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Art Masterlist


oldest first

HC MC showering and fainting in their apartment

MC working in a maidcafe

MC/you asking the RFA to be your pretend boyfriend

You /MC  go shopping with a friend you end up dressing something too sexy and a RFA member happens to see you

You have a Party with the RFA

7 minutes in heaven or hell RFA edition

The RFA getting jealous for no real reason

The RFA giving you a massage

RfA reaction to you looking younger then you are

The RFA Thinks you like someone else

Blind date with the RFA + Unknown

A coworker is hitting on you and the RFA reacts to it

You try to confess your love to a RFA member

How you celebrate your RFA members birthday

The RFA + Saeran on White day

You are tripping and RFA reactions to it

You meet a RFA member but is not allowed to tell them who you are

The RFA teaching you how to dance

RFA and V react to mc dancing to the complete routine of bet on it/bet on me from hsm 2 flawlessly

RFA+V+Saeran react to an MC who forgot her own birthday

The RFA members Saeran and V eating Samyang - spicy Korean ramen

You walk in while a RFA member is changing or showering   nsfw-ish

RFA when they had a bad day and you have bad period cramps

RFA’s +minor trio reactions to their crush doing the “can you hold something?” and puts their hand in theirs and keeps it there trick

RFA + V + Saeran react to a MC is a musical actress in the musical heathers she is Veronica and Zen is J.D

RFA + minor trio reacting to mc being oblivious to how horrible she sounds and looks while singing and dancing at a karaoke bar

RFA+ Saeran meeting MCs first love

RFA+Saeran+V react to a MC crying in front of a laptop because of a TV show she’s been following for 11 years and it just ended

What the RFA does with you on a lazy rainy day super fluffy fluff

RFA+V+Saeran react to MC avoiding them because she is sick

The RFA reacts to finding MC’s sketchbook being full of sketches + doodles of them

RFA + Saeran about MC that breakdown because someone important to her just passed away

Your second date with the RFA

RFA+Saeran reacting to an MC who tends to bottle up her emotions

RFA+V and Saeran having to take care of their newborn baby alone during the first few weeks

RFA + V & Saeran react to MC being a good witch

RFA+ minor trio coming home to small MC that made them cookies

RFA+Saeran react to MC having an ex-best friend who now stalks, mimics her, and flirts with them

RFA reacting to a small MC that fell asleep on the floor waiting for them to come home

RFA+Saeran reacting to you who woke up in the night crying because you had a nightmare about them

RFA+Saeran+V. Reacting to seeing a past video of a drunk and wild teenage MC at a party

RFA+Saeran reacting to small MC that sucks thier thumb when she sleeps

RFA+Saeran react to having a huge fight with MC, who then goes to stay at a friend’s house

RFA+Saeran reacting to MC who is insecure about her laughter

RFA + Saeran reacting to a writer MC who has been struggling with a chapter

RFA+Saeran react to a MC that goes out somewhere with a friend

The RFA with a really ticklish MC

The RFA reacting to Mc that is insecure about being a parent

RFA and V and Saeran reacting to past MC being super badass by getting into fist fights

The RFA walking in while you clean the shower and you are naked  *nsfw- ish

The RFA keeping you warm *fluff

MM boys+Saeran where they find out you self harm   * trigger warning

 RFA+minor Trio with a very beautiful MC

RFA+saeran how they cuddle //show affection *fluff

RFA reacting to making MC laugh really hard

RFA + Saeran react to MC coming home late the phone died and she has some stage makeup on

RFA react to MC dancing and singing to a Ed Sheeran song and wakeing them up

You showering and fainting in their apartment - Minor trio edition

RFA+V+Saeran play soccer on an empty field with you

RFA+minor trio come home to MC they find thier crying in the corner with thier phone on speaker and their mom is yelling at them

RFA+Minor trio come home to you doing the downward dog yoga pose

RFA+Minor trio react to you comeing out of the shower with nothing but a towel wrapped arround you

RFA+Minor trio Decide to have a dance battle with you and you do the grind on me dance move

