I think my dash is talking about East Coast baseball teams but I’m not one hundred percent sure.

/waves Seahawks flag/


making this swat team in our edmontondnd campain

I know its thunder but at some points it sounds more like something crashing and exploding (like cannonfire?) and whatnot then thunder so Im just sitting here like

Its the fucking Kaiju. How, no, wrong coast buddy try again youre supposed to be in the west not east nope.


This will explain the eyebrow idea in that ‘What the hell was I thinking’ Photo.

like seriously though, the fact that new jersey is just called jersey in su makes me wonder what the fuck happened to the original jersey.

did we just lose the entire island in the gem war? if jersey doesn’t exist then what happened to the other channel islands? the map doesn’t indicate that there’s anything wrong with the coasts of the uk or france.

did the gems seriously just wipe out the channel islands but leave the rest of the british isles alone?!