Another night out, back in his home town. A little break did Sebastian good and especially in the local gay bar Scandals. Everything worked out pretty fine for Sebastian when he graduate at Dalton. He moved out, moved to New York and is now studying to become a lawyer. Of coruse, his father couldn’t be more proud and to Sebastian’s surprise he actually likes it. But a break was always great.
Hanging out at Scandals was a nice, espcially to meet up some new hot males and maybe fuck them afterwards. But tonight Sebastian wasn’t so lucky. It seemed like any male, including the ugly ones, was already riding against another and no one was actually alone, except Sebastian. So he spend his evening at the bar, drinking some beers and had some chats with the bartender. It wasn’t all that fun to be honest, so after three beers he decided to go to the toilet and went home. There wasn’t a chicken out there; he’d rather spend his evening playing Fifa, then this boring evening.

Sebastian hoped of his chair and walked to the bathroom and opened the door. When he was about to open his botton and zipper to pee, he heard somebody crying… better said sobbing. Wait, who sobs in a bathroom in a fucking gay bar? Sebastian zipped and bottoned his jeans and dispite his mind was telling him not to, he knocked on the door where the sobbing might came from and asked: “Hey bud, you okay?”