clueless Sunshine Child
-Lots of derps and bara(?) Angry Mari
-(1)(2)(3) Enemy AU! Cause yes ōuō
-Pouty/Sappy/Sin Noir
-Someone hitting on Ladybug and Chat appreciating the comments via Cataclysm🌸✨🌸✨
-And Chat’s “blep” redraw ; v ;

{«pretty sure most of these have been done already lmao oh well»}