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Hitman!Katsuki Katsudeku AU idea based on this post // pt. 2 for this au

  • Katsuki is a famous hitman working for a secret agency (kill first, don’t ask questions kind of deal) and whenever he gets hired to kill someone, he has to directly ask the person which one they want to check off in their bucket list, such as traveling to Italy or climbing up Mount Everest, before he kills them. Sometimes he even gets strange requests (“Are you fucking kidding me?? You want to break into someone else’s house because you want to steal their underwear? No wonder someone wants to kill you.” “It’s not for me! It’s for a friend I swear!”) but of course, each job has a deadline.
  • One day, he gets another job and his request was the strangest of them all (“Izuku Midoriya, you get one thing taken off your bucket list before I kill you, what would it be?” “I-I … I want to fall in love!” “… what?”)
  • Katsuki’s deadline is a week at most and he usually finishes the job after 2 to 3 days, if it doesn’t involve traveling to another country. He desperately tries and tries to make Izuku hook up with different types of people, whether it be a guy or a girl. (“Just fucking choose one! Falling in love couldn’t be that hard” “It has to be the right person! I can’t just pick someone at random and hope to fall in love with them at first sight!”) Sad to say, Izuku was a closet romantic.
  • It’s almost near the deadline and Katsuki was furious, how the hell does one person fall in love so easily in a span of less than a week? He never experienced such emotion for another person through all the years he’s been as an on or off hitman and it’s even the primary rule of the agency, finish the job with no strings attached. He suddenly came to a conclusion that could change the way he operates in his career for the first time in his life. (“Look, how about you.. try falling in love with me instead?” “W-what? Who would fall in love with someone who’s going to kill you?” “Fuck, I mean.. you said you want to fall in love right? It’s an experience so at least, in the end, you’ll know how it feels like?” “… Try me.”) When Izuku said that, it sounded like a challenge and Katsuki never backs down from a challenge.
  • Katsuki actually shows a different side of him to Izuku (It’s for the job!) and takes him out on dates based on his knowledge of what it is even though he doesn’t really know what couples do or how does one fall in love?? because he wasn’t really a romantic person unlike Izuku (“Since we’re going out.. can I call you Kacchan?” “What the fuck?” “Please? You can also give me a nickname!” “… If it gets you to fall in love with me quickly, do whatever you want.. Deku.” “D-Deku..?”)
  • Sometimes, it comes to a point where Katsuki gets impatient even though they’ve only been going out for less than a day (“Have you fallen for me yet?” “No! That’s like the third time you asked me that today, and it doesn’t go like that at all Kacchan!” “Tch.”)
  • Date after date, Katsuki almost gave up (almost!) but he doesn’t because that’s not what hitmen with a good record do! Instead, he offers Izuku what he wants to do (“I’ve always wanted to watch the new All Might movie that just came out a week ago.. but it always gets sold out..” “You like All Might?” “Yeah! I think he’s super cool!” “Yeah he really is..”)
  • From that day on, he learned more and more about Izuku and his weird obsession with All Might, who Katsuki actually also looks up to since he was a child, until he realized… Izuku’s actually not so bad? 
  • As few of the days (2 or maybe 3 days) go by, he became painfully aware of Izuku’s presence that he suddenly realizes that he actually looks forward to the next day he takes him out on another date with Izuku’s choosing. He even has an unusual urge to squish Izuku’s freckled cheeks and do other things that he never even thought of doing to the people he was going to kill.
  • Time goes by so fast that it’s already one day left before Izuku’s final day and Katsuki is getting weird feelings for a certain someone (”What the fuck, is it possible to go into a cardiac arrest at this day and age?” “Kacchan, what are you talking about?”) He realizes too soon that he was the one who fell in love with Izuku and not the other way around. 
  • He begins to panic because who would ever like a nerd like Deku? but looking back through the moments he’s spent time with him, he actually cherishes them and decides to make every memory with Izuku last to the point where he’s having second thoughts up until the last day. 
  • It’s the last day (”Deku, have you finally fallen for me yet?” “Kacchan… have you?”)

