wtf brain


Woops my finger slipped.


I just love how her eyes are blue and his eyes are green in the photograph.

Ravenclaw and Slytherin

What if our visual spectrum is the exact opposite of those in the rest of the universe?

Like, Earth is one of the only planets that evolved life capable of seeing in a lighted environment… all other life is adapted to darkness, and seeing in lightless environments. Using different spectrums.

Like, alien stories tend to only happen at night, right?

Maybe they think we’re being rude, sleeping during the night. Or perhaps, the fact our earth lights up at night (artificial luminescence) when they try to visit during a time that has the least natural light, seems like a deliberate attempt to keep them away…

Who the fuck knows… but there’s a lot of planets out there that exist  out of range of the nearest star… light would take forever to get there… so… 

Maybe they’re just a colour we can’t actively perceive, due to our biology… therefore all ambassadors are unintentionally snubbed by world leaders and citizens alike. 

What if the reason for abduction stories always mentioning ‘blinding white light’ is because the aliens are like, “Well shit, these guys love light, now I know it’s probs going to be uncomfortable for all of us, but let’s try to accommodate these odd solarsighted creatures. Deep Space Henry, Asteroid Belt Enrique, Binary Starsystem Rita, hook up as many of these… wtf do they call them… ‘lamps’? Yeah, lamps, hook ‘em up and crank them to the highest setting… I’ll go find someone to invite over.” 

Because I have a twisted mind....

Mark Pellegrino said fans would hate him after the season 12 finale.

Fans have been worried about Misha being absent from filming after 12x19.

From what I know, 12x22 is being filmed as I type this.

So my brain whispered: maybe Lucifer kills Castiel. Not temporarily. Permanently.

Silly brain.

*laughs nervously*

me: *scrolling through dashboard which is like 80% pictures of Jared/Sam*
me: *scrolls past a picture from an ep I haven’t seen in a while*
me: *continues scrolling*
me: *scrolls past another picture from a different episode*

[rinse and repeat]

that was the worst self-insert fic dream ever

so, apparently, months after having seen Wonder Woman, my brain finally decided it was time to plop my ass in WWI so I could bask in her awesomeness as a goddamned extra.

scene: some low-rent mlitary encampment that had grown into a ramshackle town; whitewashed buildings, a modicum of infrastructure, and some established mores. the biggest tent/building in town was the supply depot, where folks would file in from a line on the left to be issued their kit, and folks who were returning or exchanging bits of theirs would file in on the right. the lines were soviets-under-communism/great depression-era america long, but well-behaved in the manner in which people resigned to living in a queue at the DMV are.

after getting my tin and small canvas bag of whatevers, i emerged from the supply area and happened to catch, a couple hundred feet away, a glimpse of chris pine and gal gadot hurrying across the street, dressed in their traveling clothes towards their first battle.

for my part, i was trying to find a bathroom, and went across the street into what looked like a freestanding two-stall outhouse.

reader, that’s not what it was. rather than being divided vertically, into left and right sections, it had been bisected horizontally, with a low chaize and a table bedecked with a collection of fancy-framed pictures and things that looked vaguely like candles and hookahs, was kept surprisingly toasty by unseen sources, and the floor was littered with small, balled-up socks. (i don’t normally get smell in my dreams, but it was pointedly musty in there; how it lacked even a modicum of airflow with so many gaps in the walls was not adequately explained)

it was the women’s jack shack, well-stocked with vintage dildoery and the period equivalent of chris evans’ truckstop-hooker photo shoot.

i was very obviously in the wrong place for just about all possible reasons, and did not want to be an unewlcome surprise for someone who was looking to relieve the horrors of wartime. after lurching back into the street, i noticed that damn near everyone in the goods-return line was carrying a small net bag full of used socks.

subconscious, you nasty.

I honestly 100% truthfully had a dream last night where Ronaldo Fryman was adopted by the Belchers. As in Bob’s freaking Burgers! Gene and Louise thought he was cool AF for being Weird, but Tina was jealous that he managed to get a girlfriend despite being a massive dork with ridiculous hair and glasses, just like her. Linda ofc loved him to bits and Bob … well Bob just wanted him to get back to work… sooo not much different from ole Papa Fryman haha.

Good lawd.

I had the weirdest dream last night and the only part I really remember is going to the store to get marshmallows to make this smores bake (that I might need to try making- it looked amazing) and finding paper bowls with Obi-Wan on them so I was debating about buying them all (they were 3 bucks a piece) and having to explain to a little girl that i wasnt getting them because I had no bowls, but because Obi-Wan being on them made them a necessity.

Oh and when I got home someone had wrecked my kitchen and my half made smores bake thing and I was pretty sure it was the Empire’s doing.

so, i was talking to @darevocado about writing a ~thing that she would like, right? and i laid down to go to sleep at 2:45AM, right? and just as i was going to sleep, i came up with the most beautiful scene in the ~thing, and thought … 

it’s late. i’m not getting back up, turning the computer on and writing. i need sleep

i’ll remember it in the morning.

well. as it turns out, i don’t remember a fucking thing


My shower thoughts are wild

Like have you ever thought of what it would be like if the chicken could fly and how weird it would be to look up and see a flying chicken.
And if they could fly would there be special breeds on chickens that can fly and would they be called something else. Also would they be in the zoo and be called “ the magical bird that supplies us with food ” or some shit like that.
Just Me?
Ok it’s just me

Up early because my brain gave me a kylux-related dream SO ANGSTY that it actually WOKE ME UP.

I dreamed that Hux was planning to ask Kylo to marry him, and he was dragging it out because he wanted to get it just right, but before he could actually do it, Kylo was killed by the Resistance. 

Hux ended up wandering the ship, going sort of Rose-For-Emily-crazy, carrying around the wedding ring he’d bought for Kylo and never got to give to him.