Swoop – Club 104.5 – WSNX – Guest Set

This week on club 104-5, Betamorph’s very own DJ Swoop was featured as the first installment of dubstep on TOP 40 RADIO. For all of you that love dubstep you know how big this is to have an entire hour dedicated to solely dubstep. We aren’t talking an indie radio station here either. 104.5 WSNX is the top radio station in West Michigan with a playlist that consists of mostly Top 40 music. So, having the opportunity to showcase our music to such a large audience is really a great privilege. Biggup to Brian “Freakshow” Holmes for his continued support of underground electronic music!

Tracklist TBA

Swoop - 104_5 - WSNX - 100310 (Right Click - Select “Save As” to download)

REQUEST: Sledgehammer

Rádio: 99.3 KISS FM 

Rádio: 104.7 WNOK

Rádio: 96.5 KISS-FM

Rádio: NOW 105

Rádio: 107.5 THE RIVER

Rádio: Z 104.3

Rádio: KEE 100

Rádio: G105

Rádio: PLANET 96.7

Rádio: 103.7 THE Q

Rádio: MIX 93.3

Rádio: CHANNEL 999

Rádio: HOT 107.9

Rádio: 97.3 KISSFM

Rádio: 106.1 KISS FM

Rádio: Z100 PORTLAND

Rádio: 100.3 KISS FM

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Rádio: B104

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Rádio: HOT 99.5

Rádio: FM 97

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Rádio: HOT 101.5

Rádio: 95.1 WAPE

Rádio: KISS 107

Rádio: 102.9 NOW

Rádio: MIX 106.1

Rádio: 99.5 FM

Rádio: 104.5 WSNX

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