A short Story In which space dad is confused

Pidge groaned as she walked the hallway away from the fighting. “SHIRO” she yelled as she knocked on his door. “They’re at it again.” She said exasperatedly pointing down the hall.  

Shiro nodded, “Alright, I’m on it”  he walked towards the common room where Lance and Keith were fighting. “Guys, whats going on? Pidge just came to complain, AGAIN, about your fighting.”

“It’s not my fault he NEVER LISTENS” Lance shouted turning to Keith.

“Oh, Like you’re the perfect little angel Lance, You’re the ONE that…”

“THAT’S ENOUGH” Shiro shouted at the two. The turned and stared at Shiro completely shocked, “I’ve had it with you two!” He put his hands on his hips and his voice got louder as he went on, “You’re going to need to learn to get along!’ He stood glaring at the two as they turned from the black paladin to each other.  Keith and lance finally turned towards each other and grinned Keith grabbed Lance’s hips and he looked up to grin at Shiro. Looking back at lance he dipped the blue paladin and with a wink he kissed him. They kissed like one of the first times, deep and needy, like they didn’t know what would happen next. Finally Lance tapped Keith’s shoulder, and Lance looked toward Shiro, “Oh by the way, we’ve been dating the past few months and we didn’t tell you”. Lance kinda shrugged but he was still dipped and it just looked weird. Shiro’s face betrayed him, the absolute look of what the fuck was so apparent Keith almost dropped Lance when he started laughing. Finally standing back up Lance joined Keith in laughter. Shiro turned and walked out of the room back down the hall and stoped at Pidge’s door, “They kissed” He whispered in a small voice.

“Hunk owes me ten bucks” Pidge stated. Shiro just nodded and then went to his room to digest what just happened.

The next morning at breakfast Lance and Keith came in together. Hunk sighed and nodded at Pidge and mumbled something about money.

“We’ve kept fighting A. to make sure you guys didn’t know, and B…” Keith started

“B. Because Keith is a dick who steals my pillows at night.” Lance interjected looking pleased with himself.

“B, because we don’t agree on everything.” Keith said shooting look a glance.

      The End.

@sabertoothwalrus Has an amazing comic that this is based upon. I loved her comic so much, and this probably didn’t do it justice


I was once talking to one of my cousins, and in the lull of the conversation he turned to me and said

“You should shave your arms”

I asked why

“Because they’re hairy”

“Well so are yours” I retorted

“But I’m not a girl”

Well why does that matter? It’s the same body hair, and I naturally have less. What’s the problem?

Besides, body hair was originally to keep us warm, and have you seen women’s clothes? They’re thin and most don’t leave much to the imagination, no matter what season they’re for.

And don’t say I can just wear a sweatshirt, I do that. I wear an oversized sweatshirt because it’s comfortable, which is also why I wear pants that were made for men. People tell me to wear the skin tight jeans, and thin uncovering shirts, because how else will someone know there’s a beautiful woman under these clothes?

I have a nice figure, I won’t lie, but it’s mostly because of genetics. Personally, I’m uncomfortable with it. Because people stare. So I wear my big baggy clothes, because I’m happy in them.

Don’t tell a woman to shave unless you would
Don’t tell a woman to wear this or wear that
Don’t tell a woman to smile more
Don’t tell a woman ‘you would be prettier if-’
Just don’t
It’s rude

And frankly, if they’re like me, it only makes them want to avoid people altogether

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ive been on the same question for an hour one bc i cant focus fully 2 i hate learning disabilitys with passion because i cant seem to grasp it till i had it wront out in sections, and damn i worked came home to do homework them work again then college for monday-thursday im already struggling to focus fml right

I’m sorry you’ve been struggling with this. How are things going now?

When you get to a point like this where you just aren’t able to do something, set a timer for five minutes and get up, go walk around, clear your head, make a phone call or text someone (while you’re walking around—it’s important to keep moving during these five minutes), get yourself a snack and some water, then come back and try again. If you just can’t figure it out, move on to the next question. It’s possible that you’re stuck because your brain needs more of a break, and it’s possible that you need to read over all of the questions first, then come back and answer everything you’re sure of first, the way you would in a test.

Followers, any other ideas?


This is probably a very unpopular opinion, but I don’t think Percy and Annabeth are big fans of PDA. I haven’t read the books in a while but something I remember really well in MoA was that there was a lot of hand holding and kisses on the cheek in front of people, they only kissed on the lips when the emotions where too big for them to contain. (The reunion kiss in MoA, the make out kiss in BoO and the kiss in TLO but they thought they were alone and had no idea the whole camp was spying on them.)

I feel they act all cute when they are out with friends but they don’t really kiss unless they are alone.

