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how much do you wanna bet that after i post Pippy with his dick out i’m gonna see a bunch of people i don’t know posting shit like
“Woooow. Someone just drew porn of Professor Poopypants what the hell is wrong with some people. I Hate This Hellsite.”

Thanks, Joanne Kelly, for setting the record, er…straight! :)

A letter to Hyukjae from a fellow squadmate's mother ❤️

“ It’s the first time i’m writing to an idol. You’re in the same squad as my son. Although all of you are wearing the same uniform, you look like you’re shining in the crowd. As expected, an idol is different. 

Hyukjae-gun (a very formal way of addressing a male ) must be really tired, but really thank you for helping my son so much. I can’t be more thankful. It feels like i’m not the only one who feels this way. I bet all parents of your squad feel this way too. 

Be healthy in the army and in the future too. When Hyukjae-gun is discharged from army and stands on stage again, i will also support you from a parent’s point of view.

- The mom who has became Hyukjae-gun’s fan - “

* On Fancafe, each ID can only write 1 letter/day, so the Mom gave up the chance to write to his son but wrote to Hyuk instead! (c) (c)

anonymous asked:

something with cuddling in the morning maybe? or cuddingling during the night during a thunderstorm. or just cuddling? :D

oooo i love deancas cuddles!! i went with the thunderstorm idea. thank you very much for the prompt and i hope you like the drabble c:

“Are you just… sitting here in the dark?” Dean asks as he opens the door to his and Cas’ bedroom, lighting up the room with his phone flashlight, and sees the other man sitting cross legged on their bed, the bed covers pooling at his waist.

“The power’s out,” Cas sighs as he runs a hand through his already unruly hair. Dean doesn’t think he’s gotten out of bed once yet today, if the state of Cas’ dress - or lack there of - is anything to go by. If Dean’s watch is correct it’s already after 5pm.

“Yeah, I realized that when I flicked the light switch and nothing happened,” Dean replies with a smirk as he starts to take off his wet socks.

There’s a crack of thunder followed quickly by a flash of lightning. Cas rolls his eyes at Dean’s sarcasm, but he lifts the covers up for Dean so he can crawl in bed next to him. Once Dean has stripped down to his t-shirt and boxers he presses up close to Cas.

Cas jumps away from Dean, which only causes Dean to laugh. “You’re fucking freezing, Dean! Keep your feet off of me!”

“Aw, c’mon, babe!” Dean teases, “My feet got soaked today from the rain,” he murmurs with an exaggerated pout as he reaches his arms out for Cas.

“Shouldn’t have worn your converse today then,” Cas teases back as he playfully pushes Dean’s arms away and curls up in the bed covers, trying to protect himself from Dean’s freezing toes.

“You’re so mean to me,” Dean whines, although he’s trying not to smile at how cute Cas looks curled up and scruffy with his hair going in every direction. He even still has a faint mark on his neck from the hickey Dean gave him last night.

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