Bucky x WS x ACTING

DAMN THOUGH can we have a moment of appreciation for how different Bucky’s fighting style is compared to WS??

Credit for this absolutely goes to Sebastian Stan’s character work. In Civil War when Bucky is in a fight/in danger he’s literally so expressive, compared to the Dead Eyed Murder Glare™ we’re accustomed to from the Winter Soldier.


And it’s such a neat thing because Civil War Bucky is still super competent, he’s got the WS’s skills, but he’s also FREAKING THE HELL OUT HE DIDN’T ASK FOR ANY OF THIS


these wide-eyed OH FUCK facial expressions are like half the reason why the GET REKT jokes are so freaking funny, because it’s so different from how the Winter Soldier would’ve acted [[*analyzes a meme*]]

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But this is IMPORTANT because one of the things I was so relieved about from this movie was that it emphasized the separation between the Winter Soldier persona and Bucky’s ACTUAL PERSONALITY when he’s not being mind-controlled and forced to kill people.

Yeah, I have my gripes/nitpicks about the movie, lots of us do – but on this particular point I’m SO pleased with the respect that was shown for Bucky’s character. Most of the fans take it for granted that ~Bucky Barnes Is Not A Villian 2k14~, but he could have been written off that way!!! Even just by making less of a distinction between the Bucky that was controlled by Hydra and one who has his own internal life & personality.

I think we should appreciate the fact that the characterization we got could not have happened without collaboration from the creatives in charge: clear direction from the Russos, the writers using a strong narrative device like Bucky being programmed by trigger words, and of course Sebastian Stan acting his face off and totally changing his body language depending on which version he was portraying.


Rey *see Solo’s family* : …..

Rey: Where’s my family … *cry* I’m just alone …

Obi wan: No, you have a family , Rey .

Rey: ??? *see Obi wan*  Grandpa !

Obi wan: I’m so sorry Rey to leav you alone .

Rey: It’s ok Grandpa .

Obi wan : *smile and hug Rey* I love you Rey

Rey: I love you too Grandpa .


it’s done  ^^

a little comics  “kenobi’s family “
I really hope Rey is Obi-wan’s graddaugther  because for me  she looks like Obi wan .
I drew by listening on a loop Rey’s theme

Thank you again to @chaoticsentiments to have recommended to me.

Aprendi que eu não posso exigir o amor de ninguém. Posso apenas dar boas razões para que gostem de mim e ter paciência, para que a vida faça o resto.
—  William Shakespeare.
Aprende que heróis são pessoas que fizeram o que era necessário fazer, enfrentando as conseqüências. Aprende que paciência requer muita prática. Descobre que algumas vezes a pessoa que você espera que o chute quando você cai é uma das poucas que o ajudam a levantar-se.
—  William Shakespeare.