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“None of you have even given the slightest consideration to a word I’ve said!”

“That’s because you’re super boring!”

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I saw on your fanfiction page that you've abandoned "Like Brothers" and just wanted to let you know how much I loved that story! I think it was one of my favorite HP fanfics I've read. Hopefully one day maybe you can update it again, but if not, I just wanted to let you know how much I loved reading it!

I am glad people liked it. Abandoning it, however, felt like letting go of a burden rather than a pleasure.

The attitude that fandom works are communal property, as seen by people posting work that other fanfic authors wrote and – erroneously – claiming it is ok to do so because copyright law does not apply played into the decision to stop. Why should I labor over creative work just to be spit on by people telling me as soon as I post it, it’s theirs?

Adverbs aren’t evil; said isn’t dead
Please stop hitting the wall with your head

Active is grand but not always the best
Sometimes it’s passive that passes the test

Some write with style, others write plain
Let’s all agree that writing’s a pain

The ‘rules’ can be broken, twisted, or bent
All that matters is that you are content

Make your own story and write your own way
This has been a writer’s PSA

It’s a new beginning. It doesn’t have to be the same, and Viktor deserves to know that Yuuri cherishes him dearly, as a friend if nothing else—Yuuri can learn to be satisfied with that. This is the way he’s chosen to show it.

Yuuri makes it back to the edge of the boards where his laptop has been placed, and the smile that’s on his face falls when he catches sight of Viktor.

He’s crying.

“… Why do you have to be so far away?” Viktor murmurs, looking up at Yuuri with teary eyes. “I want to be where you are right now, Yuuri.”

On My Love by @min-min-minnie completely and utterly destroys me with its beauty every time it updates. 

I can’t do it justice. I can’t even. Like. I just know that it’ll continue to shake me to the core and I can’t recommend it enough if you haven’t checked it out already.

#239: He Can’t Get A Boner


Hi so it’s been a while with preference and I’m really sorry for that. I suffer from insomnia currently and I’m having a hard time trying to break out from it so my sleep is horrible and so is my imagination atm. 

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“I don’t even want to talk about it.” He loudly said once he was out of the bathroom, his eyes wide and cheeks so red in embarrassment he didn’t want to look at himself into the mirror. “Luke come on it was just that one time you can’t let it eat you alive.” You hurried out as well with a towel wrapped around your waist, still having your hair wet and loose because you didn’t have the time with his fast pace. “I said I didn’t want to talk about it!” He yelled dramatically and knocked himself against the bed, his face landing right on top of his pillow to hide his face. “Please just wake me up when my most important body part isn’t backing out right in the last second where it actually has to function.”


“Y/N it’s 3 A.M, go back to bed.” “But I’m horny!” You disagreed, rolling around on the bed so your stomach was resting against the mattress. You had no idea for how long you had been trying but nothing seemed to work on Calum tonight. He had been completely out like a light but no matter how many times you stroked him through his boxers nothing seemed to work. It was as if he had a button he had turned off and plugged out, letting you do something for so many minutes without a progress. “The boner store is closed for tonight. The flag will be hoisted back up tomorrow morning.” You rolled your eyes by his words and heard him let out a deep sigh, taking your hand in his and rolling you around so you didn’t have the opportunity to do anything else but cuddle him for the rest of the night.


”This can’t be happening.” You almost had to hold in everything to not giggle because just by the sight of his face and expression you knew that definitely wasn’t the time for it. “This never fucking happens!” His eyes were wide, jaw falling and with your hands pressed against your mouth to prevent the laughing he rolled his eyes and smacked your thigh. “Y/N this is serious business I never fail! I’m even too shocked to be proper embarrassed.” You took a deep breath to hold everything in and placed your hand on top of his, “Michael it’s okay. I’m sure it happens to a lot of guys-,” “Don’t finish that sentence.” He was quick to scold and you let out a surprised squeal when he suddenly changed his position on your bed and pulled down your panties. “If I can’t any pleasure at least let me give you all I’ve got.”


“You know I’ve been giving you a handjob for fifteen minutes straight, grinned on you almost without panties on and you’re still nothing. I know this might not be the proper thing to ask but is your thing broken?” Your words seemed to be all he needed to laugh, trying to brush of the huge blush that had spread on his cheeks. It wasn’t that you weren’t doing your job right, you had done it so many times on him but it seemed as if nothing was working tonight. “I think it might be the jetlag. I’m sorry hun I know you really want to do something after all these months but I’m too exhausted. Cuddles?” “Fine.” You said with a huff, falling back onto the mattress and leaned your head on top of his arm. “But tomorrow you promise me you’ll fix that little problem of yours.”

Reading some of the netflix reviews from people who didn’t like ASOUE because the ‘writing was nothing like the books’. If you didn’t like it because you didn’t like it then fine what-the-fuck-ever, but don’t fall back on that as your argument. Why? Bitch. Daniel Handler wrote the screenplays.

The author wrote the series.

