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it's really funny that they knEW BECHLOE WAS THE SHIP NAME THAT WAS POPULAR but they were just like bhLOE FTW

Haha yeah no, I get that they made it a joke in the movie but whenever I see that word.. Bhloe.. It’s just.. WRONGG I can t stand it xdd

Oh my actual gosh I hate living with conservative parents I told my mom that Bernie Sanders wanted to raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour and it led to a political debate in which she literally told me “you are acting like the devil, this is what satan wants” and “illegal immigrants don’t deserve healthcare” whAT T HE FRICk IS WRONGG WiTH hER?!??!!!

i honestly on God hate the ppl on Facebook

idk how they get away with being racist, homophobic promoting violence towards trans men and women and like ppl agree with them??

like publicly

its just so ugh

like thats the only social media platform i can think of where niggas are really fucking stupid

like this one bitch really said its black women fault that there are gangs and violent black men. because black women have kids by the wrongg type of men

like a black ass bitch said that??

i usually don’t let shit on social media get to me but Facebook really is another type of world

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So I was doing a retake in my TC class and my friend was there with me and he told her to leave because her presence was distracting me haha so we were alone in the classroom and I was just staring @ the paper and he was like what's wrongg and I said I don't get it and walked up to him and he basically gave me the answer lol. I miss him b/c he's not my teacher anymore and we barely ever talk cause I don't want him to think I'm a stalker or something... We have had so many cute moments though...

that’s cute!!! u should still visit and talk to him tho

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damn you childish as fuck, grow up immature twat😂

I’m childish asf but the little bitch fucked the boy i loved. I dont care hunny call me what you want. Until she apologizes she is gonna deal with it😊 & im not gonna careee💕 she fucked with the wrongg girl

wyhdy do i fel leike i did somethigngg wtorng my chest hurts and it hard to bereath and im closee ot cyrijgn i dont knwo why deel like i m in teh wrongg someehwo

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I'm sure that you'll feel better than you feel right now. It'll pass eventually. I truly hope you feel better soon. Please stay safe and stay alive

i wann t t o believe yo u but oyu’re wrongg

Honestly what the fuck So i met this kid in acting camp and he invited me to go to this thing called rainbow alley which is basically just a cool lgbt resource center and I think he keeps inviting me bc he just needs a ride like what the fuck dont fucking invite me if you dont god damn like someone what the fuck is wrongg with you you  douche bag go fuck yourself 

the place is cool but i dont think they even like me its pretty lame like what the fuck 

thefreshprinceofthefirenation replied to your post:wyhdy do i fel leike i did somethigngg wtorng my…

Everything will be fine. Look around for something to focus on. Breathe in for 7 seconds, out for 11. You haven’t done anything wrong :)

ive got ta bfivdo on but ti fdk why i felel leiek ive one wrongg she jsut came downstair and hese was really anoed and stresesd and i toguth it wasbecaus of e and it was realy tense and i jut automatticllay felt at faliult im sorry thank you yore an ageenel

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I would guess you're a bottom but I also feel like you could switch but I'm probably wrong lol

Well you’re not totally wrongg
//do I come off as a top or bottom//

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do you need someone to talk to? what wrongg

Yeah. Would it be okay with you if you came off anon to talk or is that too much?