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You *could* (pleaseeeee) do an imagine about harry hurting his hand/not taking care of himself 😏

I definetly could…. I think I will, actually. (I wrote this super fast, might be a tad messy.) 

You rise up on your toes in interest when you hear the jangle of keys against your front door, setting down your book and picking up your tea mug as you await for the door to swing open.

When it does, it reveals your boyfriend who looks quiet cozy, a bag on his shoulder and coat in his hand as he pulls the keys out of the door and shuts it behind him.

“Where’d you go?” You ask, breaking the silence because you can’t wait any longer. 

His head snaps up from hanging the coat on one of the hooks you guys have lining the wall, looking at you with a shocked expression which quickly melts into a relaxed smile. 

“Went to the gym, thought yeh would still be asleep.” He mumbles, setting the back down with a thump as he makes his way over to you.

“The bed was cold.” You pout, taking him in as he stands in front of you. He’s got that big gray sweatshirt he’s been practically living in on, with a pair of shorts and tennis shoes.To top it all off, he’s wearing a beanie with his wild curls poking out around the edges. He has a striking resemblance to himself from 4 years ago. Except, now he looks like a grumpy old man when he frowns, not an anger driven teenager.

“ ‘M sorry, angel.” He apologizes, taking your head into his hands and pressing a kiss to the top of your head. Your eyes squeeze shut from the outside cold that is still lingering on his skin when he runs his fingers through your hair. 

“S’okay, I guess. Did you have a good workout?” You ask, swinging your arms around his waist and tugging him towards you before he can go anywhere.

He lets out a chuckle and wraps an arm around your shoulder, squeezing you to him. “S’fine, been too long since ‘ve gone.” 

“Mm, well you’ve been busy, love.” You mumble, taking a sip of your tea before you tilt your head back to look up at him.  

He smirks at you while running a hand over the crown of your head, pressing your most likely messy bed hair down, “Yeah, but I should’ve made time.” 

You roll your eyes at him before you set your mug down and tug on his sweatshirt, lowering him down to you.

“What’s this?” He asks warmly, peering  at you with inquisitive eyes. 

“Kiss.” You supply simply, puckering your lips.

He laughs, a swift gentle laugh before he leans down further to oblige. His lips are cold too, and your nose scrunches up at the feeling. He nudges his nose with yours before pulling away, “S’that peppermint tea yeh got?” He licks his lips with a smacking sound.

“Mhm, want to try some?” You ask, offering your mug up to him. He takes it from you and blows at the steaming liquid a bit before bringing it up to his lips. 

“S’good, we should get more.” He concludes, ducking down to take a another sip before you can scold him to get his own tea. 

But you’re not concerned about the tea, when the white bandage on his hand has caught your eye. You frown, taking the mug from him and setting it down with a  clang before you take his hand and observe it, carefully tracing your fingers over the bandage. 

“What did you do?” You scold, eyes flashing up at him with scorn. You’re afraid to lift the bandage, if you’re being honest. Harry had a knack for accidentally hurting himself and it makes your stomach do summersaults. When he had first come home with a  bandage and an achy back from filming, you had freaked out.

“S’nothing, love. Just a little sore from boxing.” He soothes you, squeezing your hand gently.

“Let me see, then.” You counter with a raise of your eyebrows.

“Don’t believe me, do yeh?” He says with scoff as he begins to unwrap the bandage from around his hand.

You lean forward a peek a little, relieved to see that there isn’t any scathing red coloring his hand but you watch him wince as he flexes his hand and your heart jumps as if you’re the one in pain.

“Harry! Be careful!”  You cry, reaching forward and grabbing his hand again.

“S’my hand, pet. Don’t know wha’ else I can do..” He’s teasing you, and you’re not having any of it. 

“You’re a bloody- god, Harry I just wish you’d take care of yourself. Don’t like seeing you… hurt.” You murmur, the last word falling from your mouth with sorrow.

“M’fine, sweetheart. No need t’worry.” He reassures you suddenly, darting forward and cupping your cheek with his injured hand.

You meet his eyes and he’s being sincere, and there’s nothing else you can quite do so you sigh with defeat, nuzzling your cheek into his touch. “No more boxing. Not until it feels better, you hear me?” 