RFA reacts to you cooking and humming/singing a random Disney song

RFA+Saeran react to an MC with a splint and a cane +  being stubborn

RFA+Minor trio play soccer with you and surprise you with cuddles and steal the ball

RFA+minor trio do the try not to laugh challenge with you

RFA reacting to MC pregnant and suddenly her water breaks but her not freaking out

RFA +minor trio react to a butterfly that lands thier nose

RFA+ minor trio playing the pocky game

RFA+minor trio wake up from you calling their full name

RFA reacting to a MC who’s loud and lively in the chat but really shy

RFA+Minor trio is annoying you and make a silly face that is actual cute

RFA and thier kids

RFA+Minor Trio come up behind MC and start to tickling mc gets them with a kiss

RFA+ V finding out about MC/You being bisexual

RFA+V are your surprise prom date

RFA + Saeran reacting to a MC who looks like a child/minor

RFA minus 707 react to MC who never been kissed before

RFA+Saeran reacting to you haveing a pet dragon

RFA with a super rich MC that invites them on a romantic date

RFA + Saeran racting to your super cute pet that is scretly evil *or just cute*

You sing a lullaby for the RFA

707, Zen and Jumin with an introverted MC

The mysme boys begin to feel attraction for another girl

RFA +V and Saeran - MC has an identical twin end up talking to her twin instead of you

RFA + minor trio reacting to MC laying upside down and doing crazy little dance moves

Zen,707 and Saeran reacting to MC, who cutely dances to Barbie girl

addon to the barbie girl HC with Yoosung and Jumin

RFA + V, discovering MC jamming to The Crush song by Issa Twaimz

Yoosung,707 and Saeran playing basketball with you 1v1

RFA reaction when you put stuff in your bra

The RFA helping you with your sleeping issues

Zen,Jumin and V reacting to you,who is quite tough, but gets really cute when they are alone

add on - with 707, Saeran and Vanderwood

RFA+V+Saeran reacting to you having down syndrome

Zen,Saeran,Jumin+V MC save them from accident and  can’t see or walk or both anymore *trigger heavy*

V,Yoosung,and Saeran reacting to Mc wearing a short skater skirt with a crop top *nsfw~ish*

 Zen,Yoosung,Saeyoung and Saeran reacting to you, cooking in the kitchen while listening and singing to body party-by Ciara

RFA Date Headcanons

RFA with a muslim  mc

RFA+V reacting to lingerie model!MC

Saeran and Vanderwood reacting to lingerie model mc

The RFA just don’t get that you love them

rfa + minor trio reacting to a fitness mc that eat healthy food and do a lot of exercise

The RFA boys say the name of someone else while thier are intimate with you

RFA discovering that MC’s a werewolf

RFA with a MC who has major trust issues

RFA reacting to Mc working at Disney World

One shot fanfics

MC is nervous to leave her and Zens kids with 707 and Unknown short fic

small fanfic Jumin reacting to MC with a marilyn monroe type mole on her upper lip

Vanderwood react to MC who is a musical actress in the musical heathers she is veronica and zen is j.d    small extra

MC throws a party and invites RFA+ minor trio and her friends

Zen and MC haveing thier first fight short fic

You have a stalker Zen only headcanon

RFA+Saeran reacting to smol MC pretending she’s going to whisper something to them but kisses them on the cheek

Alptraum Labyrinth  fanfic with Zen

V wants to take pictures of you but you think that you are ugly

MC×Jumin go on a vacation to some random country but lose eachother

Zen struggles with his new role

Rapunzel AU fic, with MC as Rapunzel

MC x Jumin fanfic the reader is rich and Jumin has no idea

Zen helps you over a bad day with cuddels 

MC x Jumin au /fanfic they first meet at the party and that MC’s hidden talent is her beautiful singing

Zen reacting to MC who is training to become a secondary school teacher *HC

Zen x MC with their daughter 

ZenxMC hen night/Bachelorette Party

707xMC hen night/ Bachelorette Party

a fight between Vanderwood and Zen *don´t worry its not that bad* 

Group vaction with the RFA

MCxJumin Jumins birthday party

 Zen x MC playing just dance 2016-the one that I want  - mc is playing dirty to win

