Today is our last day in Zurich. Tomorrow we leave for Munich and begin the final stretch of tour. But before I get ahead of myself, let’s recap the last few weeks.

This special group of pics come from the Carnival Parade in Luzern. Switzerland was full of Carnival events to celebrate before lent, kind of their Mardi Gras and we came just in time for this one. Fun fact: “carnival” comes from the words “carne” and “vale” meaning “meat-leaves”. The festivities have been happening all over Europe and if this was a typical one, a visit to Italy’s is now a new edition to my bucket list.

The whole town was celebrating with events scheduled from 5am until very late in the evening. Crowds of costumes everywhere and the smell of fondue mixed with competing brass bands made for an exciting and slightly overwhelming day.

Everyone was in costume but unlike the Halloween basics of variations on playboy bunnies and Freddy we have come to know and love, the mask work seemed like it took months to prepare. We later learned that each float in the parade was sponsored by a city guild and each had their own political statement to make. Maybe that was why we were the only ones cheering for the band dressed in American Flags and Obama masks…