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My Germany Experience

Hey there! My name is Maranda Butterfield and I am a student at Washington State University majoring in Physics and German, and will be doing study abroad this summer in Germany! The prospect of this trip is extremely exciting and I have spent many hours planning to make the most I can out of it. Working two jobs has helped fund this experience and to pay for the rest I am really hoping for donations. I’ve had quite a few contributors so far, and I am so thankful for their support. As of now I am looking at taking out a fairly large loan to cover the extra expenses, which is why I’m posting this. I will be running a blog for the two months I will be abroad as a way of sharing my experience with all of my supporters and if anyone is interested in this endeavor feel free to contact me.  Donations would be greatly appreciated, but even if you are unable to contribute I would still love to have you follow me along on my adventure. There are three different ways you can help me live my dream: First, I have a gofundme account ( where you can donate directly through the website. Secondly, my mom has also set up a P.O box (P.O Box 1066, Enumclaw, WA 98022) to be used where you can mail me directly, no third party service used. How does a P.O box help? Well, often times people will go to countries and come back and the money leftover will sit around, so if you have any Euros from your past trips I would be so grateful if you could mail any you don’t mind parting with to me. Every single person that contributes (no matter how small) will receive a personalized thank you letter from me. You can also mail checks or cash if the internet is something that makes you uncomfortable (Which is totally understandable). Thank you to all that are able and choose to donate, and I also understand if you cannot. Have a great day and please forward this/repost this! :)