cute little office AU i thought of while i’m snowed in here in upstate, in this AU it’s assumed that ladybug and chat noir never found out their civilian selves and Marinette works for Adrien’s fashion company (feline fashion, it’s only appropriate)


she was already stressed enough but now this? Her parents having to shut down their beloved bakery, the one she grew up in, the one where she had all of her adventures, god it was bringing more than just tears to her eyes.

“yes honey i’m sorry, we plan to completely close it to the public in 2 weeks, there’s nothing else we can do”

that damned landlord never liked us, no matter how successful the bakery was and no matter how much money we gave him, it was never ever enough. God i wonder how papa is, probably crushed, besides my mom and i that bakery was his pride and joy.

“everything alright over here?”

oh shit, it was Adrien, my boss.

“yeah, i’m sorry i was taking a personal call , it was my parents and fam-”

“no, no its okay, i just wanted to see you up in my office for a couple of minutes”

he said with a blank expression

I just nodded, and told mom that i would call her back later.

i wonder why Adrien needs to talk to me. i haven’t done anything wrong, except for the phone call but, that was an emergency, sort of.

i softly knocked on the glass doors and was shocked when he immediately opened them.

he blushed and gestured to a chair in front of his desk.

“i just want to start off by saying i am so sorry about the phone call, i know that i should’ve been working on the design sketches and measurements an-”

“hey hey, calm down i’m not firing you Marinette”

my face went bright red.

his hard expression turned soft when he realized he’d upset her.

“what was the phone call about?”

i knew i could tell him, considering that we grew up together and he’s been to the bakery countless times, but it still hurt knowing that our family had failed.

“we have to close the bakery”

i choked

“oh my god, i am so sorry”

he placed a hand on my shoulder

it crossed my mind on what ladybug would do, and what chat noir would think of this. but that was long behind me, both of us.

“the reason i called you up here was to tell you i’m promoting you”


“your designs have been flying off the shelves, countless celebrities are dying to know who created such wonderful creations and, i’d like to make you vice-president”

“oh my god!! i accept! Thank you thank you thank you!”

i said, throwing my arms around his neck as we both laughed.

we both pulled away, smiles spread across our faces. i had flashing memories of grade school, my giant crush on him, our tiny little moments, everything just came flooding back. his hands moved from my shoulders, one went to my lower back and the other to the back of my neck, we were being completely unprofessional, but.

i didn’t stop him

is this what it’s like?

Adrien thought

to be truly happy?

I had to pull away, this wasn’t fair.

“i’m sorry, if i get this promotion we have to be professional”

“you’re right, i am so sorry if i hurt you-i-ju-”

“it’s alright”

i said, straightening my skirt.

i collected myself and started for the door.


he turned around, hopeful that she would confess her love. fat chance Adrien he thought.

“thank you, for everything, chat"

he paled. how does she know?

i closed the door behind me and whispered to myself, “i’d know those lips anywhere, silly kitty”



I sat back down at my desk, trying to process what just happened. wait if she knows that i’m chat, then that must mean that she’s


i immediately picked up the phone and called one my connections

“hey Randy, i have a proposal for you”


i walked into the store front, taking in all of its little features. i couldn’t help but cry.


my mother was shouting as she ran down the stairs

“Honey! Honey! i have great news”

“we’re moving?”

“no,no,no, you know your boss Adrien just called and said that he owns our building now! which means we get to keep the bakery!!”



*adrien sitting with his feet up on his desk, looking at paris through his giant window*

“miraculous, simply the best, up to the test when things so wroongg”

~🐱🐞(okay now it’s done)