The Camera Kiss

Summary: Dan gets bored waiting for Phil to film his new video that he decides to go eavesdrop on the filming, when he heard Phil talking about their first date and past kisses he bursts in and kisses the boy completely aware they are filming. What happens when Phil forgets to edit out the kiss. 

Word count: 1974

Warnings: Just pure fluff and cuteness. 

Disclaimer: I do not own Danisnotonfire or AmazingPhil, None of this is true it is just work of Phanfiction, anything Phil says in the video is not true I made it up. 

Dan should of known better not to walk into Phil’s room when Phil was ‘talking to himself’, he should of known even better not to walk in and kiss him and then walk back out. Dan really should of known that it was very risky to do something like that, because if it ended up on the Internet his whole world would be turned upside down.


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I work as a cashier in a locally owned grocery store and honestly nothing bothers me more than seeing someone buy all organic expensive food for themselves but getting the cheapest store brand food for the pets. That shit is so bad for them. Whats wront with you?? Why dont you care about your animal’s health too.

  • Me: *points at sousuke* look at dat big ol' whale shark
  • Fandom: no please dont say this...he is evil...satan..please no u dont underknow...u are wrong this cant be..he yelled at haru...he yelled at the precious baby...unforgiveable...stop
  • Me: *still pointing* luv dat big ol' whale shark

Anonymous said:Dipper having a shit day and Bill cheering him up?

Poor Pine Tree looked so tired and upset as he hid himself away in their bedroom.  Bill wanted so badly to make it all better but he had no idea what caused it.

“Pine Tree, love, please tell me whats wrong.”  Dipper side stepped him to avoid his hug.

“I am just having a bad day Bill.”

“You were fine until two hours ago- what happened?”

Dipper flushed and looked away from him, not wanting to answer.  Bill tilted his head, eyes narrowing.

“Bill no!  What have we talked about with the mind re-”

He was cut off by Bill pulling him into a warm hug.  “It doesn’t matter what those people said Pine Tree- you are beautiful.  The most beautiful human there is.”

Dipper shook slightly, trying to hold back tears.  “I just… I don’t always feel like I am anything more than… PLAIN.”

“Oh Pine Tree you are anything but plain.”  The demon hummed a moment and Dipper felt the tell tale prickle of magic.

“What did you ju-”

“We have the house to ourselves for at least 7 hours.”  Bill declared.  “Want to dress up?”

Dipper’s face went bright red but he gave his lover a winning smile.  “Can I pick the outfit this time?”

“Of course, you just imagine what you want and I’ll make it happen!”  Dipper snuggled up against his lover in tight hug and closed his eyes.  When he pulled back he was wearing a dark blue blouse with ruffle trim on the sleeves and a white lace peter pan collar.  His skirt was big and poofy, going to his knees.  A dark and light blue and brown tartan plaid, a line of white lace over top of a dark brown ruffle as trim.  

He grinned, swinging his hips to watch the skirt swish back and forth.  “You look gorgeous.”  He smiled bashfully up at his demon.  “May I dress up with you?”

“Of course Bill!  You can do anything you want.”  The demon grinned and was suddenly in a dress of the same cut.  White blouse, gold buttons and collar, and of course a black bow.  His skirt was all black, at the very bottom, printed in gold, were the symbols of his wheel.  Before Dipper could even complement his dress Bill was grabbing his arm and pulling him to the stairs.  

“Come on beautiful!  Your sister taught me how to make chocolate chip cookies and that sounds really good right now.”

Dipper laughed as Bill pulled him down the stairs.  “Only if you make up matching aprons so our dresses don’t get dirty.”

For each and every anti-Destiel and anti-Johnlock person

Hi. I just wanna try to show you that we (shippers) are not making things up. No, there won’t be 1000 gifs with scenes from series, oh no. We take two scenes as examples - one from SPN and one from BBC Sherlock.
 Let’s say we (you and me, again, for example) are a writer and a director. We’re filming the scenes. Let’s also say that we DON’T want our audience to ship Destiel/Johnlock and bother us and cast with tons of questions about them. First of all, we have to create a scene, write it and all that stuff. We don’t have some kind of already crated blank that we have to change. Nope. We have to create the whole scene out of nothing. If we don’t want to make any parallels with orher scenes - we don’t make them. ‘kay.
 So, we’re filming… Let’s say that scene

We’ll probably be like: CUT! CUT CUT CUT! Jensen, what do you thing you’re doing? What the hell is this looks like? What are you??? Hiding a boner??? You go back there and do it fucking right! You’re looking at your angel friend who just got back from the Purgatory, not at naked top model! 

That’s how it done. But let us film a proposal scene from Sherlock! 

