… Aaaaannnnnd got in the lifting I blew off yesterday. Primarily because I don’t want to have to re-arrange my pre-arranged schedule (i.e. still do Sunday’s arranged workout on Sunday).

Only increased squats by 5lbs, 120 seemed much more manageable than 115. Maybe it was the extra day of rest. Regardless, I think I’ll stick to the 5lb increments for now. Also increased shoulder press by 5. No rush here, especially since I’ve still got some shoulder weirdness*. Increased deadlifts by 20lbs (instead of the 30lb jump I made last time) and it seemed manageable enough. I’ll likely jump 20 the next time and then go in smaller increments.

Most exciting is, in between some of the squat sets, I got in some forms practice. Taegeuk 6 about 3 times, taegeuk 1 once. If I recall correctly. I’m glad I took advantage of my “rest” period between squats to get in something also useful, instead of just sitting about.

* I woke up one day a week or so ago and my shoulder felt like I pulled a (front) muscle. I don’t recall any specific thing I might have done to annoy it.

Lefou's "Gay Moment"
  • What I expected: a simpering comic relief character fawns over the buff hetero villain, dies a villain.
  • What I got: A surprising arc of a man who lives in 18th century France finding safety and comfort with his best friend, a war hero. Sure he fawns a little, but he starts to realize Gaston is a goddamn sociopath. He's forced to choose between his own morality and his tenuous personal safety. The film doesn't sugarcoat the character's sexuality and make's it abundantly clear that this is a gay character. Josh Gad plays the role with depth, sincerity, and wit. He isn't a disposable sidekick and is a focal character in his own right.
  • Also: There's a scene where a dude is "forced" to cross dress that is entirely played for comedy. Two steps forward, one step back.
How To Motivate Yourself To Write

This was meant to provide motivation, but honestly, this is more of a list of ways to make sure you get it done, rather than make yourself “motivated”. Either way, this should benefit you somehow.

  • In the words of Chuck Wendig, “do not fucking multitask”. Carve out a specific time to write and use it to write. Don’t try to simultaneously write and tweet and check your email. Whether it be 15 minutes or 2 hours, write, and only write.
  • Take breaks occasionally. You can’t just sit there and fog up your creative lens. Go outside and go for a walk. Go to coffee with your friends for an hour. Do something to relax your brain for a while. It’s the same with studying. Don’t drive yourself up the wall because you feel you’re “on a roll”. Your ideas and plans will still be there when you get back. If you begin to get frustrated or your foot starts to fall asleep, take a break.
  • Use a rewards system. Say, for every 100 words, you get a piece of chocolate. After eating a regular sized Hershey’s bar, you’ve got 1200 words. Go you! (I personally fine this incredibly useful.)
  • Have people you trust hold you accountable. Have your best friend (or partner, if you’ve got one) check in when they know you should be writing to make sure you did.
  • Read books like a writer. Read a shitty book and pick it apart to find what you don’t like about it. Read a good book to find what you do like. Use these reflections and apply them to your own work. Nothing helps quite like learning from other people’s mistakes and success.
  • Don’t get stuck in the planning stages. You may get really excited while planning a story, that huge plot twist, a minor character’s backstory, etc, but keep in mind that at some point you’re going to have to sit down and hash it out. A lot of promising writers never get past the planning stages, so in the words of my very wise boyfriend: “Just write”.
  • Write in places that make your creative juices flow. Get cozy in bed with your laptop open to a word document, light a few candles, make some tea, get that incense going, and write. Music really helps to get in the mood as well, and if you would like to take a look at my writing playlist, here it is, free for public consumption.
  • Keep your mind open to new ideas and changes to your story. Your idea will develop and evolve over time, and the beauty of writing is that you can change anything you want and there are no consequences. If you decide to completely scrap a character, remove a subplot, add one in, or change the plot but keep the same characters, you’re totally free to do so. Nothing about writing is set in stone, so stay open minded to new concepts and changes and, most importantly, criticism. (I won’t elaborate on this because I might end up making a whole other post about this topic in the future.)

As always, this is just a compilation of the tips and tricks I’ve found the most useful in my own experience. They may not help, they may help a lot, it really could go either way or somewhere in between, but all the same, I hope this proves useful to you.

Request a prompt list/writing advice/playlist/study help post here


Heavy Metal Astrology | The Elements: Water

The last element on the zodiacal wheel is the flowy element of water. This element dwells in the world of emotion and lives in the invisible world. They are here to experience the world through the scope of feeling. This is an incredibly sensitive energy and these people feel things more deeply than most. There is a depth and compassion to these people you won’t find with anyone else. Much like the element associated with them, they hold within them the power to heal as well as the power to destroy, and ultimately it is their choice as to which route they will take in this lifetime.

Water Signs: Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces
Modalities: Cardinal (Initiating), Fixed (Stubborn), Mutable (Changeable)
Pictured: Sharon den Adel (Cancer Sun), Otep Shamaya (Scorpio Sun), Floor Jansen (Pisces Sun)

  1. Cancers direct their watery energy towards the pursuit of emotional security. These are incredibly gentle and nurturing people and they will go to any means necessary to protect those they love. They view everything through the lens of emotion, so rationality is not the way to win their hearts.
  2. Scorpios direct their watery energy towards the pursuit of intensity and intimacy. These people have a very dark and sexual energy about them which can be intimidating to lesser types. They experience God through the sexual experience.
  3. Pisceans direct their water energy towards the pursuit of spiritual connection. They are a combination of all of the signs preceding it, which makes them chameleons by nature. It is important for them to set boundaries for themselves, as they tend to be emotional sponges.

Top Favorite Singers Appearance 2/??? - Sharon den Adel

“It’s mostly books and movies. Though there was nothing that directly inspired us from a movie this time. We had several songs based on novels we had read in the past. This time, it was more about the big issues in life everybody has to deal with. We come back every time from a different age and angle. It’s something that comes back into your life.”


♌ Welcome To Leo Season: Music Videos With Leo Imagery ♌

01. In This Moment - Blood
02. Within Temptation - All I Need
03. Amy Lee - Speak To Me
04. Delain - Frozen
05. Tarja - Ave Maria
06. Epica - Feint
07. Lacuna Coil - End Of Time
08. Nightwish - Bless The Child
09. Xandria - Nightfall
10. Leaves Eyes - To France
11. Kamelot - Sacrimony (Angel Of Afterlife)
12. Serenity - The Chevalier
13. Cradle Of Filth - Frost On Her Pillow
14. Sirenia - Dim Days Of Dolor