RFA + Minor trio going on a week long ski trip for Christmas

RFA + V decide to go camping for a week in the summer

RFA goes on a beach vacation and Jumin sees MC for the first time in a Bikini

Zen reacts to a MC who really hates mornings

Fallen Angel ft. Zen  angst + trigger warning for a possible suicide

Jumin tires to confess to you part 1 I  part 2 done

Zen comes late at night home

Colorblind ft. V/Jihyun Kim

Soulkey ft 707/ Saeyoung plus bonus fanart

The RFA dealing with a loopy MC after a trip to the dentist

Zen x Reader have a drinking competition

Zen x Reader - Zen is still in the gang

Once its over ft Jumin

Zen meets your parents, but they recognize him from his gang days

Reader insert - MC is an undercover cop investigating RFA & Mint Eye

Ray mini fic, MC forgot their important plushy in their apartment

Blue eyes Investigations ft.Jumin

707/Saeyoung with an MC/SO breaking down whenever someone yells

Multi chapter Stories*newest first*

The ghost in the Hospital ft, the RFA  part 2  I part 3  done

Nights of desire ft. 707xReader I Zen x Reader  I part 2 I part 3 I part 4

The place you belong to ft Jumin x Readerpart 2   I  part 3   done

Bittersweet Memories  ft ZenxfemReader I part 2part 3

How to save a Princess MCXZen -trigger warning  I  part 2  I part 3part 4    part 5   done

Cinderella on the Moon Mystic Messenger fairytale

part 2   part 3   part 4   part 5  part 6  part 7  part 8  part 9  part 10   part 11 part 12  part 13  part 14  part 15

Other thinks

that not fit anywhere else

Zen gives you a massage

How you get your Jumin Han to become your butler

Zen – vs the evil fluffy Rabbit of doom aka Usagichan !

Zen´s reaction to a very attractive MC who likes to wear tight clothes *HC

707 reacting to Mc’s sketchbook full of doodles of him

V-day Special

You / MC making  V-day chocolate Part 1 Zen

You / MC making  V-day chocolate Part 2 Yoosung

You / MC making  V-day chocolate Part 3 Jaehee

You / MC making  V-day chocolate Part 4 Jumin

You / MC making  V-day chocolate Part 5  707

You / MC making  V-day chocolate Part 6 extra 1 Unknown

You / MC making  V-day chocolate Part 6 extra 2 Saeran

You hate V-day and RFA Reaction to it

I say I am better than the way you treat me, but I continue to let you apologize to me even as her kisses stain your lips.
So what does that make me?
I am not a sacrifice upon your altar, my love. I am skin and bones and maybe I am sick of being a martyr. I am weary of dying for you, tired of lying and waiting for you, exhausted of trying to make things right with you. I am so tired of having my heart broken with wild abandon and gut wrenching apathy. I want to be loved without question, needed without expectation. I want hands in my hair that do not weave half truths, I want sweet words that don’t taste bitter on my tongue, I want someone to look at me with something other than base desire or apology. I can’t stand being torn between loving myself and loving you, for I hate myself when I send you texts you never care to respond to, my skin seems to trap me when I know you’re touching hers. I am sick to my stomach of loving you even though I can’t deny the fact you still keep me up at night. I tell my friends if I could forget you I would, but it’s hard to admit to myself that if I was ever given that choice, or any choice at all, I’d choose you. You are at once my sweetest memory and my greatest regret, and it maybe that says far more about me than it does about you.
—  a (8.2.17) maybe it’s not that you don’t love me enough to stay but I don’t love myself enough to leave


Come sail with me, sail
across, the vast ocean that is life
Come sail with me, sail
life’s choppy sea, sail it as my wife

We’ll sail along, sailing as
waves rise & fall, creating our own wake
Skimming over waters,
calm & stormy, every day new chances to take

We’ll take on passengers,
sons & daughters, all sailing life’s sea together
Sailing for as long as we can,
as mother & father, but no ship can sail forever