He’s writing ALL. THE. SERIES.

Sit your ass down and stop assuming you know the tone of the books better than the person that fucking wrote them just because you’re a purist literary snob.


The Yashim detective series features an intrepid Turkish sleuth who whips up marvelous feasts in between solving crimes. In the novels, new dishes pop up often enough to leave readers perpetually ravenous, and many readers wrote author Jason Goodwin to beg for the recipes. Now they have them – Goodwin’s new cookbook is called Yashim Cooks Istanbul.

Assassin’s Steak Tartare: Popular Detective Series Gets Its Own Cookbook

Why I think Newtina is so exciting

I think it’s really cool that we even get to see this budding relationship between Newt and Tina.

Think about it, JK Rowling only wrote and published the textbook ‘Fantastic Beasts and Where to find them’ for charity and because it would be cute and interesting to read something Harry Potter had read.

She wrote out an 'About the Author’ section as a spoof of literally all modern books, (mentioning where the writer lives now, with their spouse and few children/ pets) and casually decided to mention that this Newt Scamander fellow had a wife named Porpentina (haha, animal names).

But she was so intrigued by the world of Newt Scamander that she decided to write his story. About his creatures, his adventures, and also about his personal life, like how he met his wife.

Which is so really really cute because this is this old wizard couple, casually mentioned, and now we get to see the story of who they were and what they did and how they met.

And we already know they marry, and they’re two mature adults. I think JK Rowling has a wonderful opportunity to show us how a slow, healthy, adult relationship grows into a long, happy marriage. This is so rare in fiction cuz we ALWAYS get the same 'will they, won’t they’ couples or the straight off the bat happily ever after central romances. And I really think that Newtina will be such a wonderful relationship to watch slowly unfold on screen, you know?
Like we get to see all of it, from the day they met, to maybe years after they are married. And it’s such a breath of fresh air.

okay but…. a ghostwriter episode for valentine’s day.

“you probably thought that you heard the last of this ghost
but I’m here with my freedom and i plan to make the most
of my revenge for the crimes you have yet to pay
your death will be mine this St Valentine’s Day.”
“if you try to make me your cupid
then you really must be stupid.
i don’t do this commercial stuff.”
“to which i gladly respond: tough.
here’s one theme to get into your head:
it’s not gay if he’s dead.”


Every night is the last night. Every time is the last time. There’s nothing destined about this. If circumstances aren’t tearing them apart, then it’s they themselves, who are running or distracted and yet… life keeps throwing them back together. They’ve been taught to look down upon what each other are. They aren’t each other’s constants; they are each other’s exeptions. They never expected to have the place they do in each other’s lives. It’s a choice. 

September 18th 2008

viktuuri fic rec

I’m finally making one, a fic rec for all my favorite viktuuri fics. I will update this as I find more fics. 

Warning: I love angst like a lot, but like happy ending angst, so most of these are very indulgent on this. 

All descriptions of stories are exactly what the author wrote. 

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Fic Rec

Title: Millstone
Author: eleanor_lavish
Rating: NC17
Word Count: 31379
Status: Complete
Summary: Derek waits until the door is shut behind him before he turns around. He holds out his hand, plants his ‘if you’re not weird about it, I won’t be’ smile on his face and says, “Nice to meet you, Stiles. I’m Michael. What kind of a good time are you looking for tonight?”


Pairing: Y/N/Soulmate!Calum

Rating: PG-All

Request: No

Words: 2.200+

Previous: Soulmate!Luke || Soulmate!Michael

Summary: In which everyone is born in the world of black and white until they meet their soulmate

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Hulk Headcanon: Bruce loves everything there is to love about book stores. He loves tracing the shelf lines with his finger. He loves the smell of coffee and old ink and the sounds of others flipping through pages, running the palm of their hands over the cover. He loves the calming atmosphere that makes him sigh in relief when he walks in. He loves searching through the layers of books until he’s found the perfect one. He loves staying up past midnight to finish the chapter he’s on, not realizing it’s already morning by the time he’s finished. He loves the way some characters form and breathe and become so real they feel like friends. Bruce loves those books that stick with him years after. Maybe it’s the story, maybe it’s the way the author wrote and their choice of words, maybe it’s a single line that hit home and never left. He loves making a special place for it somewhere he knows he’ll be able to find it again to reread or share with someone or simply look at and remember the way it changed a small part of him. Bruce Banner loves everything there is about books.

Interruptions; Mycroft x Reader

Requested by Anon:

Hi. To start with, I really like your blog! :) I was wondering if you could write a fic where reader, being a very good friend of Sherlock and Mycroft, is spening Christmas with the Holmes family and Mycroft’s all this time trying to tell her he’s fallen in love with her but he’s constantly interrupted. But finally he desperately kisses her in front of his family and it’s all so adorable and aww. I’d be most honoured if you wrote this.

Author’s Note: I love writing for Mycroft, so thank you for sending in this request! I always enjoy writing for characters other than Sherlock! 

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