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Victon are on the same team as Red Velvet and NCT 127

Chan - Men’s 60m Dash 2rd Preliminary Round

Line up:

  • Nu’est Ren
  • SF9 Youngbin
  • Monsta X Jooheon
  • VIXX Hongbin
  • Victon Chan
  • Madtown Heojun

Chan got 2nd place after Jooheon!

Seungwoo - Men’s 60m Dash 3rd Preliminary Round

Line up:

  • Nct 127 Johnny
  • KNK Youjin
  • Madtown Jota
  • Up10tion Xiao
  • Imfact Jeup
  • Victon Seungwoo

Seungwoo got 1st and moved onto the finals!

Seungwoo - Men’s 60m Dash Finals

Line up:

  • Snuper Sebin
  • Monsta X Jooheon
  • Snuper Woosung
  • Astro Moonbin
  • Victon Seungwoo
  • Up10tion Kuhn 

Seungwoo got 3rd place after Woosung and Moonbin! Seungwoo got the bronze medal!!!

A few months ago my oldest kid and husband and I joked that Let It Go from Frozen was Anakin Skywalker’s Mustafar theme song (we cannot be the only people who thought this and I’m sure someone’s done something with this because COME ON) and now I literally cannot NOT think of him whenever I hear that damn song and I laugh EVERY SINGLE TIME. 

You KNOW Anakin would sassily toss aside his tiara while singing about how he’s going to test the limits and break through and unleash his full power. 

i wonder if baadcharacterdesign would rip on the hen hens and roostros from slime rancher because of their hateboner for animated birds that aren’t 100% anatomically correct

they’re just squishy marshmallows with weird wings and derpy faces and not at all resembling actual chickens

(i spelled the blog’s name wrong on purpose so they don’t find this but if they do, hi i don’t hate your blog i actually really like it but tone it down with the birds. i like it when you critique actual shit character designs instead of nitpicking on things that are stylized and pretty)

I’ve been thinking a lot about going by my middle name after high school. My first name has never felt like it was mine but for some reason my middle name does. Like, even tho everyone I’ve ever known has called me my first name or some variation of it I still don’t think of it as mine most of the time. I still have the vivid memory of a boy in the third grade deciding to call me Rose instead of my first name and while it didn’t stick for anyone else I really really liked the way it sounded. I dunno just something i’ve wanted to do for a long time but never did.

calums-prince  asked:

How do i get my parents to call me my chosen name? My parents are really supportive about my identity but they are not onboard with my chosen name or pronouns. Is there any way i could convince them?

What I did was (and what I still am doing with my mother) correct people when I hear them use the wrong name or pronouns. And if someone tries to speak to me by using my deadname, I simply don’t respond. If they want my attention, they have to use my right name.

Those things may or may not work for you though, depending on what kind of people your parents are. If they are easily angered and you still depend on them, it might be better to try to come up with a more polite way of dealing with it.

If any of my followers have any advice or suggestions, please feel free to add to this post.

Shoutout to gay boys that are currently in the closet
Shoutout to trans boys constantly force to go by the wrong name and pronouns

It’s a shitty situation, but stay strong!

2017 about me

nobody tagged me but took this from @finnicking feel free to pass it around, fill it out, etc

age: turning 24 later this year (because 23 is just such an ugly number to me idk)

current job: partnerships @ pinter*st (shh don’t tell them i spend way more time on here)

talents: being sad for no reason, sleeping through everything, pretending like i actually care about anything

big goal: become more healthy/fit so i won’t burn out when i hit 25

big goal i already accomplished: hustle hard enough to be doing a job that offers a decent salary (for someone my age), free lunches and company $tock 

#aesthetic: alessandro michele’s gucci

collections: postcards, both ones from people and ones i’ve yet to send

regular topic of conversation: everything we are not watching on netflix, amazon prime, hbo  

pet peeve: people who spell my name wrong in emails

good advice: learn to love yourself before anybody else 

three recommended songs:  kimmi in a rice field by mr twin sister, holographic lover by st. beauty, l.a. by echae kang

casually feeling like shit

i cant get any commissions

requests are rare

nobody interacts with me

the best i get on a drawing that took hours to make is 20 notes

neither of my parents validate me. im still living as a girl, no matter my gender. ive been banned from even looking at mens clothes. im still living with the wrong name and the wrong pronouns

my mum has threatened me with forcing me to get a job

i need to get a job. all of my class have jobs but me. i cant get a job. i cant even maintain college

im failing. im doing better than i could be, but im still only getting merits. i should be getting distinctions.  i could ten years ago.

i cant maintain friendships properly. in the end i fuck up and get avoided. nobody even noticed i wasnt with the rest of the group the other day. two days off and nobody even noticed

i cant even eat properly. this is the third night in a row where i dont want to eat. i dont eat breakfast. lunch is small, if had. dinner is small

im burning through my parents money. fifty pounds a week, at very least.

im a fucking failure and im no good to anyone. hell before i know it im gunna end up single again. i just dont do anything right


heres betting all this post will do is upset one person and make everyone else roll their eyes, if they even notice

cant even be miserable properly

nobody is gunna read this so why hide it in the tags or under a read more

May my 2017 be as shiny as Yuri and Victor’s engagement rings.
—  Me while crying in the corner because of the feels. 

Tiger’s Eye vs Sailor Uranus
Hawk’s Eye vs Sailor Neptune