No matter what anybody tells you, words and ideas can change the world…We don’t read and write poetry because it’s cute. We read and write poetry because we are members of the human race. And the human race is filled with passion. And medicine, law, business, engineering, these are noble pursuits and necessary to sustain life. But poetry, beauty, romance, love, these are what we stay alive for.
—  Dead Poets Society, Dir. Peter Weir
Guide: How to Give Your Story a Purpose

Anonymous asked: Hi! I’m writing novel and I’m having a really hard time figuring out filler events. I’ve got basic things that happen but nothing is really that exciting, to be honest. It’s just basic interactions with a group of around ten people. I guess I’m not really sure what my point of the novel is and I know I want it to mean something more than an abstract representation of who I am.

Well, you never want to have “filler events” in a novel, because all they do is waste time, and readers don’t like to have their time wasted.

Instead, do this:

1. Choose a conflict for your story.

Conflict is the engine which drives the story forward. Without it you have a flat story. It sounds complicated, but conflict is just the struggle that the story is all about. The conflict of Harry Potter series was the struggle to defeat Voldemort. The conflict of The Hunger Games series was the struggle to defeat the Capitol (first by winning The Hunger Games, then by winning the rebellion.) And the conflict of The Lord of the Rings series was the struggle to destroy the One Ring and bring peace to the land. But a conflict doesn’t have to be so grand–it can be as simple as the struggle to survive your senior year of high school, the struggle to make friends in a new town, or the struggle to win the heart of the cute guy who runs the yogurt stand near your work. Whatever you choose, this struggle–this conflict–will fill out your story and give it the point that it’s currently missing.

2. Choose a goal for your characters.

Conflict is the struggle itself, but the goal is the point the characters are struggling toward. In The Hunger Games, Katniss wasn’t really looking to defeat the Capitol so much as she just wanted to survive. It just so happened that in order to do that, she had to thwart and then defeat the Capitol. If your conflict is the struggle to survive the last year of high school, the goal the character is struggling toward might be to get good grades and stay out of trouble. The goal is tied to the main conflict but is more personal to the character.
3. Figure out your character’s motivation.

Motivation drives the character through the struggle, toward the goal. It’s the reason that they want to win the struggle. It’s why they do everything that they do. Why did Katniss want to survive? Because she wanted to take care of her loved ones. Why does your character want to get good grades and stay out of trouble all year? Maybe success means parental permission to backpack across Europe over the summer. Once you choose your character’s motivation, your character’s actions will make more sense.

4. Decide on an antagonist.  
You can’t have a struggle without an opposing force. If you had a tug o’ war with people on only one end of the rope, they would pull the rope and instantly win. They would have nothing to struggle against, and it would be boring. But if you put people on the other end of the rope, pulling with all of their might, now the people on the other end of the rope have something to struggle against. The antagonist is the person, people, thing, things on the opposite end of the rope. Every time your character starts to gain ground in the tug o'war struggle of your story, it’s the antagonist’s job to yank hard on that rope and cause your protagonist to lose ground. The motivation provides the pull from the character’s end, the antagonist provides the pull form the opposite end.  The antagonist can be a super villain, it could be a well-meaning but overstrict parent, it could be bullies, a catastrophic weather event, an evil dystopian government–whatever you want. And it doesn’t have to be something bad. It just has to be something which, for whatever reason, creates obstacles to whatever goal your character is trying to reach.

5. Choose obstacles.

Once you’ve settled on your antagonist (or antagonists if you have more than one), you need to figure out what obstacles will best stand in your protagonist’s way. You should choose some they can tackle easily, and some that will throw them off their game. Sometimes they will fail and come back at it a second time and triumph. If your antagonist is a strict teacher, perhaps the first obstacle is a pop quiz which your character aces without batting an eyelash. But maybe the next obstacle is a group assignment–which is bad news for your character who doesn’t play well with others. The group assignment goes south and results in a D grade for the character. So, the character has to figure out how to tackle that bad grade and bring it up. Perhaps they choose to do extra credit which fails to get the grade up above a C. This is an “all is lost” moment for the character, but then maybe they do something great in class and the teacher awards them with more extra credit, which brings their grade up to a B. Your protagonist is ready to pack their bags from Europe when they find out that the final exam will account for a whopping 75% of their grade–mom and dad require all A’s for the trip to be a go… can your character do it? The uncertainty as your character attacks each obstacle is part of what keeps the reader turning pages.