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Every version of me dead and buried in the yard outside.


He doesn’t want to think, lest the words slip away. He wants to sit here, in the dark of his flat, back pressed against the wall, listening to the rain. He’ll conjure up a smile; kind eyes behind notable glasses, subtle adjustments– things he might do. 

Things he use to.

He wants to hear a voice he hasn’t heard in what feels like eternity. A voice that’ll tell him that he’d made tea; a voice that murmurs sweet things, pressing lips to his cheek.  

He tries, here; tries to listen, tries to will the sound of footsteps and a deep chuckle–

       What are you doing, sitting in the dark?

Logic pulls at an intelligent mind, kept on the edges of a hope now lost. How can he believe in anything when he knows the truth of what’s happened? Merlin was gone– there was no coming back, no challenge sent to not go looking.

There were no CCTV feeds he could peruse in the off chance he might find a familiar face. This was it, this was the end of whatever story book happiness he’d allowed himself to believe.

There’s a ragged breath; an exhale, a release of emotion cracked through his ribcage. 

It shouldn’t have ended like this– with an obituary delivered at his doorstep with hardly any closure, but it had. Another choked sob, muted by the press of his hands to his face.

His phone buzzes somewhere; discarded the moment he’d entered his bedroom. It pulls him from his thoughts; tears wiped away, steeling himself. He stands, moves to find his phone, and lifts it to his ear– 

      –the world doesn’t end when you’ve lost the only one that ever mattered in yours. 

Thanks, Joanne Kelly, for setting the record, er…straight! :)

A letter to Hyukjae from a fellow squadmate's mother ❤️

“ It’s the first time i’m writing to an idol. You’re in the same squad as my son. Although all of you are wearing the same uniform, you look like you’re shining in the crowd. As expected, an idol is different. 

Hyukjae-gun (a very formal way of addressing a male ) must be really tired, but really thank you for helping my son so much. I can’t be more thankful. It feels like i’m not the only one who feels this way. I bet all parents of your squad feel this way too. 

Be healthy in the army and in the future too. When Hyukjae-gun is discharged from army and stands on stage again, i will also support you from a parent’s point of view.

- The mom who has became Hyukjae-gun’s fan - “

* On Fancafe, each ID can only write 1 letter/day, so the Mom gave up the chance to write to his son but wrote to Hyuk instead! (c) (c)

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something with cuddling in the morning maybe? or cuddingling during the night during a thunderstorm. or just cuddling? :D

oooo i love deancas cuddles!! i went with the thunderstorm idea. thank you very much for the prompt and i hope you like the drabble c:

“Are you just… sitting here in the dark?” Dean asks as he opens the door to his and Cas’ bedroom, lighting up the room with his phone flashlight, and sees the other man sitting cross legged on their bed, the bed covers pooling at his waist.

“The power’s out,” Cas sighs as he runs a hand through his already unruly hair. Dean doesn’t think he’s gotten out of bed once yet today, if the state of Cas’ dress - or lack there of - is anything to go by. If Dean’s watch is correct it’s already after 5pm.

“Yeah, I realized that when I flicked the light switch and nothing happened,” Dean replies with a smirk as he starts to take off his wet socks.

There’s a crack of thunder followed quickly by a flash of lightning. Cas rolls his eyes at Dean’s sarcasm, but he lifts the covers up for Dean so he can crawl in bed next to him. Once Dean has stripped down to his t-shirt and boxers he presses up close to Cas.

Cas jumps away from Dean, which only causes Dean to laugh. “You’re fucking freezing, Dean! Keep your feet off of me!”

“Aw, c’mon, babe!” Dean teases, “My feet got soaked today from the rain,” he murmurs with an exaggerated pout as he reaches his arms out for Cas.

“Shouldn’t have worn your converse today then,” Cas teases back as he playfully pushes Dean’s arms away and curls up in the bed covers, trying to protect himself from Dean’s freezing toes.

“You’re so mean to me,” Dean whines, although he’s trying not to smile at how cute Cas looks curled up and scruffy with his hair going in every direction. He even still has a faint mark on his neck from the hickey Dean gave him last night.

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