He smirks, dimple popping at your command but he nods nonetheless. “Course, whatever yeh say love.”

“Good.” You conclude, turning your cheek to press a kiss to his palm before you get up to get another kettle of tea brewing for him. 

He comes up behind you suddenly, hand gripping your bum and giving it a possessive squeeze. “Yeh know.. there’s something I can think o’ t’make my hand feel better..” He rasps warm into your ear, before smacking your bum with a cracking sound that overpowers the screaming kettle. 

So let me tell you a story about this guy I know, he’s sorta shy, really quiet and the type who likes to keep to himself. He has a hard time living in the world we live in and he’s not the type to follow the crowd or keep up with rapid change in society. He is incredibly gorgeous, my goodness he has those eye, those dreamy eyes that make you weak at the knees. He has a smile, a smile so radiant it will forever be indented into your memory no matter how hard you try to erase it. He is broken and some nights he wishes to never see another waking day, he is the type to have 2am thoughts about things he shouldn’t be thinking about. He is scared, scared of love so he pushes it away in the hopes that you’ll pull him closer. He is possessive over what is his and no one can take what is his. He will love you like no one ever has before, he will creep into your mind when you try to leave the thought of him behind. He is all kinds of wrong but loving him has become your drug and no matter how hard anyone else tries, no one will steal your heart the way this boy did.
—  t.i // To the boy I fell madly in love with.

Maybe someday i’ll get you out of my head.

Maybe someday you’ll tell me you love me again.

Maybe someday we’ll have our own little happy ending.

Maybe someday.

—  brokensayings #7 // @aestxetics​ instagram 

i dont want you
i need you
i crave you
i crave for you to be mine
i crave to be yours
i cant fall asleep because the thought of your arms wrapped around me consumes me
i spend day and night thinking about how it will feel like to kiss you
how your pink, soft lips will feel against my own
if our lips will fit and move together perfectly
i wanna feel your hands roam around my body, until they finally settle on my hips
i wanna feel you slightly pull away to catch your breath, resting your forehead on mine
i wanna see your awfully contagious smile in that moment, bringing me so much joy
joy followed by worry of having now fallen in love with you too deeply
this is not a childish crush anymore
this is love, and im terrified
-all the love, butterkid
ps- idk what to post so i’m giving y'all this thing i wrote (that i will probably delete soon js)

Double Meaning | Pt. 1

Pairing: 2Jae

Genre: Comedy, fluff??

Word Count: 1,299

Description: Jaebum finds the most beautiful man in his life. Youngjae finds something completely different.

A/N: I wanted to make this, I have no regrets, expect more lol.

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His one day off this week has been a terrible experience thus far for Jaebum, and he could only think of going to his favorite little cafe that he always went to clear his thoughts.

Jaebum walked into the cafe one fateful afternoon, and he did not expect to see what he saw. Eyes widening, breath shortening, he took a step forward…many steps forward to the most beautiful person he’d ever met. Basically in front of him, Jaebum realized he’d look creepy if he just sat down without any sort of coffee or something, so he turned around and proceeded to order an iced americano.

Jaebum needed a game plan to talk for the beautiful being. “I don’t want to be a creep,” Jaebum thought as he glanced around the cafe, seeing all of the empty tables. He couldn’t let this man…his possible soulmate…maybe even an actual angel with looks like that…run away. Jaebum was pretty suave when it came to those he liked. People always told him he was chic and sexy, so maybe sitting with this magical human-wait no-this magical ethereal being wouldn’t be off putting.

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Tell me.

Tell me it isn’t true. Tell me that you once loved me and you never intended to play my heart like a violin.
Tell me.

Tell me before I fall apart. Tell me before I run into the arms of another person that will do the same.
Tell me.

Tell me so I don’t make the same mistake again. Tell so that I can reconcile with myself.

I just wanted to be loved, is that a crime?

—  Sumaya Addish// an excerpt from the book I’ll never write
This year shall be my year.
I will not be beaten by my past.
I will rise and be free. 
Never surrender to my demons,
This year I am going to make it.
—  Philippa A. Madsen - My year

14/2/2017 Happy Valentine’s day people!❤️ 

 Today I made something special. I made my first “little video” - Study w/ me. I hope you like it! If so I will definitely post more of these! ☺️ ..I wrote some geography notes today☺️

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