When you’ve done all of the above, you’ll find that your story comes together much easier and that you suddenly have much more to write about. This is just the tip of the iceberg, but it’s enough to get your story to a much better place. :)
Little One

summary: In which Dan falls in love with a tall boy that likes coffee and calls him ‘little one’.

genre: pure fluff

warnings: none

wordcount: 2 758

a&n: okay i’ve been working on this for a while and the nickname is from zalfie bc alfie calls zoe little one and its the cutest thing in history so i had to write something sorry, also normally i don’t like to use nicknames in fics bc it makes me feel cringy but the reason i use it in this one is p clear and its adorable okay go on read its v cute

also this fic got nominated for best fluff in phanfic’s award thing and actually won that category wtf which is absolutely amazing so yeah thank you so so much to all of you for voting and this means so much to me so thank you!!1


Dan’s hair is damp and it’s curling at the edges. He’s laughing all whilst groaning about how his hair is going to look like shit in an hour and Phil can barely focus on walking straight because Dan’s there, right next to him, and he can’t fucking believe it.

“You don’t understand how seriously I take my hair business,” Dan mumbles, a faint pling sounding from somewhere above them as they enter a small cafè somewhere in Manchester, and Phil can’t help but giggle.

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Maybe someday i’ll get you out of my head.

Maybe someday you’ll tell me you love me again.

Maybe someday we’ll have our own little happy ending.

Maybe someday.

—  brokensayings #7 // @aestxetics​ instagram 
#62: He's Your Teacher | Part 5







“Hey Adam, can I speak to you for a second?” Y/BF/N asked as he saw him on the hallway. ”So I heard you and Y/N have been chatting?“ Her sudden question made his smile fade and a curious expression with a raised eyebrow appeared on his face. “Sorry, what?” He asked shaking himself out of thought with his head. “What?” She asked, raising an eyebrow as well. “You didn’t talk to her?” Y/BF/N crossed her arms as she spoke, titling her head to the side. “I haven’t shared eye contact with her for months?” He confessed, a smirk starting to play on his lips.

“You’re serious? She spoke quietly, looking at him daring. "Of course I am. Seems like she’s been lying and playing you like a fool.” He snickered shutting his locker. “She would never do that!” Y/BF/N defended building up an anger. “Then why did she say she was with me when she clearly weren’t?” He said quietly crossing his arms and eyeing her up and down. Y/BF/N stood still looking at him with no emotion, his words echoing in her brain as she tried to register what the possible reason could be then. “It was nice talking to you Y/BF/N.” He gave her a smirk before he shoved his gym bag over his shoulder and heading towards the gym leaving her speechless at the hallway.

His thoughts were running around in curiosity as he asked by himself on the hallway but a faint sound of a male moan made his body stop in track, his eyes going wide but with knitted eyebrows afterwards. The faint sound appeared again and his ears registered it came from the classroom across from him.

Adam hesitated but walked towards the door and opening it quietly and slightly afraid of scaring whoever was in there. His jaw hung down to his knees as he noticed you sitting on Mr. Hemmings’ lap, one hand inside his flannel and the other one going around his hair as his was on your breast, a small groan leaving his lips as you pulled into the back of his hair in the neck. Adam stood frozen, didn’t bugging to move but he panic as you pulled back, hiding from the door and leaning against the wall in the hallway.

 "I have to go now.“ You laughed making a pout form on Luke’s lips, his desire for more kisses burning in his veins. "Fine. Get up early I wanna see you before class again tomorrow.” He smiled standing up from the chair and taking his bag. “We’ll see.” You teased sticking your tongue out at him and grabbing your stuff. “I’ll see you, ”, you grabbed the base of his neck and pulled him down for a kiss, “Tomorrow.” You whispered as you pulled back brushing your lips against his. A smile appeared on his lips as he watched you walking out of class.

Dragging your feet down the hallway, the echoing sound of footsteps that weren’t yours made you stop in track to look back, a jolt running through your body as Adam stood closer than you expected, your heart starting to pound faster than usual. “Jesus you scared the grab out of me.” You breathed turning around fully to watch him better, his statement quiet but a smirk was playing on his lips.

”I see you and Mr. Hemmings share a few more things than just math examples.“

He cocked his head as he spoke, enjoying watching you as you started to stammer not knowing what to answer or do. "You saw us?” You managed to get out. “Oh I did. That was the reason why you lied to Y/BF/N and used me as a cover up.” “Please don’t tell anyone.” You pleaded, looking at him guilty as your bottom lip was trembling.

“I won’t. On one condition. We’ll get back together.”

