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L.A. to pay $16,7 million to the man imprisoned for 34 years after wrongful murder convictions

Kash Delano Register, who won his freedom in 2013 after lawyers and students from Loyola Law School cast doubt on the testimony of a key prosecution witness, will receive $16.7 million.

Register, who has always maintained his innocence, spent 34 years in custody after being convicted of the 1979 armed robbery and murder of Jack Sasson, 78.

The case against Register was based on eyewitness testimony. No murder weapon was recovered and none of the fingerprints lifted at the West Los Angeles crime scene matched Register’s. Police seized a pair of his pants that had a speck of blood on them, but the blood type matched both Sasson’s and Register’s. Register’s girlfriend testified that he was with her at the time of the shooting.

A key prosecution witness in the case was Brenda Anderson, who told police she heard gunshots and saw Register sprinting away from the scene. She picked him out of a photo lineup, police said. But Anderson’s sisters said they told police that her account wasn’t true.

In court papers, Sheila Vanderkam said she had tried to tell a detective that her sister had lied about seeing Register flee. The detective, she said, put a finger to his lips to convey that she should keep quiet. Another sister, Sharon Anderson, also said in court papers that she had told police they had the wrong man, but she too was ignored.

Brenda Anderson picked Register out of a photo array only after police threatened to prosecute her for credit card forgery and a recent theft, promising to hold off if she followed their instructions and identified someone, Register’s attorneys alleged.

Decades later, Vanderkam typed Register’s name into the state’s Department of Corrections website and discovered he was still imprisoned — a realization that spurred her to find his attorney and launched a fresh examination of his case. Register, now 55, was ultimately freed in November 2013.

Register and his attorneys said Tuesday they hoped his case would spur reforms at the LAPD in the way eyewitnesses are asked to choose a suspect from a photo lineup. Many experts argue that police should ensure that the detective who has a possible suspect in mind is not involved at all or does not see which photo a witness is choosing.

“I can’t get these 34 years back, but I hope my case can help make things better for others, through improving the way the police get identifications,” Register said in a statement.

While in prison, Register missed the birth of his daughter and two grandchildren. At one point in his incarceration, another inmate slashed his neck, his attorneys said in his lawsuit. He now works in a warehouse for a large department store, supporting family members.

“After almost 37 years, I am more than ready to try to put this all behind me and move on with my life,” Register said.


It’s a lesson to all of us. We should not be scared of police and we must remember that we live in the free country. No dumbass detective should tell us what to do. If we have some information we must use it carefully. Brenda Anderson and her sisters were not strong enough to help investigation and to save Register whose innocence was almost obvious. The aftermath was terrible. But I’m not blaming the citizens. The worst part of it all was made by detectives! The latest events confirm that we are still living in the police state. This should be changed! God bless Kash Register and his family. It would be fairer if bastard detectives were forced to pay compensation to Register. Why the city should do it?


BAN RYU AND SU YEON OWN ME! They are officially THE OTP of the whole show for me. During the first 3 minutes of their first meeting he gets molested and slapped by her, wrongfully accused of sexual harassment by the onlookers and almost killed by her brother, but then she protects him AND CARESSES HIS CHEEK WHERE SHE HIT HIM! OMG, THE WAY BAN RYU LOOKS AT SU YEON while she is touching him! It’s as if in that very moment she managed to touch his soul and stir his heart; as if she just turned his world upside down and his brain stopped functioning. It must feel like a sensory overload to him - Su Yeon flabbergasts him, captivates him and moves him like no one else; if there ever was such a thing as being laid low by love then it happened to Ban Ryu in this moment.

It’s awesome that the “coldest” guy actually ends up being an innocent puppy and the shiest of the whole Hwarang. He’s been trying to hide it behind the cold facade which also serves as his protection. But even more epic is that Ban Ryu has spent his whole life fighting with Su Ho, only to fall in love with THE FEMALE VERSION OF HIM because Su Yeon is so similar in appearance and character to her brother that it makes you wonder whether they are not twins; they are complete opposites of his fucked-up family. In the end, it makes a complete sense that Ban Ryu would fall for her because she is so openly affectionate and caring  while he’s so unused to being on the receiving end of tenderness, living in the household of his abusive adoptive father. And here suddenly comes this strange girl who incapacitates her brother to save his life and then lovingly caresses his cheek to soothe the pain she caused him!


Free The Innocent Man Puzzle

This puzzle in Silent Hill 2 can be found towards the end of the Labyrinth and is based around people who were hung for crimes they committed. But there is one innocent person in the bunch!

