wtf all of my pets are fat

March's Day
  • Kitten: (kneading me, chirping)
  • Me: Little Man, it's been a rough week, please let me sleep.
  • Kitten: (CHIRPS LOUDER)
  • Me: (Gives in and lets him knead me)
  • Cat: Oh, you're up!
  • Me: No, Fat Boy, no I am not up
  • Cat: (Forces himself under my arm and blanket)
  • Me: For the love of god...(Tries to move)
  • Dog: (Snoring on my legs)
  • Me: (Looks down) (Other dog is blocking my way out) Seriously.
  • Kitten: (Purring and kneading my shoulder)
  • Me: I'm not getting up 'til you motherfuckers move, am I?