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|And Stupidly, Us| 1

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Yoongi x reader
Part One

PROLOGUE || 1 ||

Genre: Gang!au, action, smut, angst
Word Count: 4.2k

Warnings: Language, sexy coverall Jeon

A/N: Honestly this is wAy overdue and I’m terribly sorry for taking so long but I appreciate all of you that waited for my lazy ass <333 also this has barely been edited so if you find any mistakes or something that doesn’t add up, don’t be afraid to let me know!

Thank you to @boymeetsfiction for always hyping me up, I love you Tam x

“I didn’t know it was him, Tae,” you could not prevent the scoff from escaping your lips as you watch the man pace back and forth in front of you, “I wasn’t given his file, I just got told what to do and was thrown in there.”

You wish you were exaggerating, the information given was immaculately brief for someone of your stature. It was expected you’d receive a file, details on the target, what the plan was and who you were working with to ensure it wouldn’t fail. At least that’s what you should have expected but instead, you were up the creek without a paddle.

Taehyung did not seem too happy about the newfound information either. Since getting back to base, the carob haired man had paced from one side of the room to the other. He mainly talked to himself during his seesaw journey in the room, sometimes pausing to ask you a question which may as well have been rhetorical. How the hell were you supposed to know why you weren’t told anything?

“It doesn’t make sense,” he rubs at his temples as if to massage the answer out of him, “Why would he throw us in the dark like that?”

I don’t know.” you repeat through gritted teeth.

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Hardy x Hannah: Midnight meetings

Prompt: I combined two: “Midnight meeting. Remember this?” and “I had a dream about you last night.”

Word count: 2127

Rating: All ages

Note: Anon and Thetraciwho, thanks for the prompts, I’m glad I could convert you to this ship ;)

Hannah used to meet him at that fancy hotel on Knightsbridge but it’s in a more reasonably priced hotel in Earl’s court this week. There’s no bar to escape to while he sleeps, and she’s not going to lie by his side while he snores. He’s not one of her favorite clients but he’s not unpleasant enough to end their weekly all-nighter appointments. 

Midnight. Seven hours to go.

She puts on the white terry cloth robe and steps outside, on the balcony. The June night is just warm enough and the concrete under her feet perfectly cool. The air smells of honey and the moon crescent is the same shade of golden yellow.

She leans on the wrought iron balustrade and looks three stories below at a group of merry passersby, wondering what her friends are doing tonight. She’s bored.

She hears the door to the adjacent balcony slide open and out walks a tall, lanky man. She smiles politely but he doesn’t. There’s barely one metre between the two rooms, and she can hear him take deep breaths with both hands on his hips.

She contemplates the way his shirt hangs off his bony shoulders and his moonlit profile, all sharp angles. He seems worried.

“You done?” he asks after a while, facing her.

Caught red-handed, she blushes.



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