We will stop one day,
on an island remote, one that we’ve created
Then sit down for a while,
enjoying the calm, our life’s voyage contemplated

We’ll walk the shore,
hands entwined, leaving footprints in our sand
Gazing over our sea,
all there to see, looking back while we still can

Then one day we
will just dive in, dive deep beneath the waves
Diving deeper down below,
together forever, as told neither can be saved

From the bottom we’ll
glance, back up to sunlight, golden shafts beaming through
Our tears will mix,
with salty ocean, for the life that we once knew

By shore they’ll sit,
looking over our sea, children together holding hands
Then in crafts of their own,
they’ll sail to new islands, to make footprints in their sand

Until they like us, dive beneath,
swirling & crashing waves too
Diving deep down below,
their own ocean’s waters, to join us in deep blue

—  In my thinking
Why is everything I love ripped from my hands
—  Can I just have a break?// t.q.
I don’t know, was it Monday morning when the sky cried and I started smiling again or was it Thursday in the afternoon when the sunset shown me a new hope? I couldn’t really recognize the day, the specific one when my heart took a rest from beating for you. I mean, I was good with loving you in silence, without being reciprocated anymore but it’s just, one day came and I got so tired and eventually stopped. I don’t know when, I just did.
—  her (MIS), fading sunset
Your love for me was an internal flame. Setting fire to what was once incombustible . Your actions echoed louder than your words, making your silence my comfort
—  silence
I hope publishers take note

Sending ARCs to booklrs is awesome. I just got reviews on my new book, Starstruck, and the dedication of reviewers to get into the details and the nitty gritty was impressive, AND got my publisher’s attention.

One reviewer, for example, noted a problematic scene - a scene I never intended to be a problem, but came off as wrong. It made it past the sensitivity reader because they ‘got’ it. Publisher asked if I could rewrite it, I did so enthusiastically, and now the problem is gone. Poof. Problem solved. It was that easy. 

So how the heck do awfully racist and hateful books (The Continent, The Black Witch) make it into mass market? Hundreds of fans speak out against their problematic nature, and the pub house just choses to ignore them, hoping the problem will go away?

Come on. We can do better than this. 

For quite a while now I’ve been thinking about creating a space that supports and shares some of the amazing poetry I receive every day from readers. A space where I can collaborate, curate and actually create new projects and perspectives with you through writing. 

Although I don’t want to give away any specific details until anything is confirmed, I thought I would let you all know that it is on my mind, and it is something I want to bring to life in some form or another very, very soon. 

How do you tell pretty words apart from actual feelings?
—  I can’t tell the difference anymore// t.q.

·.·´¯`·.·★ [ 𝓣𝓨𝓡𝓞𝓝𝓔 𝓢𝓜𝓘𝓣𝓗𝓔𝓡𝓢  ] ★·.·´¯`·.·★

Weight: Unknown
Height: 6'1" or 186cm  
Hair Colour: Black
Eye Colour: Blue 
Birth Place:  Canada 
Date Of Birth: Unknown   

Why am I not enough ?

So I got this idea this evening of a little angst ereri drabble, and here this thing happens. For some reasons I thought writing it in english instead of my usual french would be a good idea, and also thought why not publish it on tumblr ? So here it is read it and enjoy ?

“Why am I not enough ?“

Levi voice is fill with anger makes Eren shiver.  But there is more than anger has he says those words.  Fear, confusion, sadness, and above all despair that makes Eren’s heart squeeze in his chest,

"Why am I not enough for you ?”

He asks again, locking their eyes together. Eren’s air escapes his lungs, as he loses himself in those piercing silver eyes, full of questions and regrets.

“Why am I not enough for you to stay?”

Eren feels like his body has turn to stone, every inch of himslef seems to be heavier, he can’t move, he can’t talk, he can’t avert his gaze. It’s not the first time they had this fight, but it certainly will be the last. Levi moves closer, kneeling next to him, and resting his forearm on his lap.

“Why are we not enough ?”

It’s more than what Eren can handle. He swallows hardly, holding back his tears, and turns his face away, as he wispers :

“You know why…”

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