Since it’ll probably never come up in-comic, I felt like doodling Tabitha and her first girlfriend, Claudia. They dated in high school for just under a year, and it didn’t end very well. Claudia’s parents found out and shipped her off to a private Catholic school. The next time they saw each other, almost two years later, Claudia denied ever having felt anything for Tabitha whatsoever, and cut off all communication. The experience made Tabs a little gun-shy when it comes to dating other girls.

That year of art meme made me want to do an art progress check, and I figured the best and easiest way to do so would be to feature the same character so I could see how their design and my skill changed over time. It was quite interesting (and encouraging) :D I’m very slow to learn, apparently, but at least there’s noticeable changes lol

My struggle to go from pencil to pens to digital to shading and then to a whole other art program is glaringly obvious, too. (most of 2014’s pages were done in Manga Studio, whereas I stuck to Photoshop for the majority of the comic beforehand)

  • Justin:well its saturday, gonna show my ass
  • Justin:
  • Justin:
  • Justin:
  • Justin:wtf i did ?
  • Justin:fu*k delete delete delete
  • Justin:
  • Justin:
  • Justin:
  • Justin:
  • tomorrow on TV:Justin Bieber showed his ass because he smoke weed.
  • tomorrow on magazines:Justin Bieber show ass so that means : drunk and smoking weed in a slut bar
  • tomorrow with haters:Justin Biba showed his ass because he's gay and he want
  • tomorrow me:i think this is just the begining. im ready
Justin's videoclips on Youtube
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