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“…I snatched away my hand and gave a cry. What I had touched was cold and, at the same time, bony; and I remembered that his hands smelt of death…”

“I tell you I kissed her just like that, on her forehead… and she did not draw back her forehead from my lips! …I tore off my mask so as not to lose one of her tears…and she did not run away!…And she did not die!… She remained alive, weeping over me, with me.“

Derrick Davis and Kaitlyn Davis, restaged US Tour


You truly scare me. I just want to let you know that.

In Yes I Am:

Hwasa : “me me 4 with sun”
Me: ???????? Hwasa wtf r u saying lmao

Explanation: me =나, 4=사, with=랑, sun=해.
So “me me 4 with sun” = “나나사랑해” ie, “I love myself”

Me: ………..


a cute, rude and a talented Jongin !

the thing about teen wolf’s ending (theo and liam’s story) is that it is open for various interpretation. we knew that liam’s anchor was hayden. the thing is, hayden isn’t dead (allison to scott) or cease to exist (stiles to malia) so losing an anchor because of leaving town is weird. but jeff wrote it. he wanted liam to lose control and find someone else for his anchor. and there came theo raeken. people thought theo’s presence will make liam’s life even more in chaos but throughout 6b, it had been theo who kept liam from making mistakes. obviously, theo is liam’s anchor. no doubt for that. and for the ending, we dont know what is happening between those two but one thing for sure, if theo were to be dead in the future, liam is going to lose control, again. liam might have doubts but the scene between theo and gabe, and liam seeing everything, he might no longer doubt that theo is DEFINITELY his anchor - without feeling guilty (since we all know what theo is like). mason can no longer say anything about theo since he proved to him that he cares. idk i am talking gibberish as of now but all i want to say is that, as much as i hate jeff for the thiam bait, he also gave us an ending that we can imagine ourselves. a plot that isn’t vague. they have the potential to be CANON. that what matters and i am happy that thiam EXIST.


rhys and fiona + zer0 sum

rhys: i was just about to get to my favorite part. you know, where you come in and you ruin my life you no class, scheming, pandoran scum!
fiona: nice haircut, you lying hyperion jackass.
rhys: it IS a nice haircut!

I want to make love to your mind.
—  A sickeningly lovestruck INTP in love with another INTP.
A study in Hopper

In episode 8 of Season 1 we get to know a bit more about the backstory of Jim Hopper: who he was before moving back to Hawkins, how losing everything - his daughter, his marriage, his family - meant losing himself and turning into the man we see when we first meet him in the story: broken, unconcerned about anything or anyone, and suffering from anxiety. After finding Will’s (fake) body in the lake and having to tell Joyce about the death of his son, it’s like he re-experiences what he had to go through when his daughter died. He is so shaken that the day after he calls his ex wife, he wants to make sure that she knows he doesn’t regret anything they had tried to build together. Wrong decision, calling her. He knows that after what had happened she tried to build a new life, a new family. He understands. It hurts, though, hearing the sound of a baby in the background. Not Sarah. She is gone. She is someone he will never have back. At the end of season 1 Hopper saves Will - literally - by brining him back to life by performing CPR, and he saves Joyce, too - more metaphorically - by helping her bring her son back home and helping her heart and mind find some final peace. He stands behind Joyce while she is crying and holding the breathing mask to Will’s face. He stands behind Joyce while she holds on to his arm and lets him support her weight, her battle, her relief. And in that moment Hopper feels something he hasn’t felt in a while: he feels like he belongs.

When we meet Hopper again in Season 2, his life has taken an unexpected turn. Now he has someone to take care of and look after. And he is not sure if he will be strong enough to go through that again and survive it without falling back into the deep, dark hole he let himself reach right after Sarah died. He wants to be strong enough, for her, but having Eleven home feels too much like having a bit of Sarah back, and that is the scariest thing he has ever felt since moving back to Hawkins. He makes her the kind of breakfast he knows she will like, he reads to her, he tries to measure up to the expectations he himself set as his carer. (Not dad, it’s still too soon for him, he thinks back then). Then he looses his temper, he raises his voice. He makes mistakes. He fails and that destroys him in a way that he hasn’t experienced in a very long time. By the end of Season 2, Jim Hopper’s growth has come full circle: he has learned from his errors, and he apologies. He wants what he has with this little girl more than he has ever wanted anything in the past five years, so he tells himself he will give everything he has to make it work, to make it perfect. What he thought he would never have again, what his ex wife was able to build after Sarah, he has it now. Jim and Jane Hopper. Family.

By Season 3 or Season 4, I would like to see the resolution come full circle: there is only one thing that Hopper wants as much as he wants to be a good father to Jane, and maybe he is not fully aware of it, or maybe he is and he is just letting it happen naturally, giving the other person the space she needs and deserves.