When playing the game one will come across two of the rooms for this puzzle. One room will have nooses hanging and the other room will have corpses hanging with a description of the crime that lead them to being hung. However depending on the difficulty setting of the game, the riddle/ puzzle can become very difficult to figure out; meaning each puzzle varies and it can be irritating trying to figure out which individual is innocent.

When I played the game I had it on the normal setting, which contained a fairly easy puzzle/ riddle. This is the riddle that I got:

“Dead men, dead men, swinging in a tree
How many dead men do you see?
Tongue turned blue and face gone grey
Watch them as they twist and sway

The first one killed the butcher man
Then cooked him in the frying pan
Served him to his hungry guests
And gave them seconds on request

The next one with his smile and sweets
Stole poor children off the streets
To men who dressed unsavory
He sold them into slavery

Breaking into home at night
The thief he had a nasty fright
Filled his foolish head with ale
Woke in the morn in the county jail

The artist with his daunting skill
Tried his hand at painting bills
But caught in rain he was undone
When the ink he’d use did start to run

With promises of great return
Taking gold he did not earn
Bundled it up out of sight
Quietly slipped off into night

Three houses into ashes burned
The sheriff with no place to turn
Did spy a stranger in his town
Locked him up and beat him down

Dead men, dead men, swinging in a tree
How many dead men do you see?
Six feet long and six men wide
Round their necks the noose be tied.”


Sirius & Diana Black

                       ❝   a million words would not bring you back. i know
                            because i’ve tried. neither would a million tears.
                                            i know because i’ve cried …

“I voted Trump because I’m tired of being called sexist, racist, homophobic, bigoted, and a million other things by the left!”

Being called racist will never be a comparable insult or harm to actual racism.

Being called sexist will never be a comparable insult or harm to actual sexism.

Being called homophobic, transphobic, or islamophobic will never be a comparable insult or harm to actually experiencing these things.

I don’t care if you’re wrongfully accused of being racist. I don’t care if it’s a “crazy sjw overreacting” and giving some bullshit rationale that you’re racist when you haven’t done anything wrong. It will never be as bad as when someone actually faces these issues.

Your personal “fuck you” to the liberals because somebody called you a bigot on a facebook debate is coming at the cost of legitimizing (and soon legislating) real, damaging, life threatening bigotry for women and minorities. Your vote for Trump shows that you think being safe from the “PC police” supercedes someone’s right to marriage, citizenship, religion, abortion, healthcare, and life. But even IF you want to show the left that you’re tired of being labelled with these “PC slurs”, your version of an anti-establishment vote involved voting one of the most sexist, racist, and otherwise bigoted “political” figures of modern American history. So way to shit the fucking bed on your one fucking goal while also putting minorities and women at risk for the next 4 years. I hope you’re enjoying snickering to yourself about how you really showed Hillary that you’re tired.

ok but imagine this

Kate Mckinnon, playing the role of a beautiful mob boss who makes men and women do whatever she wants because they are all in love with her. She is completely content with being the all powerful mob boss who cares about nobody until a girl accidentally stumbles into her on the street and she wrongfully accuses her of being a spy. She captures the girl and takes her for questioning and ends up recruiting her and they rule together with an iron fist, while also falling deeply in love. Until the authorities finally catch up to them and they know their time is up. They know the cops will kill them on sight so they share one last kiss as the doors open and they are shot down. 

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Now that craig is around again can we ask him questions too

CLYDE: Hey, Craig!

CLYDE: People still wanna ask you stuff isn’t that cool?

CRAIG: You’re still doing that thing?

CRAIG: I thought you stopped after we left or something.

CLYDE: I’m a very committed man, Craig.

CLYDE: No amount of being grounded– and wrongfully accused, for that matter– will ever stop me from my dreams.

CRAIG: And your dream is… to run a shitty ask blog?


CLYDE: Craig.

CRAIG: What.

CLYDE: Don’t. Be. A. Dick.

CLYDE: My blog is like my wife, and the asks are my children, you fuck.

CRAIG: Uh huh.

CLYDE: Now treat my children with some god damned respect, motherfucker.

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Some time back, I had an acquaintance who was wrongfully accused of heresy. The good man had a large family to feed. I leapt to his defense and he was proven innocent by tribunal combat. Later, I discovered he was in fact a heretic and used me to prove his innocence. I found him and ended his life. Since, I have been working as the hand of Halone, hunting down heretics where they try to hide. Now that the tides of politics have changed, I am no longer needed. I NEED to hunt. What do I do?

There will always be heretics and doers of evil.

The system of government may change, but its function doesn’t.

Continue the fight.