Weird Shit in China

Hello, long-lost ones! 

I have decided to start a blog documenting all the weird and fabulous shit we see in China every day.. since… there is just so much potential content. Content, fucking everywhere! Juicy, delicious content, sleeping on sidewalks and pooping in inappropriate places. Oh, the content abounding in the hills! 

Hopefully I don’t disappear into one of Creedy’s black bags for this, or get banned from this great nation. So just to be clear- I love China. I am absolutely enthralled by it. But with all this overwhelming emotion comes a certain measure of WTF that just cannot be expressed through words alone. Weird Shit in China is my catharsis. It is the catharsis of my friends and family riding along with me in this fantasmical adventure of expat life. It’s basically just a bunch of random photos of stupid shit. 

Just thought I’d share. :]

Name: Song 

Age: 25+

Fandoms: A great deal. Marvel, Doctor Who, Sherlock, Star Wars/Trek/Gate, Merlin, Harry Potter. Look its a long list. But I’m open to new ones.

Special requirements: I wear glasses, but can’t wear contacts. I’m also very short. (I’ve cosplay hobbits so….) Characters with layers are great because binding is impossible. And I guess no oversized props as I have to travel to cons by train.

My hair is also like an orange red now, so wigs are preferable!