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Hello I return// So Zecilys, if I'm right the one with the long pretty dark green hair, what relationship do they have with Aaron and Perry? And what are their pronouns? You draw them a lot with those two but I haven't figured out why exactly. Are they a guard under training with Perry and Aaron?

((WELCOME BACK ANON)) I mean I guess you could call it 


Training in patience lmao, they’re siblings! Who typically get along well enough, but that’s no fun to talk about. Zecilys’ family life is…minimal, so Perry usually acts as the half-baked guardian figure. They’re more interested in maintaining a mentor-mentee or peer relationship with Zecilys, which presents its own set of challenges.

Zecilys doesn’t typically see Aaron much alone, but their initial relationship is founded on a mutual weariness of being left in the dark.

Zecilys has more societal standing than Aaron because he’s a foreigner in Evaria. Fortunately, she doesn’t lord it over his head, and is rare to pry into the affairs that brought him to the country – all the more reason he ends up sharing his experiences to her the most, so in a way, he acts as extended family. Given their backgrounds, the two do get in a lot of small scuffles over weird things, but their relationship is usually amicable at the end of the day.

(Pronouns are she/her or they/them)

More sketches! Lesselsett’s face doesn’t lend well to a lot of expressions, so the bottom right is the closest thing they can get to looking “happily disarming”, which can also be interpreted as an attempt at smiling gone horribly wrong. 

The center eye is the only one that usually moves around, and it substitutes for a lot of their expressions. The other four eyes typically stare off in space while they’re in a neutral, relaxed state. Lesselsett is a good dog! A big good dog.