He took you aback by the mention, an anger building in your body. “I- I can’t do that.” “Fine. Hey Mr. Flour I need to talk to you for a second.” He suddenly yelled towards a teacher walking towards her and a panic spread through your body, your feet dragging yourself towards him and grabbing his hand pulling him back, intertwining your fingers. “What?” He asked looking over at you and Adam. “I just wanted to wish you a pleasant day.” Adam expressed and walked past him with you.

Back in the classroom Luke had noticed your jacket still being placed on your desk so his movements were fast as he grabbed it, ready to run out and give it to you. But as he came out on the hallway, sadness took over him and toying with his heart as he watched you walking further down the hallway with your hands intertwined with Adam’s. Luke grabbed his tie harshly feeling choked as his thoughts were running around, the feeling of being used and his heart broken into pieces as he tried to find a conclusion to why you were with him. Everything didn’t seem to give sense, making a sudden rage build through Luke and he marched back to the classroom in frustration, hurt and anger building in his veins as he tried to figure out what to do.


The day had been utter shit to be honest. When you had woken up this morning, pure ratty pulsing from your veins as you walked down the hallway towards your locker as just had finished 4th Period. You didn’t even know why you were this mad; everyone has a bad day at times. Your hand was barely allowed to touch the locker knob, the sound of a girl clearing his throat next to you made your hand fall back to your side, turning your head to see Miranda.   

“Hey Y/N.” She smiled making you take a look at her, your eyes scanning her body as she gave you a smirk. “What do you want?” You asked turning around fully to look at her. “I’m not in a mood for a lovely chit chat if you haven’t noticed.” You growled, crossing your legs, the tiredness in your eyes never disappearing. “I just wanted to talk, no rage please.” She cocked her head as she looked at you. “Fine. Speak.” You raised your arms in the air defeated, crossing your arms afterwards and looking at her questionably. “You know Mr. Hood right?” She asked like it wasn’t an obvious. “What about him?” You asked, a gutted rush running through your spine by the mention of him. “You seem to be very close with him.” She smiled grabbing out her phone. “He’s a great teacher.” You nodded your head, your eyes burning onto her phone. “You know what I’m considering?” She asked, locking her phone. “What?” You fake cheered, loosening your arms. “I’m going to ask him to go out with me.” “Why would he go date a student?” You blurted, a rage starting to build in your veins. “When I said close, I didn’t mean it in the innocent way. I can see it in the way he looks at you. There’s more to come.”

“Miranda, you’re pushing my nerves, and you fucking know it.” You said more quietly, now, looking at her deadly. Since it was the last period, all the other students had headed home by now. “We both know that if Mr. Hood had to date one of us, it would be me.” She hissed making fire built up in your veins, dead in your eyes when you suddenly grabbed her, pushing her against the floor as you sat on top of her. The both of you were rolling around switching positions in rage, trying to hurt each other in every possible way.

It was like time stopped when you and Miranda was tore apart, a pair of arms sneaking around your furious form to pull you away. “Let me go!” You screeched, wiggling uncontrollably in the grip. “Calm down Y/N.” Calum whispered in your ear repeatedly, backing you away from Miranda. “I’ll take her to another class room, make sure she doesn’t do something she’ll regret in rage.” Calum yelled towards the other teacher who was holding Miranda, him nodding his head. Calum opened a classroom with his foot and closing it with it afterwards. He still had a grip on you has he backed over to the teacher’s desk, slightly sitting there with you in his arms. “Let go off me.” You mentioned once again with no emotion in your voice making him knit his eyebrows yet letting go of his grip. “What happened?” He questioned as you stood in front of him now.

“Nothing.” You mumbled quietly, removing some hair away from your forehead. Calum gave you an unconvinced expression, “You’re lying to me.” “I just don’t wanna talk about it okay.” You hissed your arms falling from your hair and down to your waist dangling. “You know you can talk to me right.” He mumbled, grabbing your hands and intertwining your fingers. The sudden feeling of his touch made an uncomfortable feeling run down your spine, your body wanting to get as far away from his as possible. “Tell me.” He pressed on, trying to get any eye contact with you. When you wouldn’t bug, he let out a small sigh, looking up at the ceiling and biting his lip before he spoke up.

“I’m really sorry to say this babe but I have to give you detention.” “What?!” You yelled furiously turning around to look at him, Calum winching by your now harsh tone. “You can’t be serious about this.” You stated looking wide eyed at him in disbelief. “You know it’s a part of my job. I have to.” Calum started to walk over to you making you back away slightly your back almost hitting the wall. “You think I was the one starting the fight?” “I don’t care who started it, it’s against the school rules.” “But walking in on your student changing or having sex with her in the changing room isn’t?” Your blood was boiling as you asked the question, your eyes staring at him waiting for an answer. “I suggest you leave now.” Calum said in a monotone grabbing the door handle next to him opening the door.

