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I’m literally at the point in my life where I exhale softly and swear under my breath when I see nice office supplies and nothing else

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listen ur blog is a jackpot its got just my type of content in just the type of art style that i love the most ur art's a joy to look at keep it friend ur a gift


I have 2,158 pictures on my phone and literally an entire third of them are selfies

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Intimate Kitchen

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Genre: Fluff (boyfriend!Baekhyun)

Word count: 2.2k+

Remarks: My very first one shot as saltbaek! The original piece was only around 1k written several years ago for my friend before I revamped the whole thing and lengthened it a few days ago. Pretty cliche but I thought of sharing it with you guys something longer since I’ve only written several drabbles so far! Hope you guys like it! ( ˘ ³˘)♥

As the sun rises, rays of sunlight pierced through the curtains, slightly lighting up the room in a golden yellow shade which gives out a sort of romantic feel. Groaning in your sleep, you shuffled around on the bed and tried to touch the area next to you, feeling no warmth much to your disappointment. You lazily opened one of your eyes in a frown to peek at the space beside you. Empty. You tried looking around the room. No sight of your sweetheart. You even tried to sit up sleepily and perked your ears to listen to any sound of him around in the apartment but the only thing you hear is the sigh that left your lips. You’re too lazy to wake up still, so you snaked your hand to your phone on the bedside table to check whether if he left you a message. As if on cue, your phone vibrates and lights up, signaling a message notification, from the love of your life. You grinned at his timing and giggled as you read the message.

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  • raj: hey alec, demon briefing in the OPs center, all hands on deck
  • magnus: all in the front all in the back just like that like thaaat

i know even’s old friends don’t know about his bipolar but i feel like they did know about him wanting to end his own life….. thinking about their reaction in their youtube video when he was mentioned makes me… question a whole lot of things

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AHHHH THIS WOULD BE SO CUTE i should be doing my chem prelab and yet

you heard a loud smack! echo throughout the gym. pausing in your spot, you scanned the room on autopilot, as did everyone else after hearing the sound. you saw peter parker standing there, rubbing his nose, and when he turned you could make out a red mark, presumably from where a dodgeball had made contact.

you couldn’t help the laugh that escaped, making eye contact with peter right as it happened. he looked shocked, his eyes wide and his nose starting to drip blood. it sobered you up a little, your smile starting to waver, but then peter smiled widely, ducking his head sheepishly.

you bit back a wider smile, looking away from him and wondering why your cheeks were suddenly feeling so hot to the touch.

i havent stopped thinking about this since he said this. i love love love love love him i love him so much i love him im so in love with him ok bye afahdjsofk

woa h….. where did this come from??

(this kinda reminds me of something from the artist skelebro au,,, im thinking papyrus wouldve drawn something like this idk)


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I was rereading this chapter and Really curious when Touka says "wanna do it?" And kaneki's response is "??!! WHA? Err.. no.. I mean not "no" but, well.." (even he decide to think of it first!) oml So they had done the 'do' more than just once?! I KNEW IT! This is so true! (U guys need a 'pro' sex lesson)That blanket scenes! OML touka wtf! So if he said 'yes' u guys really wanna do it?!) This things are what I was thinking.. she's kinda 'kinky'? I dunno.. whatca say? xD

I love how he was so surprised at first but then he was like “uhh well, actually.. now that i think about it…” he can’t deny the passionnnnnn, the fireeeeee🔥🔥

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What's something that never has to be missed in your fave vore scenarios?

/warning long post ; __ ;

HOOOOO boy okay, ah man this is actually a really hard question. I like lots of scenarios but they don’t all always have a certain element in them that makes me love them… For me with fave vore scenarios, I think the power dynamic between characters might be more important than the actual things that happen in the scenario. So many different things can happen in scenarios that I love when the power dynamic is something I like.

With that said, hmmmmmmmm

Honestly most of my favorite vore scenarios are based around fear, because I’m really about that unwilling life. It’s the struggle really, that huge power imbalance, that appeals to me in vore. Tinies and giants that just don’t get along, giants that feel entitled to eat tinies because “they’re food, afterall,” or tiny communities that are absolutely terrified of giants – these are some of my favorite dynamics.  If we’re talking about full blown vore stories, however, this fear element tends to disappear over time and I like different things when it gets to a tiny and a giant that know each other pretty well. 

I love it when giants tease their tinies (I don’t know why I can’t think of a good example rn D:), and I really like it when a tiny is confident, perhaps until they’re held tightly in a giant’s fist, like giants that know they’re big and assert their power make me want to faint. THAT SMILE A PRED HAS RIGHT BEFORE THEY SHOW THE PREY WHERE THEY’RE GOING, THAT SHIT’S MY SHIT. You know, that arrogant toothy smirk, the lick of their lips, perhaps a low haughty chuckle, slay me. And licking tinies oh my god I love tongues and mouthplay is honestly my everything. I love love love it when giants dangle tinies over their open lips and just show them their drooly mouths, or when they talk a lot about how delicious a tiny tastes and how much they want to eat them like I’m blushing just writing this >/////<

Would it just be easier to talk about some of my favorite vore scenarios?

Because I’m writing this right now, the first thing I thought about was a giant that really loves the taste of a tiny so much that they want to eat them, but they can’t because as far as they both know, that’d kill the tiny, but as far as the giant is concerned, they wouldn’t get to taste the tiny again. In this, one of my favorite things ever is when the giant cups the tiny in their hands and is licking them over and over again in such animalistic pleasure, like literally their tiny tastes so good to the point that they forget it’s actually a tiny that they might be friends with or whatever because at that point in time, they’re just the most delicious thing on the planet and they want them so badly. Meanwhile the tiny is freaking out, struggling to breathe and trying to push away the giant’s tongue and scream their name and get them to stop because they’re in discomfort, and perhaps the giant tilts them into their mouth, which only freaks out the tiny more, and they’re thrashing around as the giant keeps tasting them until the tiny gets their attention and ajsdlkjflkasjflksadjklfjlksadkfljsadl

Similar to that, giants that ask for “Just one taste, just one lick” and a tiny that says okay, but only for one, so the giant licks them once, and frowns at them like “okay, one more???” and licks them again without confirmation, and keeps licking them and then eventually shoves them into their mouth, ignoring their complaints, and eventually swallows them just because they were too delicious and they couldn’t control themselves AAAAAHHHHH 
giants that lose control and swallow tinies they weren’t supposed to swallow because they taste too good: A++++++++++

Another thing that’s less of a mouthplay scenario: I also think it’s really cute when tinies don’t accept it, like I know it’s really common, but tinies that fight even when they’re already inside of a stomach? That’s the most adorable thing like what is that going to do for you little one, absolutely nothing that’s what. But even before then, tinies right before they’re swallowed, that try to hold on to the pred’s tongue or right at the edge of the throat, their little hands grabbing at soft flesh though the saliva under their fingers makes everything so slippery and they’re so close but the muscles of the pred’s throat are stronger and keeps pulling them down, but they’re trying so hard to hold on and their fingers slip and they’re forced down the preds throat and into loud gurgling tummies hushfuahdsfuhafuhdfsu

I could talk about different vore scenarios that I love forever I have to go