Where’s (real) math studyblrs?

Always I am excited when I see people post their math studyblr pics but never is it real mathematics 😒 I just need more maths students on my feed.

Quals are coming up in under a year (yikes!) and i’m already freaking out. I bought nice notebooks and I’m going to re-do my notes (they are shoddy) and maybe make mind-maps for major concepts. Like in real analysis, mindmap convergence or continuity. Like, if you have continuity you also get Stieljes integrable, blah blah blah. Things like that. I think it’s important to be able to internalize the definitions. Also maybe give like WHY you need these conditions met to get something, given in the form of counterexamples. (Advisor A loves counterexamples, my god). And, of course, if anything has a name, you better be able to state the theorem and fucking prove it because it WILL BE USED (lookin at you MCT & DCT which I use every fucking day).

A lot of techniques for studying commonly discussed don’t work as well for real maths, which is disappointing. I have only a few people that I can ask well about different techniques–aside from the standard “copy theorems! and proofs!” well yes, I’m already doing that, i’m asking if you do something else too. “Practice!” Jesus you sound like me to my students.