“Gladly.” You said, the sarcasm lingering in the air as you pushed through Calum to leave, letting him stay alone in the classroom to his thoughts.


“Hey Y/N, I can give you a ride today if you want?” Your brother asked as he watched you leaning against the counter in the kitchen, your phone in your hand as you were typing endlessly on the screen, your eyes focused. “No thanks.” You mumbled sounding occupied, not removing your eyes. “Fine..” He mumbled walking out of the kitchen and towards his room to grab his bag. The sound of a horn from a car appeared outside and a smile came upon your lips as you grabbed your bag and swung it over your shoulder. “Bye Y/B/N.” You yelled without waiting for an answer, opening the door and running towards Michael’s car. When he heard the door smack, he ran towards one of the windows and looked outside, seeing you give Mr. Clifford a kiss on the cheek inside the car. There was no doubt now in his mind, the colored hair and tattoos said it all in the daylight, it was Mr. Clifford.

A knock from the door made Michael look up from his papers, his eyebrows knitting in irritation as he was just in the middle of correcting a Society assignment. “Come in.” He groaned before throwing the pencil to the table, leaning back in his seat and crossing his arms, watching as Y/B/N came into the room. “Ahh, Y/B/N, nice to see you, I was just correcting your assignment.” Michael smiled, leaning forward again and grabbing his pencil. “Ohh.. Nice I guess.” He mumbled, eyeing Michael skeptical as he walked forward, taking a seat on the table in front of Michael’s desk. “What can I do for you?” Michael asked, looking up at him with the pencil pressing into his chin. “How well did I do on my assignment?” Y/B/N asked, this wasn’t actually what he was going to ask, but by the mention of his assignment, a new idea popped into his head. “I uhm.. I am not really allowed to tell you that before all of them is corrected and handed together.” Michael explained, placing the pencil next to him to fiddle with his fingers.

“Please?” He asked, looking with a plead into Michael’s eyes as he started to chew on his bottom lip. Michael hesitated but grabbed the assignment he had thrown towards the other end of the table, the most of it corrected, but not with nice checkmarks. “It could have been better to be honest.” Michael admitted going through it. “How bad?” Your brother asked, wanting to know answers. “D+.” Michael tried to make the + a cheer but your brother’s eyes told everything. “Fucking shit.” He mumbled shaking his head and running his hands through his matt hair.

“Change it.” He demanded, taking Michael aback completely.

“Sorry?” Michael asked, wanting to make sure that he heard correct. “Change it. Or give me the chance to correct and change it.” Your brother said sternly, crossing his arms. “You know I can’t do that.” Michael said in a more stern tone now, clearly now amused by Y/B/N.

“I suggest you do it.”

“But  I won’t.” Michael answered, standing up in his chair. “Oh you will.” Y/B/N smirked, taking his phone out from his pocket. Michael suddenly came into a fear, his mouth opening when he watched Y/B/N started to go the app with pictures, him opening the first. “I think we both know that girl don’t we?” He asked, showing Michael the phone. A lump started to form in Michael’s throat, his mind going blank and his mouth dry. “I have..” “Nothing to do with this? Please don’t give me that shit.” Y/B/N interrupted Michael, his dominant side increasing by Michael’s vulnerable state.

“This is my baby sister, kissing her own teacher. My teacher. My sister.” You fucking see this?!” He asked more furiously, Michael trying to find a mature explanation for this. “Are you a pedophile?” He yelled, making Michael run a hand through his hair. “You don’t understand-“ “I don’t want to understand. You’re having an intimidating relationship with my little sister and you’re her fucking teacher! You don’t see how wrong this is?” Y/B/N was yelling at this point, anger building up in his veins.

“I can’t explain this. But I won’t change your grade.” Michael admitted trying to swallow the lump in his throat. Y/B/N was breathing heavily as he watched Michael, a small growl leaving his lips before he pressed his phone back into his pocket. “If I ever see you with her again, I’ll make sure not only to tell the school but also our parents.” He warned Michael’s eyebrows starting to knit. “You wouldn’t do that, not towards Y/N.” He said in disbelief. Anger and hurt was filing his stomach at the moment. “I know that if would be the best for her.” He said in monotone, watching Michael as he headed towards the door. “Nice having a chat with you mate.” Y/B/N said with a fake smile before he grabbed the door handle and walking out, leaving Michael to get eaten up by his guilty thoughts.


