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Japan voted for the best animes of all time…love live is number 4,5 and 9

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Adding onto that other anon's post about Gaara just grabbing the kage position and getting the paperwork, all I can think is how amazing it'd be if he was really good at it from the get go. (Not so much the social part, but I mean financially and strategically) I think it'd be hilarious. Like, this kid didn't have friends and couldn't sleep he probably learned a bunch of stuff just not to be horribly bored. And everyone's just like "WTF"

Honestly, Baki came into the Kazekage’s office expecting shredded paperwork, a bored demon container, and massive headaches for every administrator and desk shinobi from the Kage’s assistant on down. 

What he gets instead is a chuunin secretary who looks like she’s seen god, a completely clear office without a singe sheet of paper in sight, and the slightly unnerving image of his charge studying his windowsill like it wronged him. 

“Naruto said I should get a plant and name it,” Gaara tells him slightly dubiously. 

Baki turns right around and walks back out. 

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seriously?!? if those assumptions are becoming true I'm getting mad as hell! I didn't wait 4 freaking years for only one and a half arc to be animated wtf!! I at least expected to see 3 arcs since they have enough material by now!

actually one arc not even one and half :(
from 34-50 is only one arc, the best of our expectations was that it would cover two arcs until chapter 69
but it seems like it’s not happening, I’m so mad about this too!

that being said, it’s not confirmed yet, so I still hope (like 1% hope) that this is all not true and that it’ll be 24-25 eps like we expected

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WTF?!! I wasn't expecting it to be that drawn out! Oh that was so painful. Arthur saying he didn't want Merlin to change. Merlin showing Arthur all his magic! Finally no Morgona. Did Nerlin even return to Camelot?

Wooooow, you’re through the fifth season! I enjoyed reading all your messages a loooot :D most reminded me of my first time watching it *one more Merlin fandom group cuddle* Oh, and about Merlin returning to Camelot or not:

In the end, all my questions about “What could have happened after the series final” were answered in this fanfiction and at this point I could start to quote the fic but naaaah xD just let me say: @katherynefromphilly​, thank you for writing Merlin season 6 ♥

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I like a lot of the Jedi Council members, but seriously guys. You put this teenager in a war, one who's mental stability isn't the best and expect him to fight in hell, watch tons of clones he came to love die, not to mention jedi he grew up with, and expect him to come back fine? Even after you forced him to plan and attack again and again because you didn't bother to? Then you say "we don't trust you" Jedi council wtf? Sorry im rambling but just-I'm sorry but god Anakin was so young!

I feel you anon.

Anakin is incredibly young when he’s sent to war, and he’s already most likely dealing with complex PTSD from his history as a slave before the war even comes into it. And that’s never been addressed at all. At no point did anyone on the Jedi Council, or even anyone else in the Temple, think that perhaps this was a thing that should be addressed, or that a lifelong history of abuse and dehumanization might have an effect on his development as a person. At no point did anyone even consider that hey, maybe he’d find it easier to give up his attachment to his mother if he knew that she was free and safe.

And the war obviously doesn’t help.

The thing is, the Jedi as a whole don’t seem to have any concept of mental health at all. There are no psychological services. There doesn’t even seem to be anything like religious counseling. The closest we get is Anakin’s attempt to talk to Yoda in ROTS, in which Yoda demonstrates categorically that he has definitely never had any training in counseling.

But it’s not just Anakin. This is a systemic issue.

Clone Wars is, for me, the most horrifying thing to come out of the PT era, because it confirmed and made canon all of my most awful headcanons about the Jedi. To whit:

- The Jedi take children from their parents for training, with or without the parents’ consent.

- Child soldiers are normalized and completely unremarkable in the Jedi ranks. (Also apparently no one else in the Republic has an issue with child commanders of military operations.)

- The Jedi have no qualms about using mind tricks as mental torture to obtain information.

- The Jedi don’t just ignore slavery - they are actually willing to work with slavers if it will further their own / the Republic military’s goals. (It should be noted that I haven’t even seen the Zygerria arc: I’m talking here about the opening movie, and the Jedi / Republic’s willingness to work with Jabba the Hutt without so much as suggesting that hey, maybe he should stop enslaving people.)

- The Jedi are willing to potentially wipe out an entire race (remember that brain worms Geonosis arc?) as part of the war effort. No one is disturbed by this.

And I could go on. All of this is canon now.

But the fact that no one is ever disturbed by any of this just goes to show that it is systemic. We’re not talking about the members of the Jedi Council, as individuals, screwing up. We’re talking about a Jedi culture, a culture that has formed most if not all of those same Council members practically since infancy, a culture that normalizes child soldiers and has no concept of psychological trauma. The members of the Jedi Council are as much products of that Jedi culture as anyone else.

The reason they clash so much with Anakin is that he isn’t a product of that culture. He’s trying desperately to fit into it, but he also has his birth culture and his mother’s teachings and he consistently finds himself approaching things differently than a Temple-raised Jedi would and it’s that conflict between his cultures that most often sets him at odds with the Council.

And that’s also the main reason, when you get down to it, that the Council doesn’t trust him. He’s an outsider, and the Jedi of the PT are incredibly insular.

  • Me starting Shrek the Musical: Let's see how dumb this gets lmao

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Kami, I'm angry. Today I met by a videogame a girl who was a fan of YOI and she even knew who you were and we had a lot of things in common. But then, when we started talking about ships and we went to Leo and Guang Hong she said just the most stupid thing ever: "Well, both chinese and mexicans are brainless so they might be a good combination" and that hella annoyed me. Kami, I'm angry. I'm angry. I didn't expect this from someone of YOI fandom, I thought we were really open-minded.

First of all ,wtf ,what do you mean she knew who i was
But wow ,if that isn’t racist i don’t know what is…being a Yoi fan doesn’t make you a better person,you know :/ Don’t mind her !

Sometimes notes on scripts aren’t the ones you’re expecting. Jeff Eastin revealed that a lot of the notes USA gives are mainly about the clothes and the shoes. Or they’ll say something like, “The scene’s too bland, please add a fruit bowl.” (x) (1/5)

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Everyone expects Ludwig to hate kids and everything but one time there is a little girl crying. All the nations try to approach her, but only Ludwig succeeds and it's adorable and Feliciano always wanted children but didn't know how Ludwig felt about them and they adopt children and awwww and everyone is like wtf this big buff german cheeto puff is a super softie.


If I had my laptop on me I’d bring up evidence but I know Hima said so

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The nonsense has already started, excusing Charles Kinsey's shooter. My friends on FB keep saying the officer must've been new, if he fired without knowing why. As tho experienced officers don't do this shit all the time. wtf. Even little kids say 'I don't know' if you catch them misbehaving and ask them why. It's a deflection, avoiding confronting their responsibility. He didn't expect his victim to speak to him and hold him accountable so he was dumbfounded when it happened.