Again, we DO NOT want audience to think that Sherlock and John are more than friends. Sooo..
We: CUT! Freeman! Come here! What emotion did you just show? OH DON’T ANSWER! It was a heartbroken man wathcing the love of his life proposing to somebody else! And what did we require? There’s white paper with black letters on it! Quoting just for you: ‘John is shoked’! You know ‘cause his sociopath friend just proposed to a woman to brak into the office. SEE THE POINT, HON? Hey, you! Camera-man! Yes, you! Why would you focus to John like his reaction is something important? We don’t need it! We see his reaction after Janine’s letting them in! They’re talking! Everybody! Put yourdelves together! Again!

Hope it will make you think about Johnlock and Destiel again and reconsider your opinion on existence of their connection, love and all that stuff. 

upd: Look, guys, I am NOT trying to say that it’s wront to ship someone else. Nope. You have all the rights in the world to ship whoever you want, stop saying rude words just because you misundertood. I tried to show that shippers have their own reasons to assume that pairing can become canon ‘cause creators wanted and did put certain scenes into the episodes. It doesn’t come from nothing. Sorry if it seems insulting but I did NOT intend to hurt anyone.

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In all honest, I wouldn't be surprised when lay finally leaves exo, cause he doesn't seem to care much since all the China line left and now he is the only one left :/ he cried when go fighting was over and now he is going to be all lonely nahh I take no weak ass, he should jus stop being fake

I wake up to this bullshit now im pissed lol. First of all there is nothing wrong with crying because you dont want to separate from something you love, there is nothing wront with crying because you care, its not weakness, you never see him crying when he’s in physical pain or when he’s pushed to the limit. Crying does not mean weakness and you should stop with the “weak people cry” bullshit. Second what kind of dog crap are you talking about? like you know he doesn’t care? You all must be thinking it doesn’t really matter if he leaves, its not like he does much in the group, exo is completely fine without him, isnt he popular because he’s exo?? Exo seem like to have a huge fanbase in china, but thats only small fraction, go to china and ask anyone in the street abt exo, the chances are you’ll hear ‘the group zhang yixing is in?’ You think he’s doing all kinds of things in china by himself in favour of himself, he doesnt care abt exo, but in reality he’s taking exo’s name with him everywhere he goes. He’s the one who is reaching out to general public, he’s the one who is changing exo’s reputation of handsome flower boys who are no good at anything and girls love them for only their faces. He is out the promoting exo, singing their song on national tv, talking about his band members, asking people to listen to their songs, but all you could see is HE IS DOING HIS SOLO STUFFS,HE DOESNT CARE ANYMOARRR!! Solo schedules which the other members do have as well. It just happens to be his schedules require him to be in different country, which makes him miss performances and other group schedules because hes not a superman he cant just fly to korea within minutes and attend all of his schedules. I dont really know if you really want him to leave tho, youd think everything will be the same whether or not he leaves but everything could change. There goes their last hope to make it huge in china, there goes sm’s stock hitting rock bottom in china. Yeah sure they can revive from it. but i dont know if they will gain public’s interest again, i dont think they’ll reach outside of their fanbase. Im not saying by any means he’s changed exo’s destiny or whatever, exo was made to be the top idol group. Also he did not say he will be lonely again or whatever the crap you’re trying to put in his mouth. He has gained another great family and he wants no one to leave. He’s not wrong to wish that everything was whole. We all wished that too. He had his exo family, he did not show any weakness when they were leaving one by one but its obvious he was hurting. when its time to part ways again from another family he gained, he couldnt hide his 'weakness’. You’re saying it like he’s not supposed to be feeling lonely when he has 8 other members, but anyone could be feeling lonely in exo despite them being close, there are things they are able to talk to each other and things they dont. He said he is close to them but certain things he can not say, exo dont even stay at their dorms all the time anymore. They all go to their own homes in korea while they have individual schedules. Its almost like they are meeting up just to work. You dont see them hanging out together when they have free time. No matter how much we want to deny that they are just people who work together, and believe that they are close and have strong bond. It is kind of true that they just work together and have close friendly relationship but at the end of the day they all go to their respective families. You wanted him to say exo is his family didnt you? I think he’s at the stage where he realizes exo is his work more than its his family. They have one thing in common and that is exo, that one thing that brings them all together but they also have their own goals and dreams. They are together with exo but they also have to make their ways to their individual paths because exo is not their forever ever after. You cant say the same abt the other members who is doing solo works. Its just yixing who doesnt care, yixing who is greedy, yixing who is going solo path, yixing this and yixing that. The other members are situated in korea so they can actually attend group schedules without having to fly out of the country. When they had fanmeeting in china, despite in the middle of filming yixing asked the director to let him go for few hours so he could attend exo’s schedule. that was one time. Things would be lot different if exo actually has more schedules in china. tell me if he’s missed any of exo concerts? That is not how someone who stopped caring looks like. At this point you just need a reason to dislike him. Why do i even fucking bother.