“Hey, you alright?” Matty asked as he approached you, eyeing your skeptical state as your head was resting against the locker, not far away stood Ashton and a few other teachers. “Hm?” You tore your eyes to look at him with knitted eyebrows. “Oh. Yeah fine.” You answered realizing what he said before looking back at the group. “What are they celebrating?” He questioned seeing one of the other teachers fighting the urge to open a bottle of champagne. “No idea.” You mumbled, your eyebrows furrowing when Ashton sneaked his arm around a female blond haired teacher, holding empty glasses for the teacher with the champagne to fill up. “Oh oh.” Matty commented standing next to you now. “They’re probably just… Close?” He tried to reassure but the look on your face told otherwise. “I guess.” You said quietly turned your back towards them not wanting to spy any longer. “Come on. I’ll give you my pudding at lunch.” He tried to pull a smile on your face and it worked, you shaking your head at him with a giggle afterwards. “You know I hate pudding.” You said as you shook your head at him, grabbing his waiting hand. “At least I know how to make you smile.” He smiled pulling you into his side.

After lunch the both of you walked together to the English class, happiness filing your veins but it changed as you noticed Ashton’s presence in the chair, his curls going in front of his eyes as he was writing down something on a paper. You let out a small sigh but concluded with yourself that it would be better to just ignore him. It wasn’t like you were mad at him, the jealous feeling approaching your spine was the only thing hinting you that something was not right at all.

“Okay guys so today you’re gonna prepare for your assignment. Have you found out your groups?” Ashton asked as he stood up in his chair, looking around the classroom, people either nodding their head or shrugging. “Good. Get to work then.” He smiled and continued on writing whatever was on his paper.

“So I was thinking we could do something along like this, it’s like the assignment we did once in January.” Matty suggested showing you off some old work and your mind accepted it without even reading it, your head nodding. “Great, let’s get to work then, starting out with a brainstorm.” He smiled, already taking control over the task. Not that you didn’t mind, you were not concentrated at all to even mask to control even find out a subject. At time like this you were so happy to actually have a friend like Matty.

“You tired?” He asked looking over at you with a small smile. “Just a bit exhausted that’s all.” You mumbled and he patted his arm, indicating and inviting you to rest your head on it. You formed a small smile by the invitation, moving your chair closer to his so you could rest. You watched Matty as he kept on writing sentences down on the paper, you mentioning a few notes at times when he forgot something.

Ashton’s eyes kept on looking up between his paper and the student. He was never a fan of last period but of course this class had to be there at the exact point. He had a hard time concentrating with you in class so he figured out it would be easier to just not look at you and not think about you. But of course he could hold that for too long.

Ashton’s eyebrows knitted as he noticed you leaning more against Matty, your eyes resting on the paper he was writing on as you were talking about something he couldn’t make out. An amount of insecurities ran through Ashton’s veins and he felt gutted as he leaned back in his seat, trying to form out what was going on with you. He didn’t even have the chance to make any sort of eye contact since your eyes were glued to either Matty or the paper in front of you guys. He hesitated for a moment, thinking if the thing he was going to do would be a bad choice, but when Matty patted your cheek, he knew he had to take action. “Y/N, Matty, I’m sorry I have to say this but I’m gonna separate you guys apart, find a new partner.” Ashton said sternly making your Matty’s jaw fall to his chin, your eyebrows furrowing in anger as you watched him.

“Why?” You asked, Matty starting to grab his stuff but you stayed frozen in your seat. “Because I say so.” Ashton responded in monotone, no emotion on his face as he watched you. The two of you had an intense stare as he waited for you to stand up and move, a small growl leaving past your lips and you stood up from your chair, grabbing your stuff and heading towards another table.  To say it this way, both of you were now pissed off at each other, for no reasonable way. 

Look at me
at the length of me
how many months fall over my shoulders
I can’t remember
how many years do I have left to grow
down and up and out and in
how much changing do I have left to do
how much moving
and flowing
and flying
how much learning
and faltering
and rising
how many more loves
how many more breaks
how much life
I want to live it all
—  A.O.A.M. || Growth (part of)

According to Leroux, Christine was a little nearsighted - so she was convinced she could see the korrigans (fairies) dance at night when she was a child.

So I wondered, what if she got glasses when she grew older..?


This is halfway between very silly and very sad. Dont ask me why L!Christine is wearing the whishing dress and what that hairstyle is. My muse is very strict.