I was twelve years old when 9/11 happened. I remember a strange hushed frantic air to the class. There was something going on and it was slowly rippling through the school. To be completely honest I didn’t even know what the World Trade Center was back then, but I could tell that something serious had happened. We were all let out early and given advice on how to get home. Luckily I didn’t have far to walk home. The streets were packed with people all walking somewhat aimlessly—in a fog—waiting until they could get home and make sure the news was real for themselves. When I did get home, the planes were crashing into the buildings over and over, on repeat. It made me slightly sick and I turned the TV off.

I never visited the memorial until this past year, and it’s a beautiful place. There’s a mournful stillness about it, and yet still so much hustle and bustle going on outside the memorial that it’s perfect. The heart of New York, still beating after a trauma.

- David Isler, New York City, NY

February 26th 1993: World Trade Center bombing

On this day in 1993 a truck bomb was detonated below the North Tower of the World Trade Center in New York City. The bomb was intended to knock the North Tower into the South Tower to destroy them both but failed. The attack still killed six (including a pregnant woman) and injured over one thousand. The terrorist attack was planned by a group of conspirators and masterminded by Ramzi Yousef. In 1994, four men were convicted of carrying out the bombing and two more in 1997. The group were funded by Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, who would go on to be the principal architect behind the destruction of the Twin Towers on September 11th 2001. The memorial to the victims of the 1993 attack was destroyed on 9/11 but they are currently memorialised at the North Pool of the National 9/11 Memorial, opened in 2011.

"It felt like an airplane hit the building"
- eye-witness Bruce Pomper on the 1993 attack

The WTC Tragedy: Was It Prophesied? Was the unspeakable horror of <B>September 11</B> foretold by prophets and psychics? While the best-known names of prophecy seem to have failed, some eerily accurate visions and predictions have come from unexpected sources.

The WTC Tragedy: Was It Prophesied? - Unexplained Mysteries

The World Trade Center under construction. Construction started the first tower started August ‘68 and in January ‘69 for the second tower. They were both finished roughly two years later, costing $900 million. This would be $5.5 billion if built in 2013. On September 11th, 2001, terrorists crashed two planes into the towers, destroying both towers. Killing around 3,000 people. Ultimately a lot more if you count to deaths in the war that followed after the 9/11 attacks.

NAPPING IS OUT. I'm too busy trembling.

Someone sent me this and oh my god. I’m shaking so hard right now. 

It’s one of those moments you never, never forget where you were when it happened. 

I just. I am on the verge- Actually, no, I am crying. 

Give me a few to calm down. Otherwise, I’m basically going to be sobbing for the next hour. 

The twin towers once stood here, now there’s two huge and really meaningful pools to symbolizing the loss of life. By the way it’s the largest waterfalls in the N.A..

11 Eylül de yıkılan ikiz kulelerin yerine yapılan anıt havuzlardan biri. Kuzey Amerika’nın en büyüğü olduğu söyleniyor. Hepsini gezmedim bilmiyorum..

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WTC Attack September 11, 2001 from New York Police Helicopter

Shocking UFO Sighting At Twin Towers 9/11 WTC Attacks? (Video)

(N.Morgan) In the amazing footage below taken during the 9/11 terror attacks, you can clearly see a UFO zip through some of the frames! It appears above the the Twin Towers and is seemingly watching the chaos below. This startling footage leaves us with more questions than answers as to why a UFO would be present that day and what its mission truly was. Did this craft have any direct impact on the events of that day?