wtf am i meant to tag this with

Idea: Esper squad groupchat. 

Teru decided to start it. He’s usually the one to say “good morning/night”, ask how everyone is doing, and he uses a bunch of emojis and puns. He also sends selfies at times.

Mob replies in short sentences or single phrases. He likes to sent photos of cats he sees along the way. He rarely uses emojis; the only one he uses is “ :) “ and whenever that happens everyone freaks out (+ get super happy).

Ritsu types in full sentences and clean punctuation (therefore a slow texter). At times when he does slip up, Shou likes to poke fun and correct him. Ritsu doesn’t use emojis but he does like to send those pre-made chat stickers because he’s a dork. He sends photos of bent spoons during the most random of times (like at 1AM in the morning, for example).

Shou sends the Memes™. He is That Guy™ on groupchat. Opposite of Ritsu, he types fast and full of typos. Uses a lot of internet slang. One time Mob asked what “WTF” stood for when he used it, but because of Ritsu being protective, Shou told him it meant “Well That’s Fun”. He also may or may not overuse the fire emoji.

Bilbo giving you some attitude.

(and also 0.5 seconds away from flipping his middle finger : P)


the reason i wrote that long post:

basically what pisses me off about the entire thing is that even though not everybody reblogging that last post meant it in that manner- a lot of those tags were like “fuck france”. it’s grotesque how tumblr discourse here has gone from just “I am not Charlie, I am Ahmed” to “fuck France”.

like wtf can people not even understand that for many people what happened was an attack on their country as a whole? would you like it if in the IMMEDIATE AFTERMATH of a terrorist attack committed by people who said they were against US imperialism was “fuck the US” “lol Americans deserved it”? Because at that moment, as much as you are an American who is aware of how flawed your country is, your country is attacked, people were killed for being Americans, and these comments HURT. if just one day after the terrorist attack, everybody was using victims of the attack as a counterpoint to say “well _______ americans died, but 10x as many japanese died in the atomic bombings/10x as many people died in CIA-trained Shah of Iran’s prisons” how would that feel?

of course france as a country isn’t above criticism. but the way tumblr is going about it is fucking disgusting because while there are many people who say, “i think the magazine is offensive but violence is wrong”, but the chorus saying how the victims had it coming, how france as a whole had it coming is growing louder.

what the charlie hebdo issue has done is to highlight several issues in french society. you can discuss these things without making the victims some rhetorical prop, ok? and you can do this without insinuating the gunmen were justified, which i’m beginning to feel A LOT of posts are doing. because a lot of it is smug shit like “free speech has consequences!!!!!!”

it should be significant that honestly a lot of us who are pissed here are not just French but people in other parts of Europe because it’s obvious to us how many US bloggers are distorting things, talking over people actually in the region and blatantly misrepresenting a lot of things in a manner that is calculated to trivialise the murders.