when a hufflepuff gets mad at you you better run the fuck away

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it’s been right in front of our eyes this whole time #wake up america #the evidence is all there #emu keith 2k16 

I’m always trying to balance my message of

“Please leave reviews on my fanfiction because I love getting reviews and knowing that you liked my story, and publishing a chapter that doesn’t get any reviews is kind of the worst feeling in the world.”


“Please remember that I am a human being with a life and a family and hobbies and responsibilities other than writing fanfiction, and sometimes a story is really hard to write, and sometimes I have to do other things so that my brain doesn’t hate me, but I’m also completely aware of my own update schedule, and perfectly aware that it’s not perfect, and I already hate myself for it.”

And also balance

“Please tell me what you do and don’t like about my story because I love to hear your thoughts and I want to write a story that people like.”


“Please remember that I too am a fan with my own interpretations and headcanons and favorite characters, and sometimes they will disagree with yours and no one is forcing you to read a story that interprets canon in a way that upsets you.”