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y’know, in “Rose’s Scabbard”, Pearl’s statement of “Sometimes you even sound like her” is in response to Steven saying “Pearl, you have to tell me what’s wrong.” implying that at some point Rose said the exact same thing to her, hence why she was prompted to say that. Which makes sense, of course, given what we know about the two characters, but its interesting. I can’t help but wonder the context (or contexts, since it may’ve been something said on multiple occasions)

and I dunno, it sounds like a seeded line that’s going to be echoed somewhere down the line in a flashback sequence or something. Like I just strongly believe we’re going to be hearing it again, probably with the same inflection, just from Rose instead of Steven. 


Needle felting update: I was preparing for my exit exam (which I hope I passed!!), so I didn’t have time to work on it until last night. And